Fun Date ideas for Teenage Couples (Cutest!)

Fun Date ideas for Teenage Couples

Here are lots of fun date ideas for teenage couples and college students on a budget – from first date ideas for teenagers, to take the pressure off and relieve nerves, to fun ideas you can reuse and return to again and again. These are perfect for young couples, some exciting cheap or no cost date ideas for teenagers or couples on a student budget!

1. Get competitive

You could visit a sports track together or play a game of basketball, anything competitive like this makes for an adorable date idea and way to spend time together.

2. Go to the garden center together

The next best thing to Ikea, garden centers are a really cute place to visit and also great for cementing some future goals for you both, inspiring ambitions of keeping a home together in the future! You might find a cute hammock or Rattan Garden furniture set you love – take a snap to create a vision board of what your future home might look like together. It’s such a cute idea and gets you excited for the future!

3. Visit Ikea

Such a cute date idea for teenage couples, where you can get to know each other’s goals and dreams for the future and dream of what living together might look like! Even just finding an adorable lamp, rug or a bedspread that you both bond over can kickstart ideas for the future home you’d love to share together. This is such a cute romantic and inspiring date idea – also comes with a great place to eat together!

4. Recreate your first date

An oldie but a goodie, why not recreate your first date for all the nostalgic feels?

5. Visit a haunted location together

A spooky and entertaining date idea that will only bring you closer, why not explore a creepy or spooky haunted location together! Just be sure to take all the safety precautions when you go. You could even go on a spooky ghost tour in your area.

6. Visit an animal petting farm

This adorable teenage date idea is so much fun and is often free to do! Petting animals releases oxytocin, the cuddle hormone – plus what could be more romantic than spending your date with animals!

7. Visit an aquarium

One of the cutest places to have a date and spend the day together, it’s an amazing place to make memories together.

8. Visit a selfie factory or famous instagrammable location

Always a fun adventure that lends the opportunity to snap new photos of you both!

9. Offer to petsit a puppy

This is such a cute date idea that needn’t cost anything and can help someone out at the same time! It’s always a tricky time first getting a puppy – why not offer to pet sit a puppy to give a new puppy owner a little breather. It’s such a cute experience and an amazing way to spend time together too, you could even take the puppy to the park together – just be sure to follow all rules and requirements set by the pup’s owner!

10. Go stargazing

A romantic date idea that doesn’t cost anything, you can do this from your front yard or garden!

11. A picnic in a strange place

Why not have a picnic in a strange place, to make the traditional picnic more exciting and adventurous. It could be anywhere, from a mountain, to the ocean, to the garage roof. This is almost like a fun game, you could even take turns picking a place at random, to plan your next picnic date.

12. Brunch at a cute cafe or diner

There is nothing sweeter than going for brunch together, especially ordering pancakes and waffles. Delicious and adorable in equal measure, plus it is a wonderful way to support some small businesses in your area!

13. Go fruit picking

This is perfect in the warmer months! It is such a cute low budget date idea for teenage couples.

14. Visit the beach together

There has never been a more romantic location

15. Visit all the technology stores and try out all the fun gadgets

A dream come true for every tech lover! Why not visit the biggest store in your region and spend ages testing out all the new gadgets in store. There are so many new technological advancements to check out! 

16. Go rollerskating together

Such a cute retro inspired date idea, it gives you the opportunity to hang on to each other, to stop each other from falling.

17. Visit a cat cafe

An entertaining and delicious experience in equal parts, this is such a cute date idea, especially if you are both animal lovers!

18. Visit an art gallery or museum

Gives the best excuse for you to hold their hand as you walk round exploring the exhibits together.

19. Visit the cinema together

20. Have a mini bbq together

Or a campfire date!

21. Make your own music video or film

A hilarious experience that everyone should try! It’s the best way to make funny and cute memories.

22. Game together

Couples who game together, stay together! This is a really great activity to enjoy spending time together as, depending on the game, you can practise being in high stress situations together and improve your listening and communication skills, without even realising!

23. Play a hilarious card game

Like What Do You Meme? Cards Against Humanity, any of those!

24. Make a den or treehouse together

25. Visit an amusement park

26. Go for a bike ride together

27. Walk your dogs together

This is a fun and relaxed date idea that instantly takes the pressure off and reduces nerves, since you can both focus on your dogs!

28. Volunteer at an archeological dig

Often archeologists seek public volunteers to help at a dig – this is a fascinating way to spend time together and learn so much at the same time!

29. Make pizzas together

A really cute way to spend time together and eat together, all in one! Why not make your own meal together (the perfect opportunity to dust flour on their nose) and then eat together, the perfect date! It is perfect for if you are on a budget, as costs so little, especially compared to the cost of eating out in a restaurant, pub or bar.

30. Visit a photo booth

31. Draw one another

Have a go at drawing each other! This is a hilarious activity that is bound to result in a lot of laughter and happy memories. It’s the perfect way to spend time together!

32. Visit a trampoline park

33. Go for an ice cream together

Something so simple can mean so much! This is the perfect low cost date idea.

34. Explore a cave or natural beauty spot

35. Visit a funfair or arcade

With all the fun games and machines!

36. Look at old photos together

One of the cutest and funniest teenage date activities that doesn’t cost a thing, browse through old photo albums and home videos together to watch each other when you were small and discover some funny memories!

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  1. Grant H
    March 27, 2022 / 2:15 pm

    Great ideas. especially the garden center idea. i never thought of this.

  2. March 27, 2022 / 9:09 pm

    These are really fun suggestions! It is always nice to do something different.

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