Best White Tattoo ideas (Softest and Prettiest!)

By @rykatattooart 👈🏻

Tons of pretty white tattoo designs 101! These are perfect if you’re looking for something soft and magical, all kinds of ethereal and whimsical tattoo ideas, all the soft aesthetic feels!

By @lunar_tattoo 👈🏻

This beautiful white angel wing tattoo is so delicate and beautiful! I love the barely there look of this tattoo, it’s so pretty, dainty and ethereal.

By @paperself 👈🏻

This beautiful white back moon tattoo is truly beautiful and depicts the moon in several stages throughout the lunar cycle. This is one of the most beautiful symmetry tattoos and white moon tattoos ideas for sure!

By @gigi_tattooer 👈🏻

An adorable black and white bunny tattoo, perfect if you are looking for minimalist tattoo ideas or simple monochrome tattoo designs ideas.

By @ign_wikon 👈🏻

The prettiest white crescent moon tattoo, this is the perfect tattoo idea to try if you are nervous about getting your first tattoo. It looks so ethereal, pretty and delicate!

By @flowofsoul 👈🏻

One of the dreamiest black and white tattoo designs, how beautiful is this delicate flower moon tattoo! It’s so clever and carries a whimsical feel.

By 👈🏻

This white line drawing tattoo is so delicate yet makes such a statement. It’s minimal, yet has a bold, artsy feel about it, so simple yet striking!

By @ann_gilberg 👈🏻

This is one of my favourite black and white tattoo ideas ever, I think it’s so clever! I love the sparkler design – you could also try this idea but with a dandelion seed head, that would look so pretty too.

By @handpoke_hippi 👈🏻

The cutest minimal white tattoo idea, this sparkle finger tattoo is the perfect mini one to try when getting in to white tattoos, it’s so dainty and cute!

By 👈🏻

This cool black and white face sketch tattoo is so unique and beautiful. This would be perfect to represent your star sign if you are a Gemini, a tattoo idea that look so striking, and the colours really pop in contrast, making the design appear more dimensional.

By @woni_plant 👈🏻

This white butterfly tattoo design is so sweet and whimsical. I love the ‘barely there’ feel about it, the perfect ghostly butterfly tattoo.

By @pauline.son 👈🏻

The perfect way to do a black and white tattoo; this is so beautiful and clever! It appears as a beautiful symbol of self love and self care.

By @ann_gilberg 👈🏻

This white sparkle arm tattoo is nothing short of magical and perfect as an arm tattoo! It’s so pretty yet looks so delicate at the same time.

By @_nanatattoo 👈🏻

This white floral hoop tattoo is beautiful, so delicate and ethereal!

By @tattooist_eq 👈🏻

The most perfect way to do a black and white tattoo, this beautiful design is so striking! The white really pops against the black, making for one of the most beautiful white tattoo designs ideas.

By @pauline.son 👈🏻

These dainty white tattoos are so cute! The perfect way to try out a white tattoo if you are unsure and don’t want to commit to a bigger design.

By 👈🏻

This beautiful delicate white flower tattoo design is perfect as a calf or ankle tattoo! I love the idea of doing a white line drawing tattoo, they just look so ghostly, elegant and beautiful and will look magical on darker skin tones.

By @ezra_gilberg 👈🏻

The perfect way to do a black and white tattoo, or if you are looking for creative yin and yang tattoo designs, this is such a beautiful and magical concept and design!

By @lafragile_ 👈🏻

This daisy tattoo design is so cute!

By @mini_happiness_tattoo 👈🏻

This mini white tattoo idea is truly beautiful!

By @pauline.son 👈🏻

This entwined black and white flower tattoo is so so striking and ethereal in equal measure, the perfect alternative yin yang tattoo idea.

By @nara_tattoopeople 👈🏻

This ethereal, ghostly white butterfly tattoo makes for the perfect gothic tattoo design if you are looking for something soft and delicate. It carries such a whimsical, magical feel.

By @pauline.son 👈🏻

This is the perfect black and white thigh tattoo idea! I love how the white adds extra depth and dimension to the darker design, so stunning.

By @tattooist_eq 👈🏻

If you want a tattoo that really stands out, why not try a white and black tattoo design, like this stunning oriental style heron tattoo. The darker background really makes the white pop and stand out and almost creates a 3D effect.

By @mclovsky.0 👈🏻

The cutest white finger tattoo, perfect to try as your first white tattoo idea! The mini heart note design is so cute.

By 👈🏻

This white and black face sketch tattoo is so striking but soft at the same time. The perfect way to accentuate your favourite tattoo design idea!

By @mizzi_tattoo 👈🏻

This white sparkle tattoo is so dreamy, the perfect soft aesthetic tattoo idea!

By 👈🏻

I love this idea of combining two designs together and layering them in black and white over each other. This cat tattoo idea is a piece of art!


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