New Fun Spring Room Makeover ideas!

Here are some pretty spring room makeover ideas! Spring is one of the most wonderful seasons of all and there are so many ways to celebrate the arrival of this special time.

Changing things like your scent or fragrance, or your decor around you, is an extra special thing to do at the start of a new season, as it means they will be tied to your spring memories and you can access them whenever you choose by just rearranging your space or spritzing a certain perfume. Wanting some inspiration on interior design ideas for spring? I hope these tips might come in handy!

🤍 Make your favourite spring clothes, outfits and pieces part of the decor

You could use a clothing rail to display your favourite pieces, or hang your favourite outfit on the back of your wardrobe door. This is a really great way to ‘spring-ify’ your space and you can choose colours that make you feel happier from your wardrobe, as a great way to change up your colour scheme without needing to paint or change the colour of your walls. This would be perfect if you have a dorm room or rented apartment where you might not be allowed to make any permanent changes to the room, or if you have to keep the room scheme the same.

🤍 Deep clean and even feng shui your space

This can be so therapeutic, rediscovering your favourite things and discarding that which does not help you or bring you joy. Keeping your space clean and clutter free makes your room feel extra spacious but enables energy to circulate cleanly around the room, making it a feel good space to spend time in. Two extra seriously satisfying jobs are to open your window to let the fresh air in, and plump up your pillows.

🤍 Make a flower wreath for your door

For all the spring feels! This also makes for great feng shui, making the entrance to your room or home as pretty and welcoming as possible.

🤍 Create a flower statement wall

Attach faux pink blooms to the wall to make a statement wall!

🤍 Add some pretty shabby chic style panels, mouldings or flourishes

It could be something as simple as a ceiling rose or architraves around a door frame, or wall panels, to achieve a romantic and Parisian style look! This looks gorgeous and is easier than you might think to achieve. The cheapest option is to purchase some faux foam self adhesive mouldings, panelling and pieces from ebay. These are super inexpensive and easy to apply, but if you are going for the real thing, you can also find plaster mouldings and decorative pieces and features. These details can be added by yourself, or you could invest in a local plasterer to complete the work. Choosing this option ensures that the work will be professionally completed, will fit the room and will look natural and beautiful!

When investing in a plasterer, you might ask that they plaster the walls to create a fresh canvas to decorate. If you are looking for a local plaster near you, MyBuilder can help find reliable
 to complete the work and add those detailed finishing touches to your space. Even if we can’t add a Parisian alcove to our room, even the littlest fancy touches and flourishes can look so beautiful and give your space a romantic feel!

🤍 Make a LoveShackFancy inspired cushion cover

Thrift some second hand fabrics in dreamy colours and patterns and use your favourites to make a patchwork style, LoveShackFancy inspired cushion cover. Think floral and chinoiserie, chintz, toile and shabby chic fabrics, any that you love, and combine them in a patchwork cushion cover.

🤍 Clean and organise under the bed

The loveliest feeling is a clear and clean, organised space under your bed, under bed storage is so underrated and so useful!

🤍 Thrift a picnic basket and arrange some pretty flowers inside

You could even upcycle it and paint it white for extra pretty effect – or add a pretty ribbon! You could even add some fresh flowers and place on your windowsill, table or dressing table to make the whole room feel more spring-like.

🤍 Place a shabby chic style trunk at the foot of your bed

Or a set of cute, white upcycled suitcases! Keep an eye out for some amazing second hand or preloved pieces that would be perfect for this project, then you can sand them down, paint them and give them a whole new look to befit your space. Plus a trip to your nearest thrift store/charity warehouse looking for new pieces makes for the cutest day outing in spring!

🤍 Change up your curtains to something light and flowy

Complete with pretty tiebacks for an elegant look!

🤍 Display your favourite body mists on a pretty plate

Not only pretty decor, it means you don’t have to reach far to enjoy a quick mist of fragrance on a whim!

🤍 Line the inside of your drawers with pretty paper

This is a really cool way to give your drawers a new look on a budget!

🤍 Fill them with pretty scented soaps and wax melts

To make the contents within smell amazing! You could opt for sweet and floral scents to reflect the new season.

🤍 Decorate your bed with a light and pretty throw

Swap out your winter bedding with a pretty floral quilt or light throw.

🤍 Change up your drawer knobs

One of the greatest things you can do to makeover a space and make it feel like new, this will transform the look of your furniture and give your whole space a new and different feel, on a budget too!

🤍 One last touch to finish, fragrance!

Make your surroundings smell good – fancy smelling fabric softener is my kryptonite. Try the scent ‘Blush’ from the Lenor range; it fills the whole house with beautiful scent, it’s so delicate and beautiful and reminds me of parma violet sweets. It’s already spring in my mind haha, I love that everything smells of sweet candy florals.


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  1. February 17, 2023 / 4:21 pm

    These are wonderful ideas! It always feels better after a room has been deep cleaned. Spring is the perfect time to do it!

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