Stress tips for college students

This page is all about self care tips and stress tips for college students, workaholics and busy people! Here is how to manage stress at college, tips, tricks and hacks.

Let’s explore self care tips…

Here are some helpful tips and ideas to wind down, relax and how to sleep better, some self-care tips for students, ways to take care of your body, and self-care products to work in to a self-care routine…

What is self care and why is it important?

Self care is a kind of self maintenance and a way of putting yourself first, mentally and physically and dedicating time to yourself, in order to restore and refocus, aswell as relax and rejuvinate you. Not only that, it is an escape outside of the stresses of reality, which makes us appreciate the little things and the good things in our lives, helping us get an idea of the bigger picture and helping us let go of the smaller stressors in our lives. It’s important to help you feel powerful in your body and soul and is a chance to take time out and explore yourself as a person. That is the power and importance of self care!

How can I practise self care?

Self care comes in a whole number of different forms. There are so many different ways of taking care of yourself, that feed you in different ways. You could even follow a daily self care checklist and add new self care activities on there as you go. It’s really great to try new activities and unusual or unfamiliar forms of self care to explore what really helps you.

Days Off ideas

Days Off ideas is all about self care ideas for your day off, how to make your day off last longer, how to spend a Sunday and create an amazing Sunday routine that makes you feel golden, tips to help you slip in to the weekend, rather stressing about Monday all the time. It’s so much fun to try something new every time, thinking out of the box with some unusual self care ideas like and Disney themed pamper ideas will really help you escape… to Disneyland, with all the sights and smells!

Speaking of Disney, here is how to feel like a princess in your pyjamas – some unusual self care ideas to feel like an actual angel – and what to do if you feel bored and bland, some really useful tips for when you can’t get in to anything!

There are also some ideas you can incorporate while you are working, if you have to be productive on your days off. Ideas like audio books plus – these Hygge self care activities will help to immerse you in a cosy, comforting atmosphere.

Pamper night ideas

All hot baths and fairy stories, this section ties in with Girls Night ideas, in the sense that they will make perfect sleepover ideas too. This section is all about winding down, the evening rituals of bathing yourself, looking after yourself and taking time to undress and prepare yourself for sleep. Here you can find how to get better sleep tips, the best bedtime lotions, my ultimate feel like a princess pampering bedtime night routine, with tricks that will revolutionise the way you relax and wind down.

Also explore Harry Potter theme pamper night ideas, a Marie Antoinette themed pamper evening and relaxing pamper night ideas to try in bed.

It’s important to create that escape, we can do this wherever we are in the world. By looking after yourself, you create a bubble of importance around yourself. It affects how you feel about yourself and others and how you interact, who you become.

To feel powerful, check out these Aphrodite themed pamper night ideas, the best self love activities ever! A really good trick is to go multisensory, so you have candles, fragrance and perfume to smell, pretty textures to touch and maybe even buy yourself some roses to keep on the side, to stare at.

Multisensory self care activities are really great for keeping you in the moment and enjoying everything. Definitely check out Absolute Goddess Handbook, your fairy godmother has got your back!