Easy DIY Father’s Day Gifts ideas on a College Student Budget

1. Make a Sci Fi style family star constellation print

This is easy to do and looks so cool – you could even put a Star Wars or Guardian of the Galaxy inspired twist on your design if your recipient is in to sci fi or superhero franchises – then frame the finished piece of art for your recipient to decorate their space!

2. Put together a funny framed photoshopped picture

Make them a funny photoshopped picture with all their favourite things, you could set it in a place they have always dreamed of visiting! Add in all their favourite things and people – even fictional characters! This is such a unique and creative gift idea and they are sure to love it.

Picmonkey is great to use for this, as you can layer all different photos and images, and remove the backgrounds easily. You could print and frame the final result for them to keep safely in their room or space, it will be sure to make them smile whenever they see it!

3. Gift him a phone charger powerbank

This is so useful and such an epic practical gift idea for him he will love! It’s perfect for if your recipient spends a lot of time outdoors or at work where there are no charging ports. They are nice and slim in size and design too, making them perfect for your recipient to take with them wherever they go!

4. Complete a special job or chore for them

It can be big or small, from repairing or restoring something broken, or something big like a full blown garden makeover, depending on your budget and time!

For a higher budget you could even set up a new seating area with some attractive teak garden furniture, or some DIY benches, or build a storage box or bench for your recipient – but it needn’t mean starting from scratch or building yourself a new shed – you could get super creative with this on any budget, removing weeds, taking time to re paint the fence, re treating any outdoor furniture, or creating a cool tool organisation system that your dad will love!

5. Give him a gift from his pet

There is nothing more special than a gift from their pet! This could be a beautiful framed portrait of their pet (a super affordable gift!), a life size biscuit or cookie decorated to look just like their pet (you could DIY this yourself!) or a gift featuring their pet’s paw print.

6. Gift him a new family game to play together

Why not give him the gift of time together, in the form of a game to play together, whether that is a funny or quirky card game, board game, video game, to create laughs, hilarity and happy memories, the best kind of gift!

7. Paint a landscape of his favourite scene or area

If he loves the outdoors and is proud of his area, he will love and treasure this gift! This perfect if your dad or stepdad has a location or area they treasure, or if they are especially proud of their area or little corner of the world. You could frame it and gift it to them on their special day, they are sure to love it. This is a really special DIY gift idea that your recipient can treasure!

8. Make him a cupcake pullapart

To make this, just arrange cupcakes in your chosen formation – maybe spelling the letters ‘dad’ – then ice over them as one, add some decorations and voila!

9. Bake him a hamper of homemade goods

The best gift ever, you can never go wrong with gifting your recipient a hamper of freshly baked treats, the perfect low cost DIY gift idea for Father’s Day!

10. Try to make his favourite snack from scratch

A funny, special and thoughtful challenge, this would make the perfect gift idea for your recipient on Father’s Day!

11. Make a ‘dad snacks’ jar or tin

To do this, find a plain jar, tin or container to decorate! You can make or order a customised label to perfectly personalise your gift for your recipient.

12. Personalise a sun hat or cap for him

To reflect his personality perfectly! To do this, find a plain and undecorated sun hat or cap, then have fun customising it with sew on or iron on patches and personalise it to your recipient’s tastes, for a super unique gift that they can treasure always! You can find all different kinds of patches and badges, to suit everyone’s tastes, to make a one of a kind gift for your recipient.

13. Personalise a laptop/tablet case for him

Similar to n.12, why not personalise a fabric laptop or tablet case that your recipient can use to keep their gadgets and devices safe in while travelling. Find a plain and undecorated laptop/tablet case that is big enough to fit your recipient’s devices, then get super creative and decorate it to your recipient’s tastes with sew on or iron on patches – you can get a huge range to suit everyone, whether your recipient is in to a specific brand of sneakers, support a specific team or if there is a tv or movie franchise they love – you could even find some in the shape of their favourite foods, songs, quotes or sayings!

14. Decorate a cup or mug coaster for them

A really fun and easy Father’s Day gift idea you can get super creative with! This will be bound to make your recipient smile!

15. Bake him a box of sugar cookies tailored to his personality

There are so many funny and quirky cookie cutters to find on Etsy, from their exact favourite model of sneakers, to their favourite movie character/s, to the emblem of the team they support, to their favourite breed of dog, the best way to show how well you know your recipient and make them laugh at the same time!

16. Make a ‘dad cave’ sign for him

This is a really fun DIY gift idea for the father figure in your life!

17. Make a bee or insect garden if he loves spending time in nature

The perfect gift to enhance his garden or outdoor space to encourage nature to do its thing!

18. Make a life size portrait sugar cookie of their face

Nothing is cooler or funnier!

19. Gift him a box of foods he’s never tried

Put together a hamper of bizarre and interesting foods, tons that they have never tried before! The gift of novelty is one of the best gifts to give as your recipient might find a new favourite they might never have discovered before. This is such a fun gift idea that will be sure to delight your loved one!

We hope you like these ideas – let us know your favourites in the comments below! ♡


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