Friday, 17 July 2015

Thursday journals

August is my favourite month - not only because it is my birthday month, but is summer holiday season and I love when the summer starts to grow old and become autumnal. It also means lots of family time as we are spending a week down the country with one set of Oscar's grandparents, and then spending a week in the South of France with his other side of the family!

1. I am turning 20 - Hehe I've stopped actually believing the age I am because I still don't feel like I've graduated from being 17! I do feel young to be a mother, but also wouldn't let it hold me back career-wise and I have lots of ambition. I have always wanted to have a family young, mainly because family has always been most important to me! It's wonderful to be surrounded and share life with the people who love you.

2. Regents Park, London - Aaah one of my favourite places, even if I don't live remotely anywhere near London! It feels magical here to me: I especially adore the Avenue Gardens and the Queen Mary's Rose Garden, oh and those gorgeous Victorian gates... it truly is a place where time stands still. I spent the whole day here for my 18th birthday - meant so much more to me than going drinking - and got as excited as a squirrel, turning round corners to discover hidden fountains... aaah it's bliss.

3. Week in West Midlands - I love travelling to the West Midlands, not only because it's so different to my place in the country (hello sheep), but because it means so much to me seeing the places where Mitch grew up and half of where Oscar is from! There is also such a historical industrial vibe and things like accents, shops and adverts are so different - did I mention they have warmer weather?

4. Week in South of France - Oscar's first time abroad! Eeeee so excited to visit this wonderful, warm place. I love the amazing scenery and rustic vibe - last time I found the coolest treehouse overcome with ivy and beaded curtains, it was magical!

5. Prospect of Autumn - Oscar's first everything makes me excited and I can't wait to snuggle indoors with him as the weather gets colder. I wonder what he'll make of playing in the leaves - I want to dress him up in his bear suit! 

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