Friday, 11 January 2019

A mini Marie Antoinette inspired evening

Marie Antoinette blog beauty routine. Vintage girly aesthetic.
  Here are my tips for making a Marie Antoinette inspired relaxing evening routine, that will work for the smallest of budgets, things that will make every evening feel like a pyjama party. I really loved making 12 princessy things to do in your pyjamas, so here are some ingredients for an enchanted night in, to do anywhere, even in your friend's shower or sofa. Here are some things that will enhance your routine, make a space feel like a little retreat, and add a little extravagance to every day life...
Marie Antoinette blog beauty routine. Vintage girly aesthetic.
 . Use floral scented products in your routine. The Queen adored most ardently orange blossom, but also doted on floral fragrances, oils, potpourris like rose, violet, lavender, jasmine, lily, cloves and also the silk sweet innocence of vanilla. The rose range from The Body Shop here is perfect for this. I love checking out affordable offerings in my local supermarket or drugstores, you can find foamy bath soaks

Monday, 7 January 2019

What I got for Christmas 2018!

I really love reading what people received for Christmas. For me it's like living the whole Christmas morning experience all over again through others eyes. They make me happy haha, I have about four open to read while I burn my spiced white cocoa candle. I love learning about each thing and the sentimental values behind them. I love looking at all the pretty things. I had a lot of fun making my own, but the best gift of all was enjoying a lovely festive period full of all my family on different days.
What I got for Christmas, just girly things blog
The first item I received was this super fluffy white Topshop fleece here from Mitch. It's like wearing a big marshmallow, so fluffy and comfy, like a mobile hibernation pod haha, so I even when I don't feel good I can cosy up in this and still look stylish lol. I want to live in it all winter.
What I got for Christmas, just girly things blog
I received the Boudoir Eyes palette by Too Faced, which I didn't ever expect. I had no idea anyone knew about my love for Too Faced and I absolutely love these previous editions. I think they have re released these palettes or made similar ones with different glossy packaging, but I love the older ones.

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

How to make little fairy things, essential oils kit*

How to be a forest fairy and make bath and body products and pretty things for your makeup collection, SimplyEarth review.
Happy New Year everyone! I recently became part of the SimplyEarth squad, a family-run essential oils company who do an adorable recipe subscription box. I love the idea of making little fairy lotions and homemade soaps with beautiful aromas and wrapping them up in tissue, dried herbs, petals and ribbon,

Monday, 24 December 2018

December Christmassy photo diary

Girly pink Christmas blog photo diary
 A really quick photo diary to put up just before Christmas! Here is where I've been recently, from snaps on my phone. I often take snaps of things I'd love to feature on the blog but can never find a space for them... here is what I've been buying, seeing, enjoying, life through my lens.