Extra Relaxing Decorating Tips for Your Bedroom (or Dorm!)

Are you the kind of person who loves nothing more than making your bedroom as unique and stylish as possible? When it comes to finding that ultimate sweet spot between comfort and style, sometimes it’s the simplest of changes that make the biggest difference. 

But with just a few of these hints and tips, you can completely change the feel, style, and look of any bedroom, regardless of its size. Here’s how you can go from stressed out to simple, stylish and relaxing in no time at all!

Keep decor minimal

Keeping decor minimal makes your space more restful to the eye, as it doesn’t have to work too hard to enjoy the surroundings. This creates a relaxing, clean and cosy atmosphere that you can fully relax in.

Feng shui your space

In smaller spaces, it’s easy to make it feel incredibly cramped by having too much furniture involved. In feng shui, it’s important that your room is able to breathe, and have some spaces between the clutter.

Look for smaller pieces of furniture that serve their purpose without taking over the entire room. Embrace a minimalist approach to your bedroom and allow space to give some more depth and gravitas to your bedroom. Less is sometimes more!

Opt for bigger wall art

A really good trick to make a room seem larger, more luxe and more hotel-like is to opt for bigger wall art – go big or go home! 

You might prefer a stylish minimal line art design or abstract piece or why not look into stylish photo prints and display a great image that makes you happy on your wall, a relaxing and happy piece to adorn your space and inject it with personality.

While less may be more when it comes to space and furniture, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use that space to bring out your personality! The sooner you can make your room feel like your own personal getaway from the stresses of life, the sooner you’ll begin to look forward to getting back there every day.

Create a cosy atmosphere

Have lots of fun creating a cosy and relaxing atmosphere with different lights and light effects! You could experiment with different light shades that throw light across the room in beautiful patterns, or fill cosy tea light holders with LED or real candles (just be sure to blow them out before you go to sleep!), or create a wall of fairy lights, by hanging strings of fairy lights vertically in your room. Another amazing option is to fill jars or vases with fairy lights, to create a beautiful cosy glow.

Consider the colour schemes 

With the right colour combinations, you can make your room feel far larger than it actually is. But more importantly, you can also help to dictate how people feel when they enter the room! Colour choices are incredibly powerful things, and really help to accentuate the main areas of your bedroom. 

An off-white style can make the place instantly inviting and spacious and soft muted colours, such as caramels with off white or a luxe taupe hue create a calming elegance, while paler greens tend to complement the minimalist approach to a room’s decor. For an elegant and opulent feel, many people choose some darker grey textures alongside a lighter main colour. 

Of course, the choice is yours. Just try to stick to a few main colours to avoid overwhelming the space with too many variations!

Mirrors can make all the difference

If you plan on having mirrors in your bedroom, planning ahead and placing them more strategically can actually make the entire room feel more expansive and bigger. Try to set your mirrors up at eye level, and you’ll be able to give off that larger-scale feeling. It also enhances the cosy atmosphere by allowing the light to reflect and bounce around your room, giving it much more of a cosy glow!

Fluffy and cosy textures

These will make your room feel extra snug and cosy, perfect for relaxing in! An extra throw on your bed is perfect for this; why not try out lots of different contrasting textures in your room to make them pop and really tie your room together.

Making your ceiling mean something 

Think about it- your ceiling is probably the largest plain canvas in your entire room. In other words, there’s huge potential there to add a final creative flourish to your personal space. Here’s where you can combine all of the tips above to create that last touch to completely transform your room. You can make your room feel extra cosy by creating the feel of a canopy – why not try painting your ceiling or bringing the paint or wallpaper or decor on the ceiling in some way. It’s an amazing trick to give your room a decadent and relaxing feel!


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  1. August 20, 2022 / 6:05 pm

    These are wonderful suggestions! It is so important to have a space that feels special!

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