Dreamiest winter bucket list ideas for college girls

Who says you’re too old to enjoy winter? Who says the fun ends with the festive season, it can still be a time of joy and celebration. Here are some cute ways to unwind with friends and family and brighten up the darker days!

1. Play a new winter sport

This is the perfect way to spend time with those around you, why not choose a winter sport that is all about teamwork, or enjoy the novelty of winter through discovering a new and exciting sport. From ice skating to ice hockey, there are lots of fun and exhilarating options and this is the perfect way to celebrate the season together! Whatever you are in to, adventure centres are full of activities and attractions and have programmes full of winter sports too, alongside other fun courses.

Archery is also a great sport that you may not associate with winter, but is one that can be played all year round and one of the most fun options to try with friends as it is an ancient one that requires skill, concentration and focus – the perfect challenge and one that is perfect when followed up by a warm drinks session afterwards. One of the most fun winter activities ever!

2. Make the perfect hot chocolate

3. Have a snowball fight

Something as simple as a good old-fashioned snowball fight can be tons of fun for everyone, you are never too old! Bundle up in warm clothes, grab some snowballs and get ready for an epic battle! Create teams or make it free-for-all – no matter how you play, you’re sure to have lots of laughs. Plus, you may even get some exercise while running around outside (just be sure to stay warm!). In addition, you can make your own hot cocoa afterwards to warm up.

4. Make a snowman

Making a snowman is the perfect winter activity for anyone of any age! You could even attempt an igloo if there is enough snow in your area. Add decorations like buttons, eyes, scarves and hats to give your snowman its own unique style. Then take some snaps of your creation before heading inside for some hot chocolate and cookies.

5. Host a winter movie night

After you’ve gone on adventures in the great outdoors, come back inside and get cosy with a movie night! Don’t forget to add some snacks and comfy blankets for maximum movie night enjoyment.

6. Go and see the prettiest light displays

Window shopping is perfect for this and you could even go on a trip with your favourite people, or even yourself or your pup, to see all the best and most spectacular lighting displays.

7. Throw a winter ball

This is such a magical idea, if you always wanted to go to a ball, why not throw your own! It can be as big or small as you want, you could decorate with pretty wintry decor or even make it a masquerade ball and give everyone a mask to wear.

8. Thrift the cutest pair of soft gloves

There are some beautiful pairs of winter gloves on Etsy, I found a really gorgeous soft pink pair with ruffle details on the sides from 1960s!

9. Construct a gingerbread house

You could even have a contest to see who can make the best from scratch, so much fun!

10. Plan a gentle winter themed prank on someone

Choose someone you are most close to and surprise them!

11. Host an evening of hot drinks and games

The perfect way to check in with everyone and make everyone feel included and welcome! Winter can be an especially difficult time; this is such a wonderful treat to share with everyone!

12. Wear matching pyjamas with your room mates, good friends or pets

Not just for the festive season, this is a really cute way to enjoy winter with your favourite friends, family and furries!

13. Put together a cold and flu self care kit

For when the usual bugs and viruses roll around, this would be perfect for helping you take care of yourself, especially if you are away from home. You could include all kinds of essentials, so you are well prepared for when you are at your worst.

14. Test out lots of winter fragrance samples

You can find these in department stores, with magazines and even find bundles on places like ebay!

15. Eat desserts warm with an accompaniment

Like hot toffee sauce, whipped cream, custard etc. These days we never seem to have time to go extra with our desserts. Eating them warm from the oven is pure perfection on a cold evening, plus it helps to warm you up!

16. Wear some extremely fluffy soft socks

Form a fluffy sock collection of dreams.

17. Make a little wish jar circa 2011

Get out the glitter and sequins! 

18. Learn and sing carols and shanties

The best winter activity to try with friends, room mates, everyone!

19. Add drops of pine and spiced essential oils to your cleaning

To make your house smell like winter spices and be shiny clean at the same time.

20. Dress in all white outfits

To look and feel like a snowbunny!

21. Send someone a cute winter self care parcel

This is such a cute idea, especially if you are away from home, to send to someone back home or even one of your friends! It will be sure to cheer them up endlessly and you can include some cute and creative items to treat them.


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