22nd Birthday Party ideas for Girls (Girliest yet!)

DIY 22nd birthday party ideas for girls

To feel like the starlet you are! Here are lots of 22nd birthday party ideas for girls, super girly ideas and ways to celebrate your 22nd birthday in style, at home or at college. Plus, if parties are not your thing, what can I do instead of a birthday party?

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1. A wine and chocolate tasting party

This is a wonderful 22nd birthday party idea that is so fun and memorable! Just replace with your favourite tipple – you could try all different kinds of rose!

2. Rent a fancy looking hotel room for the night

A whole magical experience in itself, especially if you can take an amazing big bubble bath!

3. Enjoy a brunch in a fancy restaurant

A whole multisensory experience! A birthday brunch is the perfect way to celebrate turning 22, plus is the perfect excuse to get dressed up in your cutest outfit for the day and take loads of photos of everything!

4. Plan a road trip

This is such a fun and memorable way to celebrate your birthday! Travelling doesn’t have to be far, you could even visit a famous instagrammable location near you. Just be sure to take all the precautions –

Make sure your car is in good working order and everything is well maintained and checks out. A well-maintained vehicle is less likely to break down, and means you can save on insurance (https://www.onesureinsurance.co.uk/) as well, get a reliable GPS system, have important numbers on hand in case of any issues, follow safety precautions and pack an emergency overnight kit, in case you have to sleep in your car. Be sure to cover all bases and make sure your vehicle is purring like a kitten before you set off!

Always be safe when travelling the roads, never follow someone for help and take a trusted companion along. An emergency kit should contain essentials like water, blankets and some food that doesn’t require cooking.

5. Visit a cat cafe

This is perfect if you are an animal lover, spend your day surrounded by adorable felines and food; nothing could be better!

6. Buy yourself some dreamy lingerie

The perfect birthday gift to yourself that is just as special and extra as a party!

7. Make a ’22’ cupcake pull apart

To make a beautiful statement display! A cupcake pull apart consists of cupcakes lined up in a ’22’ formation, with icing or frosting joining them all together. This will make the perfect statement centerpiece for your party and be sure to be the main attraction!

8. Make a special ’22’ tiktok or music video

Using the iconic Taylor Swift song! This is a wonderful 22nd birthday game or activity to try with friends and is sure to result in hilarity and happy memories being made.

9. Wear a special ’22’ birthday sash

Gorgeous girly personalised birthday sash 👈🏻

Shimmer ultimate birthday girl sash 👈🏻

There is only one day in your life you get to wear a 22nd birthday sash, go all out and wear it with pride in your photos!

10. Enjoy candyfloss topped cocktails

You can make these with or without alcohol and they will look and taste amazing either way!

11. Have breakfast in a beautiful cafe or diner

The perfect excuse to wear your favourite outfit and take some beautiful and elegant photos!

12. A Taylor Swift themed birthday party

Throw a ‘feelin’ 22′ themed birthday party, with big ’22’ balloons, a game of match the Taylor Swift lyrics, Taylor Swift banners, Taylor Swift photo booth props and ‘feelin’ 22′ glitter cupcake toppers!

Taylor Swift birthday party bunting banner 👈🏻

Feelin 22 rose gold balloons 👈🏻

Taylor Swift birthday party props for photos 👈🏻

13. Dress up your pets

Get your pets involved in the occasion with some adorable outfits – you could even wear matching outfits with your pets!

14. Enjoy a girls night in 👈🏻

15. Add edible glitter to drinks

This will make your drinks shimmer and look amazing, extra sparkly for the occasion!

16. Make some ‘feelin 22’ sugar cookies

17. Make and decorate pretzels

Have a go at making and decorating the big doughy pretzels you normally get as street food! This is such a fun and creative 22nd birthday party activity to try, that is sure to result in hilarity!

18. Serve pink popcorn

There’s nothing sweeter than pink popcorn on your special day! You could even add some edible glitter and mini marshmallows to make it extra girly.

19. Go stargazing and watch the sun rise on your birthday

A beautiful experience and way to bring in your 22nd birthday!

20. Visit a beautiful garden wearing a Selkie dress

21. Set up a photo taking area at your party

This is so much fun to create and you could even decorate with funny mug shot style photos of each of your guests, biodegradable pink confetti balloons and pink streamers!

22. Serve number ’22’ ice cubes to your guests 👈🏻

Perfect for drinks, these make for the cutest little touch!

23. Decorate your own cowboy hat

One of the most fun 22nd birthday party activities or games to try, everyone can have tons of fun designing and decorating their own hat to wear!

24. Throw a flower filled birthday party

Why not try a flower wall backdrop, with floral decorations and flower garlands for guests to wear! You could even throw biodegradable confetti or wildflower confetti!

25. Have a gorgeous glitter ’22’ birthday cake topper

Feeling 22 jumbo glitter birthday cake topper 👈🏻

Feeling 22 Taylor Swift cake topper (super affordable!) 👈🏻

To make your birthday cake extra extra!

26. Visit a beautiful stately home or castle

You could even dress up and cosplay as your favourite fictional character for the day! The perfect way to spend your birthday, as your romantic alter ego.

27. See a show at the theatre

All the fun of dressing up to go and see a show!


It’s such an exciting event and you can have so much fun drinking in the atmosphere and feeling all sparkly and all part of it.

29. Visit an animal petting farm

You are never, ever too old to enjoy visiting an animal petting farm, the perfect fun substitute for a party!

30. Go for a manicure and even pedicure

The perfect birthday treat! These Louis Vuitton nails are perfect for the occasion, much cheaper than the real thing and just as pretty and luxe!


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