Twenty something bucket list ideas you haven’t heard!

Best things to do in your twenties

Following my senior year bucket list activities ideas post, I wanted to put together a 20 something bucket list, ideas for your college bucket list, what to do in your 20s bucket list ideas!

This time of your life is such a strange time, it can be chaotic and completely upside down and usually nothing like you expected. Everything seems to speed up and get faster and you might find yourself with no idea how you got here. You might find that everything you planned in your head goes out of the window, whether you are so busy, feeling stuck, trying to save, or even get pregnant, it’s really cool to embrace where you’re at, adapt and go with the flow. Whether you are about to graduate, live independently or raise a wonderful child much earlier or later than expected, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fun adventures that come your way!

Should I get married in my 20’s?

This is a completely personal decision and it’s important not to let society and others around you force you in to making a decision. It’s totally ok if it’s something really right for you, but also if you never feel ready. When considering marriage, maybe ask yourself if it is right for you or is what you need right now. There is no need to rush, and it can even be more romantic staying unmarried, as each day you are actively choosing to be with your beloved, rather than being formally contracted to be with them. There are many benefits to a marriage, such as legal stability, but also there are cons, with a high rate of divorce in today’s society, perhaps because of the illusion of endless choice that comes from the different dating apps and platforms. Speak to any family law solicitors and they’ll tell you that the majority of their work involves mediating divorces, with marriage often conflicting with the struggles of modern day society. No one can make this decision for you, perhaps ask yourself if it is a union that will allow you to change and grow whilst in it and remain your own person, which is so important in a marriage.

Everyone’s 20s are different and there is no need to embrace the whole do-as-many-stereotypically-20-something-things-as-possible if things are a bit too hectic for you right now, or if travelling/partying is just not realistic, possible or what you want to do – you can enjoy being an old person in your 20s if you want to! PS knitting and watching countdown can absolutely be young people activities too and bring you a whole heap of joy. There is a lot of pressure to travel, to party and get things done before you turn 30, but there is absolutely no rush at all in the wider scheme of things. You might become a party animal in your 50s, after all! Here are some ideas to get you started, with no pressure!

1. Celebrate a holiday or festival in another location

2. Find a lipstick that you love on your makeup free face

This is an amazing thing to have, as it will really lift and brighten your face on any days where you don’t fancy wearing makeup but want to look smart and put together. Perfect for any early morning starts where you are not quite functioning properly, the right lipstick will make you feel so excited and is the best way to start the day!

3. Go stargazing

A really magical experience you can enjoy from your own back yard! Why not sit out with a mug of hot drink or even watch the sun rise or sunset.

4. Swim in an ocean you’ve never been in

A really magical idea, swimming in a wild place always heightens the senses and is a beautiful experience to try. Just be sure to check that your location is safe for swimming!

5. Make a gratitude journal

This is always a magical idea and will help to guide you a lot when you feel lost.

6. Bury a time capsule for others to find in the future

This is such a fun and exciting activity to do.

7. Attend a fashion exhibition

Or an event or show, to drink in all of the inspiration!

8. Try making cocktails

Get super creative and add all the trimmings!

9. Pick up a new sport

An oldie but a goodie, ten extra points if you go for something unusual and out there!

10. Stay the night in a haunted location

A really fun and thrilling experience, just don’t go alone!

11. Make one investment in an amazing piece of clothing

That you keep coming back to time and time again and that makes you feel amazing! Often, these items are definitely worth saving up for over time, to savour time and time again.

12. Wear something completely unusual and daring in public and start a new trend

Be that new trend before it happens!

13. Take a DNA Ancestry test

Find out where your ancestors came from and where they originate from in the world. You might find a great story or two! It will also show you a whole other side to yourself, that you might not have known anything about before.

14. Send a secret love note to someone

Try it just once!

15. Grow your own food

Have a go at it, and learn so much in the process! It’s a great way to set yourself up in life, plus is incredibly therapeutic and rewarding; it makes you feel closer to your food and connected to the earth.

16. Volunteer at a climate activity

This is so fun and rewarding, plus you will meet brand new people in doing it, a whole experience in itself!

17. Teach yourself to sew

This is an amazing skill to learn and will make you feel more independent and confident as an adult.

18. Visit a famous instagrammable location

To take all the cool and fun snaps and to see what it’s like!

19. Start and organise a petition

About something you care deeply about, to make a difference in the world, no matter how big or how small.

20. Find a mantra and hold it close

A really helpful thing to have on hand and can make such a difference.

21. Visit a real fairytale castle

A real life fairytale experience, ten extra points if you bring a floaty dress to swan about it.

22. Throw a girls night in

No travelling needed, the perfect staycation idea!

23. Paint a self portrait

This one is deeper than it seems, because it will offer you some insight on how you see yourself.

24. Cosplay as your favourite character

Channel your favourite character and cosplay as them, whether at a convention or event, or just for instagram!

25. Start a beautiful collection of something

There are so many beautiful collections to start, be it notebooks, teacups, shells, art, stationery… whatever you are in to!

26. Take a yoga class

It’s a whole experience in itself and will make your heart feel full.

27. Make a firm animal friend

You could even adopt a pet if your circumstances allow, or offer to walk or babysit a pet for a friend.

28. Volunteer at an archeological site

An incredible experience to try your hand at! Definitely give this a go, you can often volunteer at a dig for free, and learn so much in the process.

29. Recreate a favourite childhood memory

Revisit a place you loved, recreate a special photo or interpret creatively to unlock all the memories!

30. Go to a house viewing

Even if you’re not in a position to buy, go to a house viewing to get a feel of what it is like, experience what you would love in your own property, and to motivate you to work towards it!

31. Make a famous friend

This is a wildcard entry placed here for fun, but it’s a wonderful idea to broaden your horizons and reach out to all kinds of people. There are nice kinds of people everywhere, reach out to those who have things in common with you!

32. Visit a psychic or medium

A fun and magical kind of experience that is definitely worth adding to your list!

33. Try on the most expensive piece of jewellery in a shop

Just for the feels, you deserve it! Even ask if you can take a photo wearing it, then add said photo to your vision or manifestation board to treasure always.

34. Film your own movie or music video

Always an incredibly fun and often hilarious experience! This is an amazing thing to try, especially with friends or family.

35. Volunteer to make an important speech at an event

This is a wonderful challenge to try and you will learn so much about yourself in the process!

36. Learn to bake macarons

For endless levels of accomplishment

37. Make an entire piece of furniture from scratch

38. Introduce yourself as someone entirely different from who you are

Channel your inner alter ego!

39. Set up a neon sign in your space

To inject a bit of fabulous in to your space and your life, this is everything your room has been missing.

40. Take beautiful photos everywhere you go

41. Swim in an infinity pool

42. Have your aura photographed

43. Visit a special holy place

44. Spend Christmas in a different country

45. Be part of a flash dance mob

46. Visit the Christmas markets

47. Cast a love spell


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  1. March 14, 2022 / 10:42 am

    All of these are such great ideas! I’ve never thought to find a lipstick that looks good for no makeup days. I normally just throw a balm on and go. Now I’ll have to have a think about what lipstick to use. Also would 100% recommend visiting a Christmas market, it’s always a lovely experience xx

    Hannah |

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