How to look pretty tips!

This page is all about how to look pretty, all beauty and makeup tips! Whether you want to look good at college everyday or glow up over the summer, here are the tricks you always wanted to know…

Let’s explore look pretty beauty tips…

From looking pretty with makeup, to discovering how to look pretty naturally, there are so many ways to look pretty and enjoy playing around with your look! We often find ourselves wanting to know how to look pretty because it can be incredibly empowering – but too often we feel left out and ‘pretty’ becomes a game of comparison, a shallow, hollow, even callous word thanks to the playground, comparison, social media.

This section aims to bring out the fun in pretty again, for every age, every size, every identity. It’s such a powerful concept, especially when we want to look and feel pretty for ourselves, rather than just for approval from others!

How to glow up tips

Here is a whole library of resources to learn all about how to glow up! Here is how to makeover yourself for fun, whether you want to glow up over the summer, or makeover yourself for 2021 – there are some really amazing challenges to try and fun ways to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin.

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What is a glow up?

A glow up is basically becoming a version of your higher self, it equates to giving yourself a makeover and taking some time to work on yourself and transform yourself over time. It’s a wonderful way to show yourself some self loving and explore who you are and what you want to be. It’s a chance to get your goals and try crazy new things. There is only one rule though – forget the idea of ‘perfection’ and throw it out the window! It’s actually all about one three letter word! Which leads me to the Absolute Goddess Handbook – check it out for everything you wanted to know!

How to look pretty overnight

Here are some overnight beauty tips you will love. Night time is prime time to try out some skincare secrets and beauty hacks, as it is while you are asleep that your body renews itself. These are great to work in to your bedtime routine. For best results, try this super luxurious night routine to feel like a princess every time you go to bed.

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. How to look and feel beautiful every day

Dont forget to work some of these beauty tips in to your pamper night routine, its the perfect time to try them out!


Here are some skincare tips specially geared at sensitive skin and acne prone skin types, to soothe and protect the skin, to make it the happiest its been so you can feel even more confident going without makeup. Although acne can be complex and need doctor and dermatologist guidance and insight in to the painful and recurring inflammation, here is a surface guide on how to get clear skin. Tips you’ve never heard before!

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How to look pretty with makeup

Makeup tips, makeup trends and tutorials! From five minute makeup routine ideas to the best makeup products of 2021 to look pretty and feel glamorous and amazing, here are some pretty makeup ideas to try! From makeup tips for pale skin, to how to look super glowy, there will be something for everyone here soon!

Plus these amazing drugstore makeup dupes that are everything! Here you will find the best Glossier dupes and many more, perfect for if you are a broke student but have a raging beauty habit, you can now afford all your favourite makeup in college!

How to look pretty without makeup

No makeup, no problem! Here are some tips to help you feel more confident without makeup and how to feel more at ease in your own skin. Check out these feeling insecure about my looks tips – these are some of my favourite on the surface go to tricks to ease feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Also – here is how to look pretty without makeup, tips you may not have heard of before *wink*


All about girly nails, from nude nail art inspiration, to super polished looking marble nail art ideas, here is how to make your nails look pretty and feel super put together!