Friday, 15 November 2019

Girly ways to feel put together in 35 seconds

Girly aesthetic put together tips, just girly things
Here is my own girly take on how to feel put together quickly. I tried to include some you haven't heard before, some that aren't widely known about on the internet and some that might surprise you. One or two might require a little previous preparation, but I loved them too much not to include them! I hope you enjoy, PS it's never too late to start the day! *inserts fist emoji*

1. Put together a dreamy wrapping paper collection - this is great to do at all times of year, simply collect all kinds of beautiful papers, ribbons, labels together, all things to wrap and make beautiful gifts. You can spend any amount of time organising them, it makes me feel so put together having beautiful wrapping supplies all organised and ready and it's so therapeutic at the same time. I thought I would include this as it's such a fun idea! I absolutely love Etsy for this, some gorgeous papers are this dreamy marble design, pink icing sprinkles wrapping papers (so lush!) this girly blush pink metallic deer design, very girly sugar sweet pink kitten papers and this adorable pink glitter Disney confetti.
Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Guide to be magnetic and get noticed

How to be eyecatching, how to get noticed girly tips
Here's how to feel extremely magnetic and dazzle like a diamond! A mini guide for anyone needing a bit of a midweek boost, this guide will get you there with real action tips on how to really stand out that will suit everyone, beauty trends to turn heads and get stares, for the fun of it. Ways to be eyecatching, to get eyes on your makeup you just perfected, to help you feel popular at school...

1. Channel film star vibes - a centre parting, wearing silky fabrics, a tulle skirt and heels, bardot shoulders and round necklines are all magic ideas, or try to channel the volumptuous hairstyles from a dreamy french movie. Make use of the season you're in, maybe a beret or white, pink or tan knee high boots, or a trench coat for autumn and winter, opulent textures too.
Thursday, 31 October 2019

Girly hygge tips, a girly guide to hygge!

Happy Halloween! Whichever season it is that you're arriving on this post, there is always room to embrace the concept of hygge and install it in everyday life, a gentle, cosy lit space of home, warmth, honey and spices, community and coziness, touching on Mori girl style. Here are some girly ways to embrace it, a dreamy and girly take on hygge... get snuggled up and stuck in!

1. Go on a sensory trip! It's about treating and delighting every one of your senses,   delighting a symphony of senses, with delicious feeling fabrics, textures, scents. We always go about seeing and thinking without using much of our other senses. Treat yourself to some scented pens!     

2. Minimal but intentional - making sure the things you own have a purpose and/or bring you joy can bring incredible satisfaction. Using Marie Kondo's method, we can thank each thing we have used but have no use for anymore, thank it for the joy it brought to our lives and pass it on in the kindest way, whether that's a charity shop or store or special recycling bin in your neighbourhood. Dispose of it in a kind way to thank it for its service and avoid leaving waste behind.
3. Don't feel guilty about indulging - craft a deluxe tray of cinnamon buns and absolutely slather them in incredible icing, for the sheer reason of always wanting to do it. 
Tuesday, 15 October 2019

A fairytale esque bedroom on a budget, DIY tricks

 The bedroom is an important space, somewhere to relax, to dream, to hide away from the world after a difficult day. It's fun and can be therapeutic spending some time and effort to making it look nice, making it somewhere that you genuinely enjoy spending time. Even with a small budget you can switch things up, make it unique to you and give your bedroom a new lease of life! Here are some DIY tricks to give your room that ethereal, princess castle style look, instant Cinderella vibes.