Cutest Girls Trip Experiences to Try (Nights out and Nights In!)

Girls’ trips are supposed to be all about fun, relaxation, and creating lasting memories. But if you’ve ever been on one, you know that drama can quickly derail your plans. Whether it’s someone not paying their fair share of costs or the group splitting up because of conflicting interests, drama can take away from the enjoyment of everyone involved. So how do you make sure your girl’s trip is drama-free? Let’s find out!

Girls trip activities to try

Choose Your Destination Wisely

The first key to having a drama-free girls’ trip is to choose a destination that everyone will enjoy. If you’re planning on going with friends with different interests, pick an activity or location that caters to everyone. For example, if some of your friends love outdoor activities while others prefer lazing by the pool, consider somewhere where there are plenty of attractions, that is safe and easy to navigate. This way, everyone can do their own thing during the day and come together for dinner in the evening.

Create a Safe Hub where everyone can meet/relax/catch their breath

Travelling can be so stressful and can easily lead to drama, as there are so many factors outside of your control. As well as taking precautions such as knowing where your nearest help centres are, it’s so handy to establish a safe hub where everyone can chill out and take a breather. Somewhere with internet, food and drink and toilets would be perfect for this, plus somewhere to charge phones and devices if possible. A cafe might be an ideal location – anywhere that is roughly in the middle of where you are visiting, so it is easy to get to for everyone involved!

Consider Your Group Carefully

When choosing your group of friends for the trip, it’s essential to consider how compatible they will be. If you know someone likely to start drama or cause problems in a group setting, it may not be wise to invite them on your girl’s trip. It’s also a good idea to ensure everyone is meeting similar expectations. For example, if some friends are looking for a wild time while others want to relax and unwind, it could lead to drama or disappointment down the line.

Set Rules in Advance

It’s also important to set rules in advance so that everyone knows what is expected from them during the trip. Some rules could include paying for your expenses, such as sightseeing tickets and meals or splitting any shared costs depending on the group size. Also, create guidelines around alcohol consumption or curfew hours, or bringing other people to the room, so that nobody gets too carried away and causes conflict between group members. Setting these rules in advance will help ensure that no one feels taken advantage of or slighted by other party members.

Be Flexible

Finally, it’s important to keep an open mind and be flexible during your girl’s trip. If someone wants to do something that the rest of the group isn’t interested in, don’t pressure them into doing what everyone else is doing. Instead, encourage them to pursue their interests and join you later in the day. Suggest having a sundowner together. If you’re looking for a unique experience together, how about a hotel with a rooftop bar? This is the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset or nightcap together before pursuing your nighttime activities! Flexibility and understanding can go a long way towards avoiding drama and ensuring everyone has a good time on your girl’s trip.

Cutest Girls Trip Experiences to Try

🤍 Visit a Christmas market together

And sample all the festive foods and delights!

🤍 Plan a costume themed dinner

🤍 Go for an afternoon tea

Go for a tea tasting afternoon and try all the different kinds of tea you can!

🤍 Visit a cat cafe together

🤍 Coordinate everyone’s outfits to match

You could even create a dress code where everyone dresses in the same colour for fun!

🤍 Try wild swimming together

🤍 Host a barefoot picnic in the forest or rose garden

🤍 Visit an expensive hotel and take all the instagram pictures

You could sample the restaurant and swan around taking all the pictures! Who says you didn’t stay there?

🤍 Go to see a show at the theatre, or the ballet

🤍 Visit the fairground

🤍 Stay over at a haunted house or location

🤍 Get mini matching tattoos

Why not each get a tiny matching tattoo that represents your trip together!

🤍 Go for matching manicures to celebrate your trip

🤍 Host the ultimate girls night in with matching pjs

And recite Shakespeare and try all different kinds of rose!

🤍 Make a pretty photo album with all your favourite photos from the trip

It beats instagram – there is nothing more special than photos in physical form – the most precious commodity!

No matter where you go on your girl’s trip, it’s essential to keep an open mind and be respectful towards each other so that everyone can enjoy themselves without any conflicts arising throughout the entire experience! With proper communication beforehand and flexibility, while travelling, you should be able to keep things running smoothly throughout your entire adventure! Hopefully, this blog has provided some helpful tips on ensuring your next girls’ trip is drama-free! Enjoy!


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