How To Get Your Child Ready For Secondary School

If there is one scary time in life, it is when your child goes to secondary school. At age 11, your child will be done with primary school. They will leave a safe place with teachers and kids they – and you – know and start something new. For kids, secondary school is a whole new world. When it’s time to look at schools and choose the right one, it’s the start of a new chapter.

Parents worry all the time, and getting your child into the right school can be hard when you’re trying to find the right fit. Every child is different, and when you visit schools, you will definitely feel sad about the changes that are coming. You’ll worry about making friends, your child getting their homework done, and all the other problems that come with a new school. All of these worries are normal, but for now, you need to get your eleven-year-old ready for secondary school. Read on to find out more. 

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Talk About The Changes 

Talking to your child about secondary school is the best way to get them ready for it. You need to tell them what they should expect and give them an idea about how things work in secondary school; your own experience will tell you it’s very different from primary school. You should also tell them that the changes they will have to deal with will be a lot and that it’s okay to be scared. Even though this is a big change, it’s a necessary one. 

The more prepared your child is, the less worried they will be, and things will fall into place more easily. Don’t forget to tell them about all the positives, like making new friends and Paris school trips, as well as what they need to think about as they are moving around the school. 

Talk About Homework Specifically 

Children won’t really understand what homework is until they get to secondary school. In primary school, they may have brought work home, but it would have been one item from one class. In secondary school, they may have homework from more than one class, and it will happen every day. They might not have done this much work before, which is normal, but they will need to learn how to manage their time after school. 

Talking to them about this and making sure they are prepared in advance will stop them from feeling overwhelmed when they are given their first assignments. 

Ask About Their Feelings 

Your child is likely to be nervous, anxious, overwhelmed, and afraid about their new beginnings. They’ll meet new people – students and teachers alike – and this will be something entirely new for them. It’s quite normal for them to express their emotions. Whatever their feelings are, let them express themselves loudly if necessary. Be patient and kind.

Go Shopping

It’s time to buy uniforms, school supplies, and a new bag. This is a big deal because it’s a big step in a child’s life. They will get to pick out their new bag and everything else they need. This can make them feel better about the changes that are coming. While you’re out, you can also try out your new way to school.

You and your child have a long journey ahead of you, so it’s important to get ready and make sure your child is ready for the changes that will happen next year.


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