What to pack for your first ever girls trip

Whether you are going to the coast of Italy, are planning an exciting city break or heading to the Emerald Isle of Ireland, your first girls trip is one you will always remember. Even if you are staycationing in the next town to you, whether you are camping out or renting an entire holiday home, whatever your budget, here is a handy packing list of things to bring with you!

What to pack for a girls trip

• A light raincoat or waterproof coat

• Sunglasses (not only for sunnier climes, these are great to hide behind when you are travelling or have jetlag)

• A safe and secure wallet or place for cash on hand/travel tickets (to keep close to your body)

• A number of outfits appropriate to your location/itinerary

• A work out or gym outfit

• Night out outfits

• Enough underwear, socks & bra’s for the length of trip (double if you have an active itinerary)

• Travel insurance info (just in case)

• Identification (driver’s license, passport, health card,etc.)

• Emergency numbers and info written down

• A pen and paper (this can come in handy for so, so many things, plus you can use it to play games if stuck in one location for a good amount of time)

• A portable charger

• A power bank to charge your electricals on the go

• Travel adaptor

• Extension lead – to use with your adaptor so you can do your hair, charge your phone and have your speakers plugged in all at once

• An emergency kit with first aid essentials

• Lightweight pyjamas or sleepwear

• Towels

• Blister plasters

• A spare pair of easy comfy flats (besides the ones you wear to travel in)

• Headphones

• Emergency snacks

• Mint chewing gum (for times when you have no means to clean your teeth)

• Insect repellent

Beauty essentials and toiletries

• Sunscreen (even on a trip to a wintry location, SPF is always a great essential, to protect skin)

• Sanitary items (a great tip is to bring extras and spares, in case others forget)

• Glasses or contact lenses if needed

• Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss

• Travel size soap, shampoo and conditioner

• Safe razors for travelling

• Deodorant

• Biodegradable wet wipes and tissues

• Personal medication (including any allergy tablets and motion sickness tablets)

• Hand sanitizer

• Travel size dry shampoo

• Skincare miniatures (a cleansing balm is so great to take!)

• Your makeup bag with beauty essentials

• Press on nails

• Hairbrush and hairspray

• Favourite hair styling devices

• Hair ties and bobby pins

Optional items (depending on the trip)

• Walking boots (for an adventure trip or holiday hiking in Ireland)

• Sandals (for a sunnier trip)

• A large tote bag (for beach trip)

• Your favourite pocket or instax camera (for all the group shots!)

• A beach cover up and throw (this two in one item will come in so handy!)

• A sun hat for warmer climes or outdoor activities

• Swimming costume and swimming gear such as goggles

• A clothes steamer (so helpful, especially when you don’t have an iron handy!)

• A mini USB charging fan (for warmer climes)

• Gloves and hat (for colder climes)

• Camping gear (for camping and adventure holidays)

Tips for your first ever girls trip


The first key to having a drama-free girls’ trip is to choose a destination that everyone will enjoy. If you’re planning on going with friends with different interests, pick an activity or location that caters to everyone. For example, if some of your friends love outdoor activities while others prefer lazing by the pool, consider somewhere where there are plenty of attractions, that is safe and easy to navigate. This way, everyone can do their own thing during the day and come together for dinner in the evening.


Travelling can be so stressful and can easily lead to drama, as there are so many factors outside of your control. As well as taking precautions such as knowing where your nearest help centres are, it’s so handy to establish a safe hub where everyone can chill out and take a breather. Somewhere with internet, food and drink and toilets would be perfect for this, plus somewhere to charge phones and devices if possible. A cafe might be an ideal location – anywhere that is roughly in the middle of where you are visiting, so it is easy to get to for everyone involved!


When choosing your group of friends for the trip, it’s essential to consider how compatible they will be. If you know someone likely to start drama or cause problems in a group setting, it may not be wise to invite them on your girl’s trip. It’s also a good idea to ensure everyone is meeting similar expectations. For example, if some friends are looking for a wild time while others want to relax and unwind, it could lead to drama or disappointment down the line.


It’s also important to set rules in advance so that everyone knows what is expected from them during the trip. Some rules could include paying for your expenses, such as sightseeing tickets and meals or splitting any shared costs depending on the group size. Also, create guidelines around alcohol consumption or curfew hours, or bringing other people to the room, so that nobody gets too carried away and causes conflict between group members. Setting these rules in advance will help ensure that no one feels taken advantage of or slighted by other party members.


Finally, it’s important to keep an open mind and be flexible during your girl’s trip. If someone wants to do something that the rest of the group isn’t interested in, don’t pressure them into doing what everyone else is doing. Instead, encourage them to pursue their interests and join you later in the day. Suggest having a sundowner together. If you’re looking for a unique experience together, how about a hotel with a rooftop bar? This is the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset or nightcap together before pursuing your nighttime activities! Flexibility and understanding can go a long way towards avoiding drama and ensuring everyone has a good time on your girl’s trip.


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