Pretty perfect project

 The Pretty perfect project is a safe and relaxing space to feel safe, inspired, comfortable and basically all fuzzy about our bodies. This is inspired by the amazing Amy at Flaws and All, back in the blogging days of 2012. The movement she created was so inspiring and the stories and reading others responses was more useful than I can say… just knowing I wasn’t alone on so many levels.



It’s a little escape from the throes of instagram and today’s picture perfect world, it’s an escape from never feeling good enough and feeling left out. It’s a real look inside, because what we see on the outside is so far away from what is on the inside!


It’s open, for everyone to join in, a space to feel relaxed and open and feel themselves, be themselves and invent anything for themselves. To realise our potential is far away from followers or likes, from comparing ourselves to others and frequently wondering why we’re not like that! 

The Pretty Perfect blogging award is a super special award that invites you to have your own space here on this wall, your own special interview to inspire others through being you. We can come back to the page every time we need a boost and enjoy them and relate and feel beautiful, relaxed, confident and ourselves. I love the idea of creating a space where we can read each others stories and relate and feel inspired, and super comfortable. It’s really interesting to find out how others feel about their bodies. 


Read Anna’s interview here!  

Anna at Anna Nuttall –


Anna’s blog is a sunny haven of beautiful photos, real advice and carefully curated outfits that are cuter than Zooey Deschanel! A fashion and lifestyle blogger, her style is eclectic, quirky and adorable and her blog is filled with charm. She talks real, raw and honest and her posts are so relatable and uplifting.



Read Daisy’s interview here! 


Daisy at Daisarella – is an adorable lifestyle blog that covers a range of different topics from honest parental top tips to beauty and life hacks that just can’t go missed! Daisy’s adorable blog is a breath of fresh air and her content is extremely relatable, light, honest and helpful and makes you feel like you’re sat there having a coffee and a chat with her.


Read Michelle’s interview here!

Michelle at Mooey and Friends –

Michelle’s blog is filled with clever and adorable makes that are out of this world, crochet moon garlands and knitted slices of bread! She is incredibly crafty and has a stationery collection of dreams. She gives you a new adorable outlook on life through her dear diary posts and she has created a whole beautiful world of cute and creative delights. Michelle is a brave sufferer of Body Dysmorphic disorder (BDD) which affects her deeply on a regular basis. Her blog is the perfect place to escape and browse for hours! 


Read Caz’s interview here! 

Caz at InvisiblyMe –

Caz’s interview is so powerful, brave and inspiring! Her blog feels like such a safe place, reading her articles and words is reassuring, yet it is such a powerful space that tackles chronic illness head on – Caz is unafraid in her pursuit to raise awareness of invisible illness and how destructive it is and her own experiences act as a beacon of light and reassurance to others feeling completely lost. She creates new spaces for others to feel at home in with her interview – she is paving the way for others to feel happy in their bodies when it feels like they are falling apart.



You become part of the movement by getting nominated – then you are invited to nominate five friends so we can pass the award around. I never want anyone to miss out on a nomination so just give me a quick message at [email protected] if you have a blog and want to apply – it would be awesome to find a diverse range of people from all over the globe!