Fun Hobbies for Women in their Twenties (Girly Edition!)

Hobbies for Women list ideas

Here are tons of hobbies for Women in 20s, all the (stereo)typically girly hobbies that are so much fun! These are perfect for anyone with girly flair, wherever you’re at in your 20s, whether you are living with your family, living with friends or housemates, or just moved in to your first proper house. Go for whatever excites you the most – I tried to include some unusual hobbies to have a go at also!


Not only is it so much fun creating different outfits and channeling your favourite characters, this is such a creative hobby as an outfit or costume is completely open to interpretation – plus there is a social side of meeting with likeminded people, at photoshoots or conventions. You could even involve your pet and make little costumes for them too!


There are so many cute things to bake! Live out your dreams of mastering macarons, polishing up pastries and creating amazing edibles that you can bring on a picnic with you, cottagecore style.


Gardening is a great hobby and can allow you to create a beautiful outside space.

You could even volunteer to help care for gardens near you, any parks or gardens of stately homes would be perfect and allow you to have a behind the scenes look at how things are run there, plus you get to learn so many new skills and gain access to a wealth of information and guidance along the way. Creating – and helping to create and curate – beautiful outdoor spaces is such a beautiful thing to put out in to the world, as parks and gardens and green spaces power the life around us.

Outdoor design plans are available for free on the internet and you can use them to create your own garden design. It can be as big or small as you would like, a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, or it can be an extension of your home with a place to grow vegetables and herbs. There are so many options and ideas, especially in places like Pinterest, with so many different things to add in, pretty ornaments, homes for wildlife, pretty lighting or garden sheds for storage too.

Creating a beautiful outdoor living space is not as expensive or difficult as you might think. It’s something to add to over time, over time adding and building in more permanent features like a glamorous pergola or gazebo.

The very first step is to choose an area of the garden that has good drainage, as well as plenty of sunlight. You need to consider what type of soil you have, whether it is sandy or clay-based. If it’s clay-based, you need to add some compost to the soil before planting anything. Try peat free compost as it is so much better for the enviroment!

Growing house plants

If you want to live the cottagecore lifestyle but don’t have access to an outdoor space, worry not! Try nurturing a number of beautiful and elegant houseplants to give your space a cosy feel and introduce some positive feng shui to your environment. It won’t be long until you start calling them your babies!

Make a miniature garden

This is perfect for if you have a small space or have no outdoor space and don’t want any big commitment, a miniature garden can be just as fun! You could even make a mini zen garden, an amazing and relaxing project to embark on.

Playing the harp

Not only does this beautiful instrument look and sound straight out of a fairytale, it produces some of the most beautiful sounds you could ever create!

Designing your own clothes

If you love fashion and are constantly feeling inspired by the outfits and the designs you see on social media, why not make your dream clothes you wish existed! This is such a satisfying hobby and skill to learn and there are so many things to try, so many ways to get creative and explore your personality, what excites you, ignites something within you, and what you absolutely love.

Pole Fitness

An amazing approach to fitness that helps you to feel more confident and stronger in your body over time. It helps you to grow a whole new appreciation for your body and the beautiful shapes it can make, and you realise how strong and flexible you can be, there are no limits.

Jewellery making

An amazing opportunity to get creative and craft those pieces you always wished existed! This is an amazing way to take control of your life and put beautiful things out in to the world.


There are digs everywhere that are looking for volunteers; this could be the perfect hobby for you! It’s so fascinating being the first modern person to lay your eyes and hands on objects that have remained hidden for hundreds and thousands of years, so satisfying and you will learn so much; it will also look amazing on your cv too!


An amazing relaxing hobby that helps you to gain a whole new appreciation for your body and how it moves and works. This is the perfect hobby to unwind and even gives you an opportunity to get social and yoga in groups!


There are so many kinds of dance, you could take up about five different kinds! It’s so much fun learning new styles and having some moves up your sleeve should a party warrant them.


This is a cute retro activity that often gets sidelined in modern times, but is the most fun ever.

Beauty paegents and modelling

This can be such an empowering field to get in to and a way to channel your most glamorous self and gain confidence you never knew you had!


