Small Ways to Feel Energised as a College Student

Small Ways to Feel Energised as a College Student

Here are some small, tiny ways to keep you feeling energised throughout your day, whether you are at work or at home. Here are some favourite ways to save energy. I hope these help if you are slogging it out working all day long, but want to be able to move seamlessly from activity to activity without feeling overly exhausted. PS you’re doing amazing!

Set a sleep schedule

It can really help to set up one of those alarm clocks that ease you in to waking up, by simulating the sun rising and flooding your room with light. By ensuring that you have enough sleep overnight you can up your energy levels when you wake up in the morning, a wonderful way to start the day off right. This will allow you to feel equipped for the day ahead.

Exercise when you wake up

Exercising in the morning is usually the last thing on people‘s minds when trying to get ready for the day, but even a 15 minute routine is enough to increase your energy levels to make you feel good. It can really make a difference to the rest of your day if you know that you have got up and moved your body nice and early.

Feed yourself intentionally

It’s time to equip yourself well with every thing you need to succeed, to place the odds in your favour. If you often find yourself grabbing sugary coffees and snacks to get through the day, it’s time to feed yourself well, with healthy fruit snacks and protein food snacks that will get you through the day. Also important is to take dessert seriously! Save yourself for dessert time and eat beautiful foods, let yourself be truly satisfied and satiated. Nutrition is so important if you want to feel energised and sugar is only going to give you a short burst of energy before you crash once more. It’s important to enjoy both, at special scheduled times.

Use a facial spray

For a quick refreshing lift!

Chew mint gum

Said to help you concentrate better and the perfect underrated little lift!

Take Omega 3 supplements

They are extremely nourishing and pure gold for every part of your body.

Work in gentle active activities between periods of studying

Keep moving your body in order to keep energised and refresh your mind between tasks.

Use a mint shower gel or body cream

The perfect refreshment and will help to keep you awake and feeling on top form.

Have a purpose

Often, we need something to drive us, to motivate us through the word today. If you have a purpose or a goal, you’re going to find it but if you ever stick to what you want. Make a point of writing down your goals and having some clarity on them. You will feel far more energised when you do it.

Schedule in mini pleasures

Just as important as the more formal diary entries and appointments!

Slim down your distractions

Consider those apps that are secretly stealing your inner peace, energy and attention and having a detrimental effect rather than inspiring you. Unwanted distractions take you away from what you’re hoping to do and hoping to achieve, and make you focus elsewhere, and there are so many that work themselves in to our lives and daily routines without us even realising!

Keep your hands freshly manicured

A really lovely lift when you are studying and can look upon your pretty nails!

Use a mint flavoured lip scrub

Have an adorable girly college planner

The perfect way to feel ultra organised!

Listen to a podcast

On your commute or in the shower, or between studying. It’s a really lovely way to feel connected with the world!

Use a mouthwash and floss teeth

Not only a great way to maintain good tooth hygiene, it provides an underrated little lift!

Nap when you can

Treat yourself to a nap when you have a chance and notice when your favourite time of day to nap is. This may not work if you’re working from an actual office, but when you get a chance, have a nap. Go to the car, set an alarm for an hour and have a sleep to replenish your energy levels through the day.

Relax and rest and shut down the senses

Having pressure to get enough sleep and nap can be stressful in itself; instead of aiming to sleep, aim to rest and relax your body, closing your eyes and wearing noise cancelling headphones to reduce stimulation from your surroundings. This can be every bit as good as a nap and will leave you feeling nice and rested.


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