Best Outdoor Graduation Party ideas (low cost!)

Best DIY Outdoor Graduation Party ideas

Having your graduation party out of doors gives you lots more space to play with and get creative with your decor! Here are our favourite graduation party locations ideas and how to throw an amazing outdoors grad party on a budget!

Best Outdoor Graduation Party Venues (that don’t cost much!)

1. A farm

This is one of the cutest places to hold a graduation party! You could even offer to do some maintenance jobs or help with chores as part of your agreement, to help keep the cost low. From helping to clear clutter, to painting fences, to revive your horse paddock grass with Grass Seed Online, these are great ways to help out and prep the space for your occasion at the same time!

This location idea is perfect if you’re going with a rustic graduation party theme and you might be able to make use of objects already around you, such as hay or straw bales or pallet boards, to decorate for the occasion! With permission, you could even turn a barn door in to a decorated backdrop, or have a well as a wishing well!

2. Your own backyard or back garden

There are so many pros to hosting your graduation party in your own backyard! There are so many ways you can get creative with it, and you have a lot more freedom and control over the theme, decor and activities – plus catering is easier and facilities are nearby. The only cons are the space available, if you only have a small outdoor space for the occasion (but graduation get togethers can still be charming and cosy!), and you will have to make and provide everything yourself.

3. At your local park

This is a really great low cost graduation party location idea – just make sure you have any permission you need to set up your party or event.

4. On the beach

Another amazing low cost grad party venue that provides a wonderful backdrop to your celebrations! Just be extra extra careful to not leave any mess or waste behind!

5. At a sports stadium or field

This makes for an easily findable location for your guests to get to – plus catering facilities may be available!

6. A bar, pub or restaurant garden

With catering facilities nearby and often good disability access, this is a great option for a graduation party on a budget! The only con is that you may not have as much freedom to decorate how you want. This depends on the location you choose, and how much space there is for the occasion!

7. A hotel or B&B garden venue

This might seem one of the pricier options but many hotels or similar event venues offer catering packages, meaning food for your guests will be provided, plus there will be facilities nearby, such as toilets, and they very often offer better disability access too.

8. A lakeside graduation party

This venue idea would create a lovely backdrop for your graduation party! Just be sure to take all precautions and to clean up any mess afterwards, leaving no waste at the location.

Best Outdoor Graduation Party ideas

1. Use a smoke paint wand or cannon

To make your graduation pictures look epic!

2. Put together an eco theme graduation party

Give your grad party a futuristic eco friendly theme! Why not use eco balloons, that biodegrade at the same rate as a leaf, use biodegradable cutlery, use paper decor instead of plastic, gift bee friendly wildflower seed bombs as grad party favours, pull together a green and white colour scheme… there are so many cool ideas. You could even make some sciencey cupcakes to celebrate all things renewable energy!

3. Plan a water fight

If it’s a hot day! You could even ask ahead and ask everyone to bring any water toys that they own, to create your own water park! It might be best to try this idea in your backyard if there is enough space, or anywhere with multiple water sources.

4. Hang some fairylights

For a magical effect and cool party atmosphere.

5. Decorate with jars of fairy lights

6. Have a campfire get together

This idea feels really special and is perfect for bringing people together to share memories and stories, plus you could serve some traditional campfire foods!

7. Create a Wisdom Jar or Board

For your guests to add to, to write down their best quotes and advice.

8. Create a tent or canopy for shelter

In case the weather has other ideas!

8. Use Pallet Boards as a Photo Wall

This is a really creative and brilliant DIY party idea! This idea works by glueing pallet board, wooden planks or crates together and then decorating them with pretty bunting, streamers or balloons!

9. Hold a treasure hunt

This is such a fun party game, you could make it super elaborate and hide little clues everywhere, with memories attached to them.

10. Use funny pictures for an easy centrepiece

They are bound to get everyone talking!

11. Display Party Entrance Signs

To let your guests know where to go and where the party is! You could make them super pretty and girly, decorated with balloons and pretty streamers.

12. Make a huge cut out year number backdrop and decorate with paper flowers

For the prettiest photos ever!

13. Give everyone a tshirt with a letter to wear

Then everyone arranges themselves in a special way to create a particular message – this is a really cute and affordable way to create some incredible Graduation photos and snaps! You could even take an aerial photo using a drone if you have one available.

14. Make some Diploma napkins

This is such an easy and cheap Graduation party idea! Just grab some plain white napkins, roll them up and tie them with black ribbon bows.

15. Get out the sparklers

Not just for Bonfire Night, New Years or 4th July, sparklers are so much fun, especially when it comes to photos as you can write a message in the air and have it captured!

16. Host a food fight

An ‘out there’ idea for a Graduation party that ensures your college experience will go out with a bang! Just be sure to use food that is out of date and unwanted, safe if accidentally consumed and that none of your guests have allergies to any of the items.

17. A cereal stall or party setup

Where guests can make their own custom bowl of cereal! This is such an easy and budget friendly party setup idea that everyone will love, it will take everyone back to childhood.

18. Mix smaller balloons with larger balloons

To create a gorgeous colourful ‘balloon waterfall’ or a balloon arch to frame your party decorations or photo setup!

19. Create an obstacle course

For your guests to complete! You could even compete in teams – such a fun no cost or low cost graduation party activity idea!

20. Set up a fireworks display

This is an amazing outdoors grad party idea that would be perfect for your occasion! Just make sure to take all safety precautions, be sure not to disturb anyone in the area, and be sure to have an experienced helping hand and a back up plan for any emergencies, you can never be too safe when it comes to fireworks!


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