How to Feel Put Together Without Makeup (Fun and Quick tips!)

1. Opt for a pretty manicure

Not only the best self treat, this will make you feel super polished too! A quick and low cost option that works just as well is the press on nails you can get from Boots and from other drugstores. Perfect to feel polished in a pinch!

2. Opt for an ice cold drink in the morning

Ice cold drinks make breakfast more exciting, as there are so many flavours and kinds to try, from iced tea to iced coffee and everything in between. They are super refreshing and perfect to help you wake up! An amazing long term investment is a good quality machine like the Sage Barista Express, to save time and help get your morning beverage quicker, to help wake you when you need it most.

3. Buy tons of plain white socks

So that your socks will always match and you always feel super put together! I love this hack so much, it also saves so much time in the morning and saves you from having to hunt for pairs of socks.

4. Put together some of your favourite meals in meal prep form to look forward to

This is so handy and meal prep doesn’t have to mean beans and lettuce, you can make servings of your most favourite food – and even desserts, even if you are currently on a calorie deficit! There are tons of super nutritious and protein based versions of desserts (stay tuned for a whole project about this) and having your favourite indulgent desserts on hand will help you to get through the day so you can enjoy them. Doing this is such a great way to help you break a fast food addiction, as your favourite food will hit the spot, and is a wonderful way to escape that craving and stop it in its tracks.

5. Try some yoga moves

It helps you to see yourself in a different light and learn to treasure the beautiful shapes your body makes when you sit and stand.

6. Start a manicure fund

Find a jar and pop in little change and bits and pieces to buy yourself a manicure at the start of every month. It’s a wonderful way to start the month off right and support small businesses at the same time!

7. A SAD lamp is so helpful

To wake up easier in the winter, to mimic the light and rising of the sun in your bedroom, so you feel more energised every morning.

8. Schedule in some car loving time

If you drive, set aside a little car maintenance day or time, to clean and check your car and show it some loving, to make sure the car is protected from weather, clean, and in working order, or even sort out a new car music playlist, to feel super organised and put together!

9. Become a planner girl

Create your own monthly organization trackers – or even buy in gorgeous ones that are already made, to glue or file in! Pop in inspirational quotes, your favourite mantras and affirmations. The trick is to plan in items of pleasure as well as jobs and tasks, like adding in hot baths and buying things on your wishlist.

It becomes a pleasure planner and encourages you to use it more and take it with you wherever you go. You could also make little challenge checklists and include a reward to treat yourself too once you have achieved your goal. Whenever you have a happy or lovely moment you can write it down also to savour it all over again later.

10. Try a magnesium body lotion

You can get magnesium infused body lotions with calming and soothing ingredients to apply before bed to help you sleep better.

11. Use that super strong gel that fourteen year old boys love

And use it to groom your brows and hold them in place.

12. Find your favourite fresh fragrance for the daytime

To help you feel energised and get in to ‘you’ mode! Your favourite fresh fragrance will make you feel powerful, refreshed and ready to take on the world.

13. Wear some coordinating jewellery

This can pull your whole look together and make you feel super polished and pretty!

14. Take omega 3 supplements

They are extremely nourishing and pure gold for every part of your body.

15. Steam and debobble your clothes

It’s so satisfying and can make you feel so put together and on top of everything!


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