Boys Dorm Room Gift ideas and Boys College Gifts!

Dorm room gifts for guys 101! Interesting and cool gifts for college guys and college boys, perfect for uni students to furnish their new space. It’s always tricky trying to think of gifts for guys, here are some exciting ideas to inspire you and some epic boys dorm room ideas at the same time!

What do you get a guy for a dorm room?

1. A Lumie Sunrise Alarm or Bodyclock

This is amazing for the student who struggles with early starts, as it imitates the sun rising and slowly filling the room with light, to make waking up easier. He will never want to go back to a normal alarm clock ever again. It’s the perfect dorm room gift idea for your boyfriend!

2. A plant for good feng shui

The first step here is deciding what you want to grow or what plants best suit a dorm room, that are hardy enough to survive in a man cave environment. Some hardy plants that are said to promote good feng shui in your space are lucky bamboo and the money tree. Lucky bamboo makes a perfect plant for his dorm room as it is easy to grow and doesn’t require much sunlight, as well as bringing with it a peaceful and wise energy.

Another plant that is perfect If you don’t have any natural sunlight in your apartment is the Money Tree, which is aptly named for its ability to bring peaceful and prosperous energies to a space. If your loved one has a flat share or house share, or college apartment, with some small outdoor space, gift them a plant to pop right by their front door. This is a key area in feng shui, to make the entrance of your abode pretty and welcoming for visitors, and a front door gift makes for the perfect moving in gift too!

The best plants for the front door in feng shui are those with soft, rounded, heart-shaped, or broad leaves that will draw in positive, auspicious energy. Some of the most popular front door feng shui plants include money trees, areca palms, jade plants, fruit trees, ferns, geraniums, and chrysanthemums.

You could also gift them a mini watering can, a mini trowel, some soil fertiliser and some natural pesticides for the outdoor plants from Green Gardener as well in order to keep any harmful insects away from your beautiful flowers! Gardening is a wonderful stress reliever and will give them a wonderful way to relax and spend more time with nature, as well as enhancing their new space.

3. Make him a funny photoshopped picture and frame it

This is such a funny, special DIY gift idea for a guy’s dorm room! Use PicMonkey or Photoshop, they both work perfectly for this, and create a hilarious and romantic montage of all his favourite things, favourite people and pets, favourite characters… you can have so much fun with this, you could work in funny memes and inside jokes, so it is bound to make him chuckle and smile everytime he looks at it. This is such a special and funny gift he will love and treasure always! He’ll also always smile and think of you whenever he sees it Bonus points if you can make it so funny he will laugh snort whenever he looks at it.

4. Neon lights

These seem to be attractive to guys everywhere and are the perfect way to enhance his game setup or man cave environment!

5. A powerbank

These are so handy and make a wonderful dorm room gift idea for your boyfriend if he doesn’t have one already! He can take it wherever he goes and charge his phone or laptop on the go.

6. A mug with his name written in Elvish

This is the perfect geeky dorm room gift idea for him! It is perfect if your loved one is a Lord of the Rings fan – such a unique and special boyfriend gift idea he has never been given before!

7. A heat changing mug

For endless amounts of hilarity! He might not even realise it is heat changing until he goes to fill it and has the best surprise.

8. A clip on bedside table or caddy

This is such a handy practical gift idea that is perfect for a student!

9. Funny wall hooks

This is always a wonderful gift idea, so funny and practical too! This is the perfect inexpensive boyfriend gift idea for his dorm room and will make a quirky and hilarious addition to his new space, as well as being incredibly practical, especially for a small room or space.

10. A poster from his favourite movie

This is such a special gift that shows him how well you know him and is perfect to gift him for his dorm room to make his space his own. A framed poster is the perfect gift!

11. Make him a survival snack box

Full of his favourite snacks to enjoy! You could even bake him some homemade goods, or put together a hamper full of cute and romantic surprises and snacks that he loves.

12. A chalk board or memo board

A great way to organise without disturbing the ‘men shui’ of the man cave. You could even personalise it by pinning special concert tickets, photos, geeky art and pins on it to make it truly special.

13. A framed newspaper from when he was born

This is a really special and thoughtful gift that is perfect to display in his new space! It pertains to the day he was born, so feels extra special.

14. A funny door sign

Whether a ‘do not disturb’ sign or funny geeky door sign, this would make a wonderful DIY boyfriend dorm room gift idea for him! You could adhere to a theme such as his favourite franchise or tv show, or meme, and make it super creative!

15. A funko pop or mascot of his favourite character

Perfect to make his new space feel like home and show how well you know him at the same time, this is such a cute gift idea.

16. A sock organiser

This will always be an amazing gift as is never something we buy for ourselves, but is so useful to keep everything organised and keep socks together to prevent them getting lost! An amazing practical gift that will always be appreciated.

17. A place to hang keys

A practical and adorable gift idea that you can also DIY to make it ultra creative and special!

18. A mini fridge

To keep energy drinks and sodas, all the essentials!

19. A funny candle for guys

This is a perfect little keepsake to gift him to remind him of you! There are so many funny and quirky candles out there perfect for a man cave.

20. A map with locations marked where you have been together

This is such a special and romantic gift idea for him and perfect to display on his wall!

21. A cardboard cutout of you/his favourite celebrity

This is a funny gift idea he is sure to find hilarious! The perfect way to keep you with him in his new space when you have to be apart.


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