Ways to make a shared or communal kitchen look cute!

Girly student kitchen makeover ideas

Here is how to make a shared kitchen for students look cute – in a flatshare, house share or college apartment – to make it feel a bit more like home. When it comes to a shared kitchen, it’s all about practicality and durable materials, so the end result can look quite cold, drab and an uninviting space to spend time in. Here are shared kitchen makeover ideas on a budget, how to decorate a college apartment kitchen ideas that are easy and perfect for students!

Sharing a kitchen can help give you a real leg up when it comes to living independently and away from home. There are so many kitchen makeover ideas out there that mostly involve dramatically changing or remodeling the space at great expense, in order to transform a kitchen, or to increase the price of a home. Here are some really quick, easy and cheap kitchen makeover ideas for college students, to make the space feel like your own! Just be sure to make sure you run every change you want to make past your fellow flatmates or housemates and take in to account everyone’s needs before introducing any changes.

1. Make a cute chores allocation board/memo board

You could opt for a blackboard or whiteboard situation and make it super aesthetically pleasing and attractive to the eye! To inspire your fellow housemates, you could even set up a contest or competition regarding the cleanliness or amount of time to complete a chore as a way of bringing people together and making it fun for all. For more detailed plans, it might be easier and simpler to use a shared Google doc instead – in which case you could set up a fun memo board instead in your kitchen!

2. Make some pretty labels to pop on food

Labels are everything when it comes to sharing a kitchen with others, so why not take the chance to make them stylish or pretty! You could print your labels with a gingham background – or make them pink! This will get you more excited about keeping organised and everything will look adorable when you are done. All you need is a label printer and you can print blank labels out with a pretty background, for people to use.

3. Cute teatowels

A really great way to furnish a space and make it feel like home is to introduce some pretty textiles – in the kitchen, teatowels are the way to go! Switching them up by itself is bound to give your kitchen a fresh new look. You could also hang up a cute oven glove for decoration.

4. Consider kitchen hacks/time saving utensils

From easy food prep tools to time saving utensils, investing in a few handy pieces that don’t cost the earth will save you so much time and energy when it comes to meal prepping as a college student or cooking any kind of meal and these can keep your kitchen feeling up to date and a place you want to spend time in. Air fryers can be a great addition and those easy affordable food prep cutting and peeling tools are soso good as they save you so much time and energy when cooking or preparing food. As much as a waffle maker seems like a frivolous purchase, there are no ends to the delights you can make with it and thus it will make your kitchen feel more homey and mean you will want to spend more time there (making all the waffles).

5. A place for spare change (for takeaways!)

Set up a cute decorated jar or secure container for everyone to throw their spare change in to! This way, it will quickly add up and you can use these funds to buy takeaways for everyone in the house. A really cute decor idea but also super practical!

6. Keep a compost or waste food bin

Not only useful and helpful when it comes to food waste, you can find some adorable shabby chic style and pretty worktop or kitchen compost bins that will also give your kitchen space a cosy, homey feel.

7. A funny, quirky novelty scented candle

You can find so many hilarious options on Etsy, from noodles scented, to pizza scented, lenor scented and everything in between. Not only amazing ice breakers and conversation starters, these are so much fun and are sure to delight your housemates. Adorable little details like this are sure to put everyone in a good mood, make them chuckle and make the space feel more at home and tailored to them. Candles are also amazing for getting rid of cooking smells from your kitchen, so are so useful too!

8. Over the cupboard door storage

A really great way to store all your practical and durable kitchen tools and items that you prefer to keep hidden away, this is a great way to declutter your kitchen and adhere to great feng shui, as well as keeping it feeling airy and inviting.

9. Hang up an apron

Makes for cute kitchen decor and insanely practical at the same time!

10. Decorate the fridge

A great way to make the space your own, this is also an amazing way to cater to each housemate and make them feel super welcome and included. You can get so creative with decorating your fridge and include some of your favourite photos and memories on there!

11. Statement lighting

If the lighting in your kitchen is harsh and makes the whole space feel cold and clinical, a softer lighting option can make the space feel cosier and much more comfortable to spend time in. It can also induce appetite and make it more of a relaxing retreat to cook, prepare and eat food in.

12. Make a breakfast bar

Creating a nook in the kitchen helps it to feel much more cosy and invites others to spend time there, making it much more of a homey space and less of a room where food is kept, stored and prepared.

13. Add a kitchen runner

This is perfect for if you have a long and narrow kitchen space and will add warmth and presence to a room!

14. Add some stylish or pretty wall hooks

These are a great way to introduce some personal flair to your space and give it a different feel, on a budget! For example, if you are going for a boho feel or vibe, Anthropologie has some amazing, gorgeous hooks and knobs and you could thrift some second hand ones or shop the sale to keep within budget! Places like BM bargains or Homebargains in the UK are amazing places to find these!

15. Change up the drawer knobs!

An amazing hack that will help you to makeover your student kitchen and redress it in your own style is to change up all the drawer knobs to something more sleek, stylish or fancy! This is a fantastic trick as it makes so much difference to the feel of a room, yet is so affordable to do!

16. Add some kitchen mats, chopping boards or worktop savers

These are super useful as will help to keep the kitchen space clean and will add to and improve the feel of your kitchen space.

17. Quirky ice cube trays

Add a bit of fun to your kitchen by swapping out normal ice cube trays for novelty ones! Though this is definitely optional, it’s a cool and fun twist to make drinks extra special and is a great conversation starter!


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