First Date ideas for Teenagers

DIY first date ideas for teenagers

Following on from these fun date ideas for teenage couples, here are some cute, creative, low cost and pressure free first date ideas! Making it an understated affair gives you more room for conversation, space to safely express yourself, and less pressure on both of you, easing nerves and making the whole experience more comfortable and fun. Here are some good no pressure first date ideas and activities, great ways to take the pressure off your very first date.

Great tip! Instead of asking your love interest on a date together, which can induce nerves, why not ask them if they want to work together on a certain activity, or want to hang out together doing something casual that you both love!

1. Work on a garden project together

Volunteering is an amazing first date idea as it’s an amazing way to chill out together as you’re working together and won’t leave any room for awkward silences, as you will always have something to discuss and talk about! It’s such a great conversation starter and there are so many places always looking for volunteers.

You also get to learn so much, from learning to care for a garden and how to weed it regularly, plus how to prune a garden to prevent pests and diseases from taking hold. There is so much to learn and do, and so much satisfaction and fun to gain in doing these activities!

2. Volunteering at a charity event

Gives you the chance to come together as a great team, plus there are so many activities to do together! Anything you can work on together will bring you closer as you come together as a team.

You could work together at any activity, from litter picking to sweeping leaves, to helping setting up events, and even taking part in group activities like helping to build sheds or provide meals for the community. This is great to help dissipate nerves, an amazing way to break the ice and get used to conversating with each other without any pressure there to do so!

3. Visit a garden center

This is a really cute first date idea where you can have a lot of fun admiring all the displays and plants and cute little paths, plus there is often a cafe there too! It also gets you talking about your goals and dreams and looking to the future and sharing ideas of what you would like your future space, whether flat or house, to look like, and where you are aiming to go. You might find certain things you have in common and similar tastes, bonding over sheds and garden furniture. You could even sneakily let him know your favourite flowers! There are so many conversation starters and it is such a fun and cute location and chill environment to begin your dating journey together!

4. Walk dogs together in the park

Keep your first date a chilled out affair by walking dogs together, one of the cutest low pressure first date ideas! If neither of you have a pup, why not ask around and see if any neighbours or friends have a dog you might be able to borrow and take out for the day, dog walkers are always in high demand!

5. Visit an art gallery or museum

Places like science museums often have fun and hilarious activities going on that make the best kind of ice breakers, why not take part in challenges with your date! If all else fails, it gives you an excuse to hold hands as you explore the gallery or museum together. There is so much to see, there will never be an awkward moment, ever!

6. Visit a garden show or beautiful park

There is so much to see and admire, the perfect setting for a date together, to put you in a romantic mood!

7. Play a hilarious card game or board game

An amazing way to break the ice, take a funny game with you to your date or spend an afternoon playing a hilarious game like What Do you Meme or Cards Against Humanity!

8. Go window shopping

A relaxed and chill activity that means you can always resort to the classic ‘I’m gonna buy that for you’ whenever you see something that would look hilarious on your partner! Never an awkward moment in sight.

9. Go beachcombing

This is a wonderful chilled out first date idea that will give you the chance to get to know each other in person, plus see if you can find a pebble that looks like each others’ eye! You could even keep any shells you collect as a pretty souvenir from your first date together, so cute.

10. Visit a petting farm or animal farm

This makes for such a cute first date idea for teens and is perfect since there is always so much going on and so much to see, from funny moments to cute animals and everything in between!

11. Visit a fairground or arcade

These dates are always so much fun and mean there is always something to see or do, always something going on to take the stress off your first date and the pressures to say the right thing!

12. Washing your car together

A fun, casual and free date idea for teens, that is the perfect way to spend time together and break the ice at the same time. You could even have a water fight!

13. Fruit picking together

The perfect way to hang out together, if you are nervous about calling it a date, this will take all the pressure off and make for a great time spent together!

14. Go on a run together

Why not exercise together? If you love running, you could even race your love interest and show off your skills!

15. A hike or a walk

A chilled, pressure free first date idea that gives you the perfect chance to get to know each other in a casual and relaxed setting. Remember, be safe, and avoid this one if you met your love interest online! Only opt for this idea if you know your date in real life.

16. Watch home movie tapes

This is an amazing rainy day first date idea! This will be sure to be hilarious and break the ice between you, plus you get to know so much more about each other, only from the first date!

17. Go stargazing

A date against a backdrop of stars, there is nothing more romantic! It also costs nothing and you can do this from your outside space or back yard!

18. Invite them to a party or barbeque

Inviting them to a social event is a great way to show your interest, in a casual way. If it is an event you are both interested in attending, why not ask to go together!


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