Things to do on a Girls Trip to UK, Checklist ideas

Best Girls trip to UK, Activities ideas and Places to Visit, a just for fun list of magical places to visit or staycation ideas for some amazing experiences to have on your doorstep!

1. Visit a rose garden in June

Wearing your favourite flowy dress for the occasion! There are so many pretty English gardens to explore that are open to the public, from Queen Mary’s rose garden in Regents Park, London to hundreds of National Trust gardens up and down the country and this is a wonderful low cost activity to try!

2. Go wild swimming in the Lakes

Another super fun low cost activity on a budget, places like Rydal Falls and Eskdale are perfect for this. The Lake District is a year-round popular spot that feels like a fairytale in itself, featuring pretty towns like Windermere, Keswick, and Ambleside, the cutest villages, nestled in beautiful fells and English countryside, sporting stunning lakes. Exploring some of the most serene areas will provide you a whole new experience, whether in the picturesque countryside or discovering hidden jewels in serene tranquillity.

Cumbria also boasts twenty remarkable English Heritage Sites that welcome dogs, allowing you to take your furry pal on holiday with you as explore a variety of intriguing ruins, remnants, and superbly maintained structures. Most Ambleside Hotels are also welcoming for your four-legged companion, the Lake District is a wonderful destination for taking your dogs on your girls trip!

3. Visit Harry Potter movie locations

A must try when visiting the UK, why not explore all the magical locations used in the Harry Potter films and drink in the cool ambience and atmosphere. For instance, consider visiting Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, Kings Cross Station in London, the beautiful old alleyways in Edinburgh and York and of course, the Harry Potter studios in Leavesden, London.

4. Visit a beautiful castle and take tons of photos

You could even go castle hopping and visit all the beautiful stately homes in the area!

5. Visit an animal petting farm

The best way to spend an afternoon!

6. Visit magical caves and coves

Unique to areas such as Cornwall, Pembrokeshire and even the island of Staffa in Scotland, these caves carry a magical atmosphere and history too. Why not arrange a trip to a beautiful beach wearing your favourite Selkie dress for the ultimate mermaid inspired trip.

7. Visit a 700 year old pub

And become part of its history!

8. Experience an afternoon tea

A truly multisensory experience to always treasure!

9. Visit an ultra instagrammable cafe or cocktail bar

Try iconic spots such as Tonight Josephine, Peggy Porschen and Saint Aymes for all the pretty photos!

10. Fly a kite on the Yorkshire moors and fells

The Yorkshire Dales have about seventeen walking paths open to anyone, even those with restricted mobility, and are ideal for a fun family day out. Explore the English countryside, breathe in the fresh air, and unwind.

11. Visit a living museum

There are a good few of these in the UK and they are fascinating places if you ever want to step back hundreds of years ago and experience life in bygone years.

12. Go for fish and chips at a variety of different places, then compare them

To find your favourite and experience all the fish and chips!

13. Visit fairytale-like forestland

Places like the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley are regularly used as a backdrop for filming and carry a magical and mystical atmosphere – they really feel like stepping into a fairytale land!

14. Stop off at a cat cafe

15. Stay overnight at a haunted location

16. Paint a pretty landscape from life

To encapsulate it exactly how you see it! This is a super fun low cost activity idea for a girls trip, a wonderful way to make the most of a pretty landscape and capture it as you see it, as often places don’t look quite the same through an iphone lens as they do in real life! This is a great way to capture the majesty of your favourite sights you see around you and have fun at the same time.

17. Enjoy a show at the theatre or see the ballet

18. Stay up all night in the highlands during midsummer


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