Best fashion rescue tips (for uncomfy and awkward outfits!)

Trying out new and exciting outfits is one of life’s great joys. How often have you wanted to wear something daring but always come back to ‘I can’t wear that or (insert reason here)’. Often there are outfits we want to try but don’t want to risk feeling uncomfortable or awkward or self conscious throughout the day. Here are some great tips to look stylish and feel confident and comfortable!

One of the greatest items to have with you is a lightweight, large oversized scarf, as it is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing ever! There are so many scarf hacks to try, for every fashion emergency or dilemma and a large scarf is perfect, as it can provide privacy, shade and additional outfits. If it’s large enough, your scarf can act as a sarong, which works as a towel, blanket or skirt. Choosing versatile clothing means you’ll need to carry fewer garments but will always be ready for any situation.

1. When you love your outfit but want to cover up going through certain areas

Safety is different for women when travelling than it is for men and it can feel uncomfortable walking through certain areas. It can make you feel vulnerable and worry about attracting unwanted attention. To help you here, try lightweight, oversized pieces such as an oversized blazer, to cover up your body; or a oversized scarf, or even bring some super lightweight joggers, to comfortably tuck any top or dress into, for an off duty look that will help you blend in when you need it most.

2. When your top is more sheer than you thought it was

Buy in lots of neutral colour undergarments, that blend in with your skintone. This will help you feel so confident and put together too, as your underwear will always match, always! Also, keep one of those on trend scarves with the fabric flower neck accent, in your bag with you (the 00’s throwback piece that is so popular at the moment!) This will help you to disguise your sheer outfit in emergencies and look like an intentional style decision at the same time. This is so helpful for those occasions where you catch your reflection and suddenly realise your top is sheer! Additionally, washing the shirt with a liquid fabric stiffener can also help to make it less see-through.

3. When the buttons on your top keep coming undone or create gapping

Keep three things in your purse for moments like these. The first is double sided selotape. Sometimes all the problem requires is a little tape and voila, but sometimes you might need something a little more heavy duty, depending on the weight of the fabric and the buttons. The second item to keep with you is a cute brooch or pin badge, something that is neutral and basic and goes with most outfits, or looks similar to the buttons on your top. The third is some sew on snap fasteners and a mini sewing kit. These will create invisible pop studs that no one but yourself will know about and are amazing things to have in your bag if you have buttons on your top that create gapping or don’t stay buttoned up.

4. When you experience thigh chafing

Thigh chafing, whatever size you are, is so common to experience, especially when wearing skirts or dresses in the warmer months. A little baby powder (or flour works well!) and relieves the friction, helping you to go on with your day, chafe free.

5. For the classic strapless bra moment

Worry no more about it bunching round your belly! A great trick to try is to buy a strapless bra that comes with removable straps. Not only will you need one of these straps for this method, but having the option to add straps means you can get a lot more use from your bra.

Hook a removable bra strap on one side of the back of the bra. Strapless bras typically have 4 hooks or sleeves: 2 on the back band and 1 on each cup in the front. You can attach the strap to the hook on either side in the back.

• Keep the other strap in your lingerie drawer so you can find it easily when you need it.

Wrap the bra strap around your back and front, underneath the bra cups. Keep the strap as close to the bottom edge of the bra as possible, making sure it is laying flat. Pull it snugly against your ribcage.

You shouldn’t be able to fit more than 1 or 2 fingers beneath the strap.

The tighter you make the strap, the more of a push-up effect you’ll get with the bra cups.

Attach the bra strap to the hook on the other side in the back. Loosen or tighten the strap as needed to be able to comfortably reach the other hook on the back of the bra band. So if you started on the left hook, you’ll finish on the right hook.

For a visual guide of how to do this trick, check out this bra post here!

6. When you want to wear your new shoes but they’re not broken in yet

If you have tight shoes that you find useless, then I have the best solution. Put them on, wearing thick socks. Heat them with a blow dryer, so the leather will loosen. And there you have it- comfortable shoes in just a minute! If you are worried about blisters ruining the day, keep a selection of Compeed and similar blister plasters with you, to feel confident and prepared. Another great shoe tip is to try many pairs on, to compare the fit and get a feel for what type of shoe works best for you. Once you find a great pair of comfortable women’s dress shoes, that is both super comfy and flattering, bag yourself an extra pair as a backup!

7. When you want to wear gym shorts or leggings but don’t feel secure

Try some unintrusive panty liners to give you ultimate confidence when wearing body tight garments.

Whether you’re facing your time of the month or just want to make extra sure that your outfit stays
pristine throughout your trip, investing in ultra-thin yet super-absorbent panty liners is such a great trick. Daye offers a selection of fully compostable bamboo pads that are ideal for any occasion, so they’re worth carrying with you just in case.

8. When you want to hide bra straps

If you have a razorback top and your straps shows on the shoulder blade, you can take a hair tie and wrap it behind both straps and through itself. It will hold into a knot and hide the straps by pulling them together. Also, if you are wearing a one-arm shirt, don’t be afraid to wear a regular bra for support and just cut off the exposed shoulder’s strap or tuck it in so it’s not visible.

9. When your zip gets stuck

A caught zipper can be easily set free. Just use a crayon. Spread it on the both sides and that will do the trick. Remember to always use a matching crayon to the color of the zipper. Another great trick to try is grab a Q tip and dip it in Vaseline. Spread it on the stuck zipper and voila!

10. When you get foundation marks on clothes

Micellar water is brilliant for this! Keep a travel size bottle on the go with you – it’s also so great at removing any lunch stains or makeup stains, it’s a miracle worker all round!

Have you experienced any of these? Let me know in the comments below!


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