Best Glitter Toe Nails Designs ideas

All the best shimmery toe nail looks and designs, all the magical girl nails ideas! If you are looking for super creative glitter toe nails designs, look no further. If you like these toe nail art designs, please do check out each artist and give them tons of love!

By @mastanehzahiry 👈🏻

I think this pink glitter toe nail look is so cool! It’s so unique, I love the idea of the cut out section in the middle. The vertical stripes elongate the nail and the glitter in the middle is the prettiest thing, all the magical girl vibes, and I love how it carries on to the other nails.

By @kristina_nozdrina 👈🏻

There’s something so sporty and cool about this glitter pedicure art, I love the cut out detail and the glitter section makes the whole look a party! It’s so chic and glam, yet gives me uber cool sports luxe vibes. The toe nail art equivalent of your favourite Alexander McQueen trainers!

By @v.vakhitova_nails 👈🏻

This silver and pink toe nail look gives all the angelic vibes! Pink and silver look beautiful together, this is such a perfect winter pedicure idea to try but is perfect for all seasons and especially special occasions!

By @marcos_fusspflege 👈🏻

I love how simple this pastel pink pedicure look is, but how polished it looks. The perfect ‘put together’ toe nail look, the pink glitter strip completes the look perfectly against the uber high shine, glossy base.

By @mihonails_cairns 👈🏻

This orange and white glitter stripe toe nail art look is giving all the cinnamon sugar pumpkin spice latte vibes! It’s the perfect nude or neutral toe nail art look for fall or autumn, it captures the sense of joy about the season.

By @ju.nail.s 👈🏻

These glitzy nails are the perfect look to go for come warmer weather! I love the ombre glitter french tip, it looks so stunning as toe nail art, especially against that gorgeous milk peach base. This is such a beautiful french tip toe nail art look!

By @mashapatrakova05 👈🏻

French tip pedicure, but make it glitter! A whole party encapsulated within a toe nail art look, this glitter pedicure is the most eyecatching, the ultimate glitter french tip toe nail art look!

By @exclusive_nail_spb 👈🏻

When you want something a little sparkly, but classy and minimal at the same time, why not opt for this gorgeous french tip glitter toe nail art! The high shine, uber glossy finish completes this look perfectly.

By @murina_nails_studio 👈🏻

The prettiest nude glitter toe nail art look! Nude and neutral hues often worn by celebrities and influencers because it’s always a chic option that looks luxe every time, making it a perfect option for your pedicure. It makes for the perfect base for adding glitter or for your next toe nail art look.

By @mashapatrakova05 👈🏻

When you want a pop of pink but also glitter (me), channel the best of both worlds with this beautiful, summery pink glitter toe nail art!

By unknown

The perfect way to incorporate glitter in your toe nail art look, this stunning white and gold glitter toe nail design is so beautiful and serves up all the angelcore vibes! It looks magical against darker skin tones or tanned skin too.

By 👈🏻

A milky white and pink glitter ombre toe nail look that exudes all the luxe vibes! Confining the glitter to the base of the nail brings drama to the look and the high shine, uber glossy finish completes the look perfectly!

By @lilac.nail 👈🏻

These beautiful pink glitter matching nails are the best way to dress up your hands and feet! The chunky glitter looks so cool and enhances the look perfectly.

By @victoria_nails_samara 👈🏻

Why not use glitter minimally, as like this striking nude and silver glitter toe nail look, to make the design all the more striking? The silver glitter accent gives this look futuristic and sci fi vibes, the perfect way to dress up a traditional neutral pedicure look and inject a lot of fun!

By @getnailedbynellie 👈🏻

Speaking of fun, there is nothing more joyful than these amazing chunky confetti glitter pink toenails, the perfect way to wear a party on your toes! This would make for the perfect festival toe nail art look, but is giving me all the festive vibes for the holidays at the same time!

By @marishelka_nailartist 👈🏻

This blue and pink ombre toe nail art look is everything, the perfect way to wear your two favourite colours on your nails, side by side if you’re like the fairies in Sleeping Beauty and can’t decide which one is best. I love how the chunky glitter and sequins give early 2000’s vibes and the ombre look makes me think of the mood rings that used to be a craze in simpler times. The whole look is so playful and so much fun!

By @dorota_zaremba_ 👈🏻

This white and nude ombre glitter toe nail art look is much more of a subtle take but is no less pretty! The gradation of nude in to white gives the nail extra dimension and makes for the perfect simple toe nail art look, plus the glitter completes the look perfectly.

By 👈🏻

The perfect pink glitter pedicure! This is giving me all the Barbie vibes and my inner child is screaming. This is what you should definitely be wearing on your toes when going to see the live action Barbie movie for the tenth time.

By @nailbin_ 👈🏻

The only thing prettier than glitter is stars and glitter. Together. This beautiful sparkly toe nail art look on a nude base really lifts your toes as the light catches them, and looks utterly magical!

By @n.a.i.l.s_russia 👈🏻

These baby pink glitter toenails are the cutest thing and really channel those early 2000s ultra girly vibes! I absolutely love how the different finishes pop juxtaposed together, really tying the look together, it’s so clever.

By @by_ola.bay 👈🏻

This ombre pink toenail look is so pretty, I love how the ombre effect enhances the pink and adds a whole new dimension to the look!

By @ramona.scripnic.nails 👈🏻

All the angelcore vibes with this stunning and magical white glitter toe nail art look. I love the chunky silver white glitter pieces and how it is confined to the base of the nail, creating a gradual ombre like glitter effect. This look is so beautiful and makes for the perfect bridal or wedding toe nail art, the perfect way to dress your toes for a special and unforgettable occasion.

By @nail_blossom 👈🏻

Speaking of unforgettable, there is nothing prettier than this amazing, super glitzy glitter toe nail look! The equivalent of statement jewellery in toe nail form, these will never fail to attract attention and catch the eye; the glitter effect means they will shimmer wherever you go.

By @shawnanail 👈🏻

The perfect way to add glitter to a toe nail art look, I absolutely love these incredible marble like, pastel gemstone nails! They are so unique and special, I love the blend of beautiful colours and how the glitter is used as a finishing sprinkle of magic on each nail. This is such a beautiful look!

By @nailbin_ 👈🏻

How stunning is this shimmering, iridescent mauve purple and gold glitter toe nail art look! I love how the gold glitter is assigned to only one accent nail, which shimmers in contrast to the high shine finish on the smaller nails. This look is so clever and beautiful!

By @pedicurekb 👈🏻

If we’re talking pastel mauve and purple toe nail looks, this genius vertical ombre pastel pedicure look is something both out of the box and feels kind of nostalgic at the same time. The pastel mauve in to lemon yellow ombre is pure magic, they are near opposites on the colour wheel, which makes them such a perfect pairing, and the chunky glitter completes the look perfectly.


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    You can never go wrong with a little glitter! So many excellent designs!

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