Easy adorable dorm room desk setup ideas

Lots of cute desk setup ideas!

🤍 Install some cool lighting

Gone are the days of the traditional student desk lamp (although these can look very cute now too!), we are now in the time of ultra adorable small and novelty lighting options. These can range from soft and pretty fairy lights, to neon geometric light panels and everything in between. There are so many cute and affordable novelty desk light options out there. You could get super creative with your desk lighting, it’s so much fun! You could even use an LED tape light kit to add some creative lighting and use it to decorate shelves or light up the corners of your space. They’re easy to install and extremely cost-effective to run. 

🤍 Make an adorable picture gallery above your desk

Opt for bigger art to make the entire room look larger, and give off a more calm and relaxing aura depending on the colour combinations you choose. You could frame some photos, wall art or inspirational quotes to look smart and stylish and express your personality. If there are about one hundred adorable phone wallpapers you want to use for your at the exact same time, why not print them and frame them to get all the use out of them and make your desk space look ultra cute at the same time!

🤍 Try an Ikea storage system or fixture

Ikea above desk storage fixtures are so handy as they store tons of bits and pieces, while remaining slim, compact and attractive in size, so are perfect to help you organize a small desk space. There are also some amazing Ikea desk hacks out there to try!

🤍 Set up a cute memo board above your desk

You could pin all kinds of cute things to it, including cute memo papers and post it notes, printouts, keyrings and crafts. You could even treat it as a mood board, vision board or manifestation board and get super creative with how you decorate it!

🤍 Drawer organisers

These are great to try to minimise mess and keep organised, and make your space look really cute too!

🤍 Create a special theme to adhere to

This will help to keep your desk decor coherent and provide an amazing starting point when setting up your desk. You could start with your favourite colour or fictional character/s and run from there. Themes you could try might include:

♡ Sakura blossoms

♡ A dusky lavender theme

♡ A dark academia theme

♡ Theme it after your favourite game

♡ A pink romantic girl theme

♡ Minimalist black and white or monochrome

♡ A psychedelic 70s theme

♡ Pistachio green and plant theme

♡ Rustic cottagecore theme

♡ White out or all white

♡ Peaches and cream theme

♡ Cute and soothing cosy neutrals

♡ A pastel magical girl theme

♡ A witchy or astrology theme

♡ A flamboyant tie dye theme

♡ Theme it after your favourite San X character

🤍 Matchy matchy

Why not try matching your desktop screensaver, mousemat, keyboard and accessories for a super cute, cohesive and put together look!

🤍 Cute wall hangings

Create a space in your above desk gallery wall for an adorable wall hanging, macrame hanging, dreamcatcher or potted plant. There are so many cute options, depending on your favourite aesthetic and the look you want to go for, plus this will help to break up your gallery wall and add extra style and flair.

🤍 Add a magazine or letters rack for storage

Perfect for keeping your paper bits and pieces in!

🤍 Arrange some cute coasters

Practical and pretty!

🤍 Arrange some cute books

Even with some cute bookends!

🤍 A letter ornament

An adorable little touch to personalise the space and make it yours. What’s more, have you ever seen a desk with one of these that didn’t look cute?

🤍 Create a wall of polaroid pictures

This is a really wonderful way to decorate your desk space whilst displaying your favourite memories at the same time! This is a wonderful idea for if you are feeling homesick away from home/friends as these will be sure to cheer you up whenever you sit down at your desk!

🤍 Arrange a funko pop or character

You could even opt for a small plushie to keep you company at your desk

🤍 A mini desk of drawers

Or desktop storage

🤍 Fresh or faux flowers or foliage

🤍 A music speaker

These come in so many cute designs today, one to match every desk theme or aesthetic!

🤍 Tape a magnetic strip somewhere handy

This is a genius trick! Simply tape a magnetic strip or piece of double sided sticky tape inside the rim to secure bobby pins, pencil sharpeners, all the little useful bits and pieces that always get lost.

🤍 Make a pretty display of pencils

That double as cute decor!

🤍 A cute mini fan

If you live, work or study in warmer climes, this will be so handy! There are also so many cute designs to choose from.

🤍 A stand for your headphones

Or one for your game console/s!

🤍 A mini desktop calendar

These are so so handy and a desktop one means you can keep your wall space for your wall art and make your desk look cute at the same time, as there are so many adorable varieties to choose from that are nice and compact for your desk area or space.

Implementing these simple but effective desk setup ideas will not only make your dorm room or space look more stylish and uniform, but they’ll also help to keep it that way, helping you to feel super organised at the same time!


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  1. October 30, 2022 / 9:33 pm

    Such great suggestions! Lighting can make a really big difference!

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