A Little Valentines Self Love Letter Post

You are a unique and beautiful person. There is not another person in the entire world like you. That makes you pretty unique. However, many of us get sidetracked and feel that we should look like what the media has designed as the perfect individual, the perfect mindset, the ideal. These idealised ‘perfections’ do not exist. Instead, let’s have fun celebrating who we really are.

If you can rest, do it!

You are totally deserving of all the rest. For some people, it might mean physical rest (me) but for others this might mean a lifestyle change, taking a back seat, changing direction, learning a new skill or rekindling a long lost passion. You can slow it right down and take all the time you need and never waste time in the process. You never have to be hurtling forwards to move forwards, sometimes the most happens when it barely feels like you are moving. Sometimes the best ever gift you can give yourself is the room to breathe, to feel, to be still, to rest and do nothing.

Do what makes you happy!

Doing what makes you comfortable is one of the best things you can do for yourself, whether that is dedicating time to playing your favourite video game, talking to your favourite friend, eating your favorite comfort food, invite a friend over and stream an old movie you have never seen. Play Bingo from home. Work on a beautiful jigsaw puzzle worthy of framing. Listen to music that your grandparent fell love to, or start a scrapbook.

Your ‘you’ is so valid and cool

In world where you can be anything, stay true to yourself. Do things that mean things to you, even if they seem crazy! It’s so much fun to be weird and different and you will be sure to get admiration for it, plus a secret sigh of relief from others who, behind the scenes, are so relieved to have someone made something considered to be ‘out there’ seen to be okay.

The old saying, “Life is what you make it,” can be super empowering and can help you to realise your power in how you respond to things, and how amazing your individual take on things can be. The key is to focus on what makes you happy and what’s important to you, learning more about yourself and your values as you go.

Every little thing you can do creates magic

Every small contribution you make counts so much. Start anywhere, there is no ‘all or nothing’ because everything you do counts a little bit! Anything you can do will help to transform your day and the way you look at it.

Distance yourself from your ideal day

Perfection is an illusion. I am often clinging to the idea of my perfect day – what it ‘should’ look like – and feeling dissatisfied when it doesn’t match up. An exercise I love to do to remind me of this is grabbing some paper and pens and penning a picture of my ideal day on the right side of the page, then a little Liz figure on the very left side! I then draw my hand across the space available between myself and my dream day and realise all the freedom I have when I stop chasing it. Having all this, I get more room in my day for creativity and joyful opportunities that often arise, such as photo taking. I feel more easily motivated to do things and I find that often I get more done in my day than I originally planned.

Challenge negative self talk

One thing to remember is to never 100% trust your thoughts. A lot of the time they aren’t really representative of what is going on. Maybe you are even a completely different person to who you think you are! We can work on challenging any negative or unhelpful thoughts that cross your mind.

Distrust thoughts that are bullying and feel like they are forcing you in to a corner, or ‘black and white’ or ‘all or nothing’ thoughts as they are not real and are unhelpful. Try to replace them with some other open ended options that give you hope and many possibilities to be excited about. For every negative thought, we can replace it with a more balanced or positive one that can make you feel good and proud of yourself. Remember not to believe all you think and to challenge thoughts that you notice are negative or forcing you in to a corner.

Try an activity makeup free!

Or in your totally stripped back state, where you can practise pulling your hair back and baring your natural face, somewhere you can be free to be yourself, free to bare the self you are scared of. Practising this can be incredibly liberating, even for a second is an achievement.

Adopt some powerful role models

There is Freyja, the Norse goddess of beauty, sexuality and fertility but also of sorcery, war and death. She is meant to ride a chariot pulled by cats. This can help you find beauty in your strengths and appreciate your power.

Celebrate your achievements

New achievements bring new confidence. It’s all about celebrating trying new challenges, no matter how small, and testing how it feels to make the first move.

Perfection is an illusion

And a boring one at that! Perfection is boring and doesn’t allow for anything outside of the rules; we can rebel against them and have a lot more fun! Trying out things is such a fun and amazing process that is so much more enjoyable than keeping with our idea of perfection or trying to keep to an ideal. We end up discovering and learning so much more in the process, instead of cutting ourselves off from things or shutting them down. Be it fashion, style, makeup, confidence, you are on a journey of self discovery and exploration!


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