Best Perfumes to feel Confident, Fragrances for Confidence

The perfect perfume notes to inspire confidence and make you feel powerful, all the confident girl perfumes!

Like your favourite pair of falsies or lick of eyeliner, perfume is so powerful! It can help you to cement a new powerful version of yourself and make you feel totally badass when you need it the most. We can also use it to help us along on our journey and pull our dreams in to fruition.

Perfume can help us to make new decisions when at a crossroads in our life, to help you regain your confidence after giving birth, starting your first job, in so many ways, whether that is starting anew after a breakup, starting a new course or job, embarking on life with a new baby or recovering from invasive surgery, such as a breast reduction, here are some perfumes to try to give you confidence moving forwards!

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Jasmine perfumes and fragrances

Jasmine perfumes are known for their hypnotic and aphrodisiac properties and can help you tap in to your unique strength and power. A sensual note, it is rich and evocative and can be found in a multitude of highly coveted femme fatale perfumes and fragrances, such as Black Opium (the coffee note within this fragrance takes it even higher), Lust perfume by Lush and also Olympea by Paco Rabanne.

Ylang Ylang perfumes and fragrances

Ylang Ylang is associated with powerful feminine energy and prowess and its scent profile is exotic, deep, heady and floral. Think boho babe; it will help you connect to your most confident and sensual self. It is bewitching and sophisticated and is a perfume note that will help make you feel otherworldly and cherish your favourite features and reminds you who your inner idol is.

Pink pepper perfumes and fragrances

Think Clean Girl aesthetic and cool girl confidence when it comes to pink pepper perfumes and fragrances. A flirtatious scent, the pink pepper note delivers a sophisticated clean and fresh, slightly spicy floral that will make you feel ultra put together and help you tap in to your dreamgirl self, perfect to wear to a job interview.

Amber perfumes and fragrances

Known to be sweet, resinous, cosy and warm, on the flip of a coin, amber fragrances are seductive and perfect to help you tap in to your inner confidence and feel effortlessly sexy and comfortable in your own skin, perfect to wear to own at whatever you are doing, from taking yourself out on a glam solo date or tackling a tricky public speaking role. It’s the perfect ‘I got you covered’ scent. The amber note has an animalic quality, and is warm, a little powdery, and can even evoke liquor, but above all, it gives depth and sexiness to a fragrance. Think the effortlessly cool and ‘comfy in your own skin’ Vanilla Girl aesthetic trend on Tiktok!

Vanilla perfumes and fragrances

Scents with a vanilla base are also a winner when you want to feel more confident, with vanilla being a dreamy, comforting and addictive fragrance note that is universally loved, is known to attract attention and draws others to you. This may be due to the way that we respond to vanilla, as it pushes our evolutionary buttons – on a scientific level, it mimics the scents closest to our body, like breast milk when we were babies, or the creamy warmth of body heat on clothes, and provides a sensual kind of comfort. It is a powerful note to have in a perfume, hence how many perfumes contain this fragrance note! PS check out some amazing vanilla perfumes and fragrances here!


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