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Introducing the Romantic Gal Society blog community
Something I've always dreamed of doing is creating, curating and supporting a little tribe or community for fellow lonely girls, busy girls, mums, ghost girls, forest nymphs and anyone wishing to incorporate a little pinch of fairytale or magic in to everyday life. Introducing...  The Romantic Gal Society! 

A lil place where we can put our flower crowned heads together and drool over soundtracks, nature, rainy days... share our favourite dresses, paintings, notice the little things, live girlishly, embrace a childlike wonder and inspire each other... embrace age old traditions and live like angels every day. To inspire a greater self esteem in each other - and help us to realise what magical beings we are.

I also created this club to get to know my lovely friends and fellow bloggers better - that feeling when you come across someone with such similar interests to you is amazing and I would love to encourage this to happen more! I'm very excited to get to know more people with similar interests, discuss mind topics and share things that inspire me, look at beautiful things everyone has made, regularly organise little contests with prizes and eventually build up to organising some cosy coffee/foodie/even dress up meets myself too!


How can I join? If it sounds like something you'd like to get behind - do sign up to the newsletter below to receive an issue in your inbox at the end of every month! From taking communal nature walks to making pies, seeing our world as a playground, getting creative and most of all, knowing we're not alone.

. Share your dreamiest, most magical moments and tag them with #romanticgals on Twitter and Instagram for chance of a retweet and feature in the monthly Romantic Gals newsletter!

. You can also send them by email to me at - I love receiving mail!

. Join our lovely Pinterest group and share anything magical, whimsical - and even promote your posts!

. Join our twitter chat! Chats are postponed right now just to dedicate enough time to welcoming in our newest members. Every Sunday at 7.30-8.30pm GMT will be #romanticgals time. We have a special theme each week to talk about, just click on the hashtag #romanticgals on twitter to see what everyone is talking about. To join in, simple tag your tweets with #romanticgals and see yours popping up there too!

. Add our beautiful lil badge to your page (designed by the lovely Kathy at Lace & Whimsy) to help it travel the blogosphere - let me know if you have, I would love to subscribe to and support you in return.

Do I have to display the RGS badge? Not at all! Whether you want to remain a secret member or would love to add our beautiful badge to your blog, it's completely up to you!

Do I have to be a blogger? Totally not! I would love to meet you, whoever you are.

Do I have to be a girl? What can I expect? Definitely not! As much as 'gal' is in the title, it's welcome to all folk from any walk of life. I really want there to be something for everyone to enjoy, whether that's just a safe place to take refuge and be yourself, dresses, crystals, nature walks in autumn, dinner, evening and teatime routines, home decoration, fluffy socks, the silkiest pyjamas, mind topics, nurturing and growing herbs, beauty rituals that history gives us and becoming the mermaid you always wanted to be, all when still in your PJ's!

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