Dreamiest Girly Spring Activities ideas

And you have to complete them all! Love from your friendly stuck to the sofa girl xx

🤍 Wear a Selkie dress

To basically feel like a fairy crossed with a character from a Tennyson poem

🤍 Throw a spring themed party or girls night

With spring themed edibles, such as carrot cake, strawberry, lemon and elderflower meringue and raspberry sorbet. You could even add edible flowers to cakes and even cocktails.

If the weather is good, you could set it outside and set down a picnic rug or mat to have your party spread on. You could reference the whole age old maypole tradition in your decorations, by decorating with ribbon streamers or banners, ribbons tied from trees or some cute bunting in pastel colours.

Also make use of lots of confetti, to give the look and feel of flower or blossom petals. Confetti also stands for good fortune and a whole snowstorm of it never fails to look beautiful and delight guests no end! It also makes for great photos and for the prettiest photo backdrop. Confetti angels ftw!

You could make or order some pretty cones or personalised empty confetti packets, maybe with each of your guests names on for the cutest touch. You can opt for biodegradable paper confetti, ribbon, real flower petals or other natural materials, or try newspaper or old magazine cuttings for a cute shabby chic, vintage look.

You could also give out wildflower seed bombs as party favours! These are easy and fun to make too, plus you can make them in different pretty shapes and colours.

🤍 Make the prettiest spring themed invitations

With all the trimmings! You can have so much fun with this, putting all your favourite things together, from pastel ribbon to wax seal stickers.

🤍 Act out Shakespeare with your friends

The perfect picnic activity in the park! This is so much fun and the best way to create amazing spring memories.

🤍 Give your room or space a spring makeover

Go here for all the spring room makeover ideas!

🤍 Take 100 photos of pink blossoms

Every tree you come across and all the blossoms on the pavement too!

🤍 Put sweet scented soaps or wax melts in your drawers

To make everything inside smell amazing!

🤍 Opt for a pretty spring manicure

Check out these pretty spring nail art ideas for the perfect pastel manicure! Nothing puts a spring in your step better than new nails and there are so many adorable designs to choose from, you will want to change them up constantly!

🤍 Listen to the Selkie SS23 soundtrack playlist

Another little amazing way to put a spring in your step on your way to work – or anywhere!

🤍 Practise pencil and watercolour sketches

Approach it like doodling and doodle the prettiest things you find. Experiment with different arrangements and pretty colours and different styles, like pretty line art. You could frame your favourites on your wall!

🤍 Press some of the most beautiful flowers you find

Just be sure you are allowed to collect them beforehand – the perfect way to preserve a little piece of spring.

🤍 Cultivate a wildflower space

In pots, in hanging baskets, wherever you can! This is a perfect time to plant new things and try growing anything out of your comfort zone.

🤍 Wear a ribbon choker

For extra girly flair

🤍 Practise making pink macarons

It can be such a challenge but so worth a go! Laduree who? You can experiment with flavours such as rose, strawberry or even lychee!

🤍 Get the softest skin for spring

Try this guide here, this scrub is still my absolute go to, it’s like nothing else!

🤍 Practise yoga outside

The perfect way to commune and relax with nature

🤍 Wear a vanilla perfume

Find your new favourites here!

🤍 Go to sample a spring delicacy at your favourite cake shop or bakery

The perfect opportunity to enjoy and drink in all the pretty spring displays and decor!

🤍 Feed ducks and swans

Try offer them small pieces of leafy green vegetables like lettuce, vegetable peelings, oats and birdseed, instead of bread which is not too good for our feathered friends. 

🤍 Customise your phone or laptop with a spring wallpaper

Use a snap of one your pets rolling in the grass or chilling in the sun/flowers, or go on Cocoppa to change up your app covers. I love to find a new wallpaper every month or so because for me it is like turning a new page on my calendar and my phone feels like new again. You could also celebrate the new season with a new playlist on your phone and new songs on repeat in your ears, I love jazzy kinds of music for spring.

🤍 Go on a countryside walk to spot lambs

The best excuse to get outside if you can manage it, even better shared with friends or pets too!

🤍 Treat your pets to spring

Although there are many of our furry friends we cannot take on walks, we can try to bring spring time to them instead. Take your four legged friends to play in the grass, at the beach, in the water, pick some dandelions for your bunnies, open a window for your indoor pets and let in fresh air, maybe let them sunbathe on the roof.

🤍 Put your favourite spring clothes at the front of your wardrobe

I feel like spring is a time where we can strip back our adult persona and we are still children underneath, fashioned from those same basic emotions. I feel like we can connect with that side of us still, a side that is pleased by pressed flowers and going barefoot and ice cream and a blizzard of confetti… I hope you liked these ideas! How do you like to celebrate spring? Let me know in the comments below! ♡


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  1. February 16, 2023 / 4:45 pm

    These are such wonderful suggestions! Definitely a lot of great ways to embrace the spring season this year.

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