How To Kick-Start Your Career While In College

Statistics indicate that approximately 2.66 million students were spread across the universities in the UK in 2021. Indeed, obtaining a college degree equips you with the necessary skills to build your dream career while opening you up to lucrative job prospects. Moreover, you can start networking before transitioning into the workforce, giving you an advantage. However, you don’t have to graduate before kick-starting your career. Here’s how to do so while in college

Join the student union 

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Your student union may be great at organising the best parties. However, it is more beneficial than that. Joining the student union can help you develop skills like effective communication, leadership, problem-solving, innovative thinking, etc. And these skills can come in handy when pursuing your dream career. Furthermore, it’s a great way to assess your strengths and weaknesses and determine what area in which you can function effectively. 

Additionally, you can appreciate the value of teamwork while accessing various networking opportunities. Seeing these benefits, you want to join your student union if you haven’t already. As a tip, consider taking roles like secretary, events planner, student liason, etc., as you can learn helpful things to aid you on your career path. 

Get a part-time job 

Admittedly, many college students get part-time jobs to supplement their allowances, pay for their tuition or address other financial needs. But this can help you understand the working world and what is required to succeed. Likewise, you gain transferrable skills that you may not learn in the classroom. It’s also beneficial for your resume, as employers may favour candidates with considerable work experience. And this can boost your self-esteem, so keep this in mind. You also learn how to manage time and money, which is crucial for life after school. 

Pairing work with studies can be challenging, but you can ace it with the right steps. You can consider getting an on-campus job to make it easier. Consequently, ensure that your work schedule doesn’t interfere with your classes, and inform your boss that you’re a student to enjoy more flexibility. As a tip, apply for jobs with enough flexibility to help you focus on your studies. 

Secure an internship 

An internship allows you to operate in a real-life work setting, like a part-time job. However, internships are development programs that train and prepare students for employment after graduation. With internships, you can explore your desired career to determine if you made the right choice. Also, your chances of getting hired by a company are higher when you work as an intern. And if you choose to work in another establishment, your resume will impress your potential employers. You also don’t want to forget the financial incentives that accompany internships. However, choosing an organisation that reflects your interests and skills is advisable to get the best results. For instance, you can have your internship in a company specialising in wedding planning services if that’s your desired career. 

You can kick-start your career while in college with the right steps. Hopefully, you’ll consider these strategies to achieve the desired outcome.


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