Dorm/College advice

How to get sorted for college

Girlified! 🤍 Whether you’re starting uni or college in the UK, are based in the US, or anywhere in the world, here is everything you need to create a girly homey space in your dorm or college apartment, all the decor ideas you wanted to try, organization tips to know, and unique ideas to make the whole experience so much fun.

Dorm Room Decor

All the things you need to decorate your dorm, ever! Whether it’s boho dorm room ideas you’re after, college apartment ideas or girly dorm room inspiration, this section has you covered! There are even some super cool dorm feng shui tips, if you ever wanted to know how to feng shui your dorm!

What to buy for college

What do I need for college or uni? Here is what to buy for college and even lists of things you don’t need for college! From everything you need for your dorm room, to the best college planner, to the best dorm cleaning essentials.

It might also be great to take some small items from home with you, to create a homey and familiar atmosphere, which can be so helpful for homesick students. You might also even like to DIY some bits and pieces in your dorm for a personal touch!


Here is how to be organized at college, tips to help you keep everything in order and feel like a boss! From how to feel put together and organize your life tips, to college hacks and uni hacks to get everything done on time and make studying more fun – to morning routine ideas and Sunday routine ideas to start your day and week off right – these are my favourite organization tips for uni and college.

College outfits ideas

What to wear at college? This section has you covered! Here are some college party outfit ideas, college Halloween party costumes – check out these Best Angel Halloween costumes for college – plus last minute college costume ideas you can pull together with odd things in your wardrobe. Plus some girly outfits for uni or college that are super easy to put together, how to look good for college on a budget!

It can be so handy to have a college capsule wardrobe, full of pieces that you can make a ton of different outfits with. This will help you to free up tons more wardrobe space and mean you don’t have to wash as many clothes, plus mean you don’t have to think too much about what to wear when you have a ton of other things swirling around your head, or are late to your next lecture, class or seminar!

You could even create your own little ‘uniform’ for college, composed of your favourite fashion pieces, which means you can keep organized and always know what you’ll be wearing, which saves tons of time and stress. Plus it means you will come to have your own signature style, based around your favourite pieces!

College party ideas

How can I host the best girls night? Read on to discover college party ideas you’ve never heard before! From the crazy to the formal, to the relaxing and pampering, to Friendsgiving gifts and party night ideas and some great ideas for a party in your dorm.

Sometimes you just want to relax, chill and unwind on your own, so definitely check out these Pamper night ideas too!

Graduation ideas

All the best unique Graduation party ideas, from the best girly Graduation themes, to the best Graduation gifts for her, this section has you covered for Uni or College Grad party ideas of dreams! Definitely start with these creative and unique Graduation photos ideas, girly Graduation cap ideas and be sure to check out these adorable, unique and super creative DIY Graduation party favors ideas!