How to be Coquette Aesthetic (fun and cute ideas!)

The coquette trend is a new modern take on romantic fashion, gathering steam on Tiktok and Instagram, and arriving on the scene in a whirlwind of cute and dainty looks and charming pieces, featuring milkmaid braids, broderie details and frilly socks. Here is how to get the coquette look and lifestyle, some fun ideas to try, and how to be coquette aesthetic ideas for tiktok!

1. Create a cute outdoor space to tend to

The smallest space will do, whether that is hanging baskets, or a balcony garden where you can grow your own flowers for your table! You could even craft a miniature garden and DIY some cute white picket fencing from popsicle sticks and pretty scalloped borders and pretty sculptures to soothe the soul, such a relaxing hobby! You could arrange a pretty watering can on the side, to keep it on hand and act as cute decor too.

2. Create a pretty recipe book

To record all your favourite recipes, with style! You could decorate with gingham printed washi tape, stickers and cute textured papers.

3. Try wearing layer lace slip dresses over the top of sheer layers

4. Dress in floaty white things

White can represent purity and has angelic connotations. I recently repurchased my favourite Stradivarius blouse, so I always have one to wear when the other is in the wash.

5. Choose pieces that resemble corsets and bodices

Dress like a character from a storybook by fusing little old fashioned elements in to your everyday outfits. Broderie details, poofy sleeves, sheer elements, dreamy collars, fit and flare shapes, the lacy blouses that are popular at the moment… gorgeous round, boat and off shoulder necklines to elongate the neck and exude vintage girl flair. All of these help to infuse your outfits with fairytale appeal. A pretty brooch or hair comb can add a really romantic touch. There’s nothing wrong with carrying around a fan and gloves, right?

6. Create a tea time ritual

7. Master the milkmaid braid

Practise the art of hair braiding – to create all kinds of pretty styles, master the fishtail, the dutch braid… so many beautiful looks to try! It’s so handy being able to whip your locks in to a fast and elegant style, as well as creating standout looks with your hair to make a beautiful, gentle statement. 

8. Craft a choker necklace from a pretty ribbon

9. Take care of your lashes and nourish them

Create voluptuous eyelashes – applying a lash serum will moisturise and protect your lashes, helping them to grow lovely and strong, especially when you have lashes that are breaking or brittle. Try applying every night before bed to seal in moisture. Olive oil, castor oil coconut oil promise to nourish lashes and help them grow long and thick, especially after wearing mascara all day.

10. Adorn and customise your belongings with ribbon flowers

11. Try oversized cardigans when the weather is cold

12. Wear white ankle socks with each outfit

These look so good with all kinds of shoes, from white heeled sandals to trainers and sneakers! Why not try some sheer white socks for a dainty and adorable look.

13. Make things yourself that you need and use everyday

Like a favourite jam or cordial, it will help you to feel more connected to what you are consuming and where it comes from. A darling fashion statement is to press flowers and popping them in to little glass cases to make brooches and jewellery. You can even make a protection charm by adding crystals like smoky quartz.

14. Use a hair root touch up spray to create faux freckles

15. Listen to Japanese 80’s music

16. Try a pink nail manicure with mini hearts

17. Use rose water liberally

Just one spritz never seems enough! Spray on your pillow, spritz on your body and face, invest in rose infused skincare like my favourite Origins silky skin routine. For best results, commune with nature and expose skin to rain and drizzle as historical accounts depict it to be beneficial for the face and complexion. English weather has its benefits!

18. Style your outfit with a tote bag

19. Feed the birds

And the cute woodland animals! A great way to do this is create some feeders to hang from trees around your lived space or area, and watch the birds and creatures you attract.


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