Regencycore, Fancy and Royalcore dorm room decor ideas!

For your dorm or room at home! Here are tons of regencycore or royalcore aesthetic dorm room ideas or bedroom decor ideas, how to create a regal and opulent feel about your space, but on a budget.


To reference the look of those beautiful and romantic symmetrical gardens, add some pretty grecian style statuettes and busts – they look so chic and elegant – you can even get candles in the shape of beautiful statuettes and grecian figures that look gorgeous, if only for decoration!

2. Let the outside in

Emphasise the outside and draw attention to your windows by framing them with long, sweeping curtains, creating a little window nook or seat if you can, or referencing florals in your bedding, textiles or wall art. Referencing the outside creates a super romantic feel and florals always look so elegant!

3. Make use of any outdoor space

Speaking of letting the outside in, use any outdoor space you can get your hands on! Try hanging baskets, flower boxes, or ask permission to grow pretty climbing plants around your window. For those that are lucky to have a balcony or little outdoor space, you can create a mini rose garden of your own, filled with highly scented flowers – you could even have your own pretty little watering can to nourish and tend to your garden space. Garden therapy feels so good, is a beautiful form of self care and it’s so much fun learning about and picking out your plants!

4. Aim for symmetry

Indoors you could display lamps and mirrors symmetrically, perhaps either side of the bed, for excellent feng shui in your dorm! Outdoors, if you are lucky to have a garden space, be sure to edge your garden beds and paths and add some mulch to help give your garden a neat and tidy appearance. Pathway Edging from Core Landscape Products is excellent for creating neat, professional-looking garden paths.

5. Fill a pretty vase with some flowers

The best way to create an inviting and pretty space, plus fresh flowers are even good feng shui too! You could even display some faux flowers so your space looks cheery and pretty, even in the winter.

6. Collect and display pretty chocolate boxes

Some beautiful ones to collect and display are Charbonnels, Rococo, Laduree (the macaron boxes and sugared almond boxes are so pretty – you can even find these for sale cheap on ebay!)

7. Create the look of wall mouldings

When used sparingly, these will transform the look of your room in to something like a Parisian style apartment! There is no need to try and source actual plaster wall mouldings, all you need is some self adhesive foam tape from ebay – when applied, it looks like the real thing! It also comes off again (you might need to touch up the ceiling or wall paint after removing it, when you are moving out of your room) but is a no fuss way to create a Georgian (18th century and early 19th century) grand feel about your room on a budget, when you don’t want anything permanent. Try to use minimally, to open out your room and make it feel grand and opulent; too many wall mouldings will make a space feel cluttered. These will work in any space, just follow the natural structure of your room and use sparingly!

8. Floor length curtains with tie backs

These will give your space a grand and romantic feel, and even make your windows look bigger too! Try to make them double the width as the length, to ensure they look super grand, poofy and opulent! You can find some amazing second hand curtains to thrift that will work perfectly.

9. Try a rococo style mirror

Any ornate looking mirror will do. Try looking around second hand shops to see what you can thrift!

10. Arrange a wash jug and bowl

You could even fill it with flowers!

11. DIY a profile silhouette portrait

Find or take a photo of you where you are facing sideways and trace the outline, you can even do this very gently on a laptop or computer screen. This will make a shadow like outline of your face and shoulders. Cut that out and then draw around the shape on black card. Then cut that out and paste it on some white paper or card, and place it in an oval frame to decorate.

12. Go big with your wall art – and frame it!

Look out for dreamy and ornate frames to lift your whole room and give it an opulent feel. You can thrift these second hand and create your own romantic and beautiful line drawing portraits to hang inside.

13. Look for jacquard or brocade fabrics

Try thrifting these and making your own fancy cushion covers! Complete them by sewing on fancy tassels to each corner, you can buy cheap on ebay.

14. Pop fancy soaps in your drawers

To scent your clothes beautifully! Try Roger and Gallet soaps, or any vanilla or rose scented soaps will do, to make your clothes smell like Turkish Delight!

15. Create a pretty perfume tray setup

16. Hang your prettiest pyjamas on a satiny hanger

17. Decorate with a hanging lantern

And fill it with fairy lights if you are not allowed to light candles in your room.

If you’re not sure where to start, try looking online for some inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to start, there are so many gorgeous ideas on there.


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