How to get the Clean Girl look (for everyone!)

Trying out a new Tiktok inspired aesthetic can be so much fun and help you find some new favourites, by dressing up and channeling different characters and lifestyles and adopting new and different lifestyle habits. It can also give you chance to embark on a new chapter in your style journey and explore some new passions and hobbies at the same time! Sign up for a class or workshop that sparks your interest, join a community group, or travel to a destination you’ve always wanted to visit.

Clean girl aesthetic is a Tiktok based beauty and lifestyle trend, focused on nourishing your body and skin, dressing minimally and letting your natural beauty shine through. Think dewy, fresh skin, super groomed eyebrows, wholesome and nourishing meals, minimal and unfussy outfits, starting afresh with some healthy habits and taking time to nourish yourself with plenty of good sleep, deep hydration and a good skincare routine.

Fashion wise, it’s giving model off duty, all the neutrals, clean cut suits and masculine vibes in a sexy, yet simple silhouette, think divorce lawyer, sleek low bun, put together and professional, but off duty. It inspires and generates a feeling of empowerment and ‘cool girl’ confidence that will make you feel kickass and comfortable in your own skin.

Sometimes these can feel like quite exclusive trends, so here are ways to make it more accessible and fun for everyone to enjoy. Clean Girl aesthetic is one that relies on illusion, as, no matter how effortlessly ‘pretty’ its icons appear, attaining the look actually involves a good amount of work and constant upkeep and expense, which is what we don’t see behind the scenes.

Despite this, it’s so much fun to try out new looks and try adopting new habits, as adopting a different ‘aesthetic’ or lifestyle can provide so much inspiration!

2. Forget the ‘barely there’ makeup if it’s not for you!

A lot/most of/nearly all the time, it is not scientifically possible to blend on a buttery layer of sheer or lightweight foundation and head out with beautiful, poreless looking, airbrushed, dewy skin. It isn’t what we’re taught, but undereye circles and puffiness and hyperpigmentation also occur with healthy, moisturised and ‘clean girl’ skin. Also, having reactive skin is so common, yet we often put so much shame on ourselves for not being able to adhere to the trend. Notice we rarely question the trend, but always ourselves!

Did you know that often the most effortless looking makeup is one of the most extensive routines, requiring the greatest number of steps. To create a sunkissed, bare faced look, try a hair root touchup spray to create faux freckles. This also lends itself perfectly to the country girl, coquette beauty look which is super popular right now and is a creative spin on the typical Clean Girl makeup look we have come to see.

3. Try out glazed donut nails

This is a really gorgeous nail art trend that looks so beautiful on all skin tones and flatters every nail shape! To achieve this look, try layering a pearly white polish underneath a pearlescent, shimmery or frosted finish.

4. Shower with an ultra cleansing shampoo and exfoliating scrub

Two incredible shower superheros, these will have you feeling like a super shiny glazed doughnut after your shower! A sugar scrub is amazing to use, or a heavy duty body polish, to slough away dead skin cells and make your skin look and feel like silk.

To get the maximum impact from the hair products you use, wash hair with a clarifying and deep cleansing shampoo that will help to rid your locks of any product build up. Sometimes these can be the most basic and affordable drugstore shampoos in our product arsenal (those under £1-£2!) – but if you can find a sulphate free deep cleansing shampoo, you have a gem in your collection. An amazing one to try is the OGX apple cider and vinegar, because it packs such a punch when it comes to cleansing your hair but also smells amazing, with a sweet apple scent. It’s a little steeper than the cheaper shampoos, at around £5-£8, but means your hair will keep in better condition for longer and won’t suffer any damage over time from harsh and drying sulphates.

5. Cherish, love and take deep care of your clothes

Arm yourself with a lint roller, a debobbler and/or a steamer. These are powerful tools and will give you so much confidence, especially in situations like a job interview, a formal occasion or stepping out in public.

6. Master the power of silver, as well as gold

The Clean Girl aesthetic seems to universally and exclusively plump for gold as its jewellery tone of choice, but gold doesn’t always suit and can overpower cooler tones. Did you know that it might be silver that will take your look to a whole new level! Opt for simple and minimalist pieces to accentuate your outfit and achieve that slick look.

7. Clean Girl fragrances can be affordable too

A whole post on affordable Clean Girl perfumes and fragrances coming soon on the blog! A great tip is to seek out some great dupes in the form of bar soaps or wax melts, then pop them in your drawers and closet to make your clothes and textiles smell amazing!

8. There are different neutrals for everyone

Neutrals are amazing and I love how much variation there is, a whole sea of neutrals of all different shades and tones ready to explore! Try on all different kinds, until you find the one that really pops against your skintone and complexion and makes you feel beautiful.

9. The best Clean Girl brow hack

The whole Clean Girl look tends to lean on the appearance of laminated brows, but who has the time or expense to spend on constant brow appointments? Even if you prefer to get them done professionally, an amazing hack between appointments is to get your hands on some extra strong hair gel and use a spoolie or clean mascara brush to groom them upwards and set them in place.

10. Life is messy, not clean

Even though social media is the fantasy part of our lives, it can easily slip in to other areas through the standards we hold ourselves to and fuel the criticism we level at ourselves. Unlike instagram would have us believe, the world is not uniform or made up of iced coffees, neat journalling and perfectly curated bathroom shelves. Despite this, we can adopt the parts that inspire us and are helpful, whether that is adopting a simple and minimal way of life or influencing us to declutter our space, to help achieve a kind of inner peace.

11. A good skincare routine doesn’t have to be five steps long

When it comes to our skin, most often, uncomplicated is best. Keeping your skincare routine simple and minimal means you get to know your skin better and its requirements, and how it responds to certain products and ingredients.

12. Processed foods are sometimes the best for the body

Often the Clean Girl diet is seen as super healthy, but it many ways it can be restrictive too. For example, Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant with a huge number of health benefits and the most potent sources of it are processed tomato products, such as tomato puree and sauce, even ketchup! Eating clean doesn’t always equal healthy, eating balanced and a wide range of food is more likely to feed and nourish our bodies best.

13. Different things give us that ‘clean girl’ feeling

One fun part of the Clean Girl aesthetic is that it centers on little attainable moments and everyday snapshots that can make us feel full, content and nourished. The smallest things can give us the ultimate ‘Clean Girl’ experience and they don’t have to be aesthetically pleasing. There are loads of different ways to have fun with it, whether that is finding new healthy smoothie recipes, opening the windows at night when it’s raining and lying in fresh sheets, having a cold shower, adding pumpkin seeds to your cereal, using solid perfumes on your wrists and pulse points, spritzing a face mist, trying some yoga, cute self-care rituals like facemasks or a facial at the end of a long day too.

We can pull our favourite parts from the trend, maybe a good smoothie recipe, maybe the joy that comes from living minimally, maybe the soft eye makeup, it’s about coming up with your own Clean Girl or Vanilla Girl look that works for you.

14. Take the Clean Girl look, and get creative

The good thing about a trend is that it doesn’t stay stationary, it constantly evolves and manifests in different takes over time and we can get super creative with it, pull off your own twist on the trend, take it off the beaten path!

You could experiment with some new looks and embrace the opportunity to reinvent your personal style too. Try out different hairstyles, experiment with makeup techniques, and try fashion ideas that make you feel not just comfortable but confident. This is your chance to really express yourself, embrace your own take on the trend, have fun and leave perfection behind. After all, glazed donut nails chip too!


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