Why not volunteer at a gallery, museum or stately home! This is perfect if you are a lover of art or history and will give you a chance to expand your knowledge and grow as a person.



There is no sexier sport than volleyball! It also allows you to meet and get to know new people on a personal level, as it requires a huge amount of teamwork. It’s also the perfect excuse to go to the beach, right!

DIY beauty products

This is such a fun and rewarding hobby and you end up learning all about the shades and textures that work best for you. There are also so many bath and body products to make yourself too, combine all your favourite scents to create something amazing!


This is such a wonderful hobby to have a go at!

Wine tasting


Create and curate a beautiful collection, whether you adore collecting roll neck sweaters, pins, gemstones, pretty stationery, photographs… all the pretty things!

Film making

This is such a creative, fun and rewarding activity, you can have so much fun with this and experiment with different effects! You could create something creepy, glamorous, funny, or all three!

Miniature living

This is the art of creating and crafting little miniatures, mini scenes and mini worlds. It’s so creative and so much fun, you could theme it at a special time in history, around a certain aesthetic – anything that excites you!


An amazing way to keep fit whilst gaining new strength and a whole new appreciation for your body at the same time.

Hoola hooping

Skipping or jumprope

There are so many cool tricks you can learn and do and this is such a great form of cardio activity, that is so rewarding!

Taking photos

Is a magical way of taking everything in around you, interpreting it through a lens. You could even try and take photos with old cameras to get different effects!

Create a diary or journal or scrapbook

This is such a wonderful gift to give to the world, a compilation of your observations, thoughts, feelings, passions and all the pretty things you felt enchanted by!


Scent is so powerful and can change the way we perceive everything or anything. This is a wonderful meditative hobby you can have so much fun with, it’s so rewarding, relaxing and soothing.


Why not give old pieces a whole new lease of life and create your dream furniture! You can spend hours on Pinterest spying on pretty furniture and getting all kinds of cool inspiration.


It will make you feel alive and give you all the feel good chemicals! It’s such a difficult skill to master, but it will give you so much satisfaction, learning new tricks and skills.

Designing pretty graphics

Why not experiment and turn your doodles in to digital works of art!

Ballet Fitness

An adorable and wonderful way to keep fit, it engages different areas of the body that are often missed through other fitness activities. It presents a wonderful way to keep fit and tone the body, whilst having fun! Check to see if there are any classes in your area – or even try a workout or two on Youtube!


Flower pressing

A wonderful way to keep close to nature, and preserving its beautiful produce along the way.

Rock climbing

An adrenaline filled, adventurous hobby that will grow your confidence and self esteem in equal measure!

Print making

Why not make your own prints for your interiors! There are so many beautiful things you can create.

A pilgrimage

Travel to special places that mean a lot to you, whether they bear a connection to your faith, to your ancestors, your memories, or just places that reasonate with you in some particular way.

Ghost hunting

A bit of a wildcard, but why not draw up your own ghost hunting team, and stay in all the haunted locations you can find!

Cottagecore Lifestyle

Being a femme fatale

Pretending to be Villanelle can definitely count as a hobby! Channel your inner femme fatale here!

Colouring therapy

Colouring therapy is so underrated! It is an incredibly calming and comforting activity that makes for the perfect escape, when you just need to unwind.


The perfect way to unwind, practise clearing your mind and learn more about yourself and your mindset in the process, this is such a wonderful hobby to take up and is beneficial in every way.

Nail art

If you are a lover of fashion and beauty, definitely try nail art as a hobby! There are so many amazing and adorable designs and ideas to try, check out these best creative nail art ideas here!


Ice Skating

Not limited to winter, there may be a skating rink nearby where you live! This is such an amazing and fun hobby to try and it even strengthens your core and improves your sense of balance at the same time.


Life drawing

Cake decorating

Such an amazing creative hobby, it opens so many avenues as to what you can create, there are so many challenges to try and beautiful, edible things to make! This is an incredibly addictive hobby that will add so much meaning to your life.


There are so many second hand gems to be found, you are almost guaranteed to find something incredible and it’s so much fun!

Putting on parties

For kids of all ages, this is so rewarding and you can channel your inner five year old!


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