Girly luxe and glamorous bathroom dreams ideas

We can dream, right! This article intends to do just that, putting together a dream bathroom we’ve thought about ever since discovering Pinterest for the first time, or flicking through a home design brochure. Okay it may be a fantasy for now, but the first step in achieving our dream is planning it, right? Here are some of our ideas to make your dream bathroom feel like a haven in your home…

🤍 Deck out in champagne and off white hues

You can have so much fun with off whites, there is so much you can do with them and so many ways to create cosy, glamorous spaces. Off white hues are so much fun, ranging from ecru and champagne to caramel and soft pink. Pair them with brilliant white to set off their pretty hue.

🤍 Add a vanity unit

If you had to do some scrimping on your dream bathroom, there’s a big possibility it has ended up being smaller than you might have previously envisioned! Even if you don’t have the space to host a sink and a number of cupboards, it doesn’t mean you need to miss out on style and comfort, or compromise on storage space – why not add a dreamy freestanding unit!

This freestanding vanity unit from Lusso Stone acts as fixture on your bathroom wall, solves all your low space problems and allows you to have a basin directly on top, with a cupboard of drawer space found below. It is slim, compact and gives your bathroom that dreamy city hotel feel, plus allows you to make the most of your floor space and is a wonderful way to reduce clutter in your bathroom.

Certain models may even have additional storage space for hanging or folding towels and washcloths. The use of a stone basin can make it feel a lot more upmarket and glamorous, keeping in line with city living. You may also benefit from having a matching mirror alongside these pieces, to really make the space look put together.

🤍 A vanity mirror with lights

Creates an amazing, chic, old Hollywood feel, as well as creating a cosy and comforting atmosphere about the room. We can only dream of one of these! Try a mirror with lights spanning either side, to keep it simple, chic and modern.

🤍 Turn it into a wet room

The use of a wet room isn’t only super helpful for those with disabilities, it can also be a stylish way of maximising on space within your bathroom and can transform your showering experience. Unlike with a shower tray, the drainage in a wet room may be at floor level, allowing the water to run down freely without effort on your part. Without the need for a tray, you may be able to take up a bit more room when showering, meaning you don’t need to stand awkwardly or risk falling in an enclosed space. The flooring can then be changed to make it non-slip throughout. It could be a good idea to still use a curtain or shower panels, so that your other furnishings do not become saturated.

🤍 Create the illusion of space

Although it may not be possible for you to actually increase the space of the room, there may be ways you can make it appear bigger. One of these ways can be to increase the amount of light reflected around the room, by using mirrors or reflective surfaces!

You might also find it helpful, especially when tiling all the walls of your bathroom, to choose reflective or mirrored tiles or surfaces, rather than those with a matte effect. This can give the light more surface to reflect off of, thus creating the illusion of a bigger bathroom. They will also produce a shimmer effect when the light catches them! When used in combination with lighter colours, this can make your bathroom look super open, spacious and glamorous.

🤍 Opt for gold coloured or chrome hardware

This will bring a cosy feeling to the room as gold hardware creates a sense of warmth, as well as one of opulence, and will incorporate a dreamy, high end, luxe feel.

🤍 Towel drying rail

The perfect dream bathroom accessory, these are so helpful and endlessly useful and also come in so many ultra stylish designs that will make your space look gorgeous.

🤍 White shutters or venetian blinds

The perfect blind option if your bathroom has windows; these are not only super stylish but are much more durable and mold and mildew resistant too.

🤍 Add some glamorous anais candles

For decoration! You can find all kinds of beautiful candles (too beautiful to ever be lit!) here, to decorate your dream bathroom.

🤍 A beautiful big bathmat

The perfect dream bathroom accessory, a lovely big bathmat will create a feeling of luxury. Try to aim for those crafted from sustainable and recycled materials – they are just as soft and durable and make a wonderful addition to your dream room!


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  1. November 20, 2022 / 1:54 am

    These are wonderful suggestions for a super luxe experience! I hope you’re doing well <3

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