Best Graduation Picture Display ideas

All the Graduation picture display ideas 101! Here are some unique and creative ways to display photos at a graduation party, easy grad party decoration ideas, DIY decor ideas to wow your guests and show off all of the best memories from your school career in style, perfect for every theme!

Photo decorations are the perfect way to share precious memories with your guests at your graduation party, the trick is knowing where to display them and how so guests will actually see them.

Some can even double as keepsakes that family can take home and cherish! Here are tons of DIY graduation decor ideas that your guests will always remember.

1. Vertical hanging streamers photo arrangement

This is a magical way to display your favourite photos and memories, as part of your graduation decor Using a tall fence would be perfect for this, you could even buy wood fence panels or stack wooden crates or pallet boards to create a place to hang your photo streamers, or you could even make a streamer curtain for your guests to walk through!

You could even attach flower and floral arrangements to the streamers to make them look extra pretty! Now is the time to reap the rewards of any work you put into the garden and create pretty flower displays with real or paper foliage! Another magical idea is to hang fairy lights vertically, in between the streamers, to create magical cascades of light that will look beautiful in to the evening.

2. Graduation photo bunting decor

This is like normal party bunting, just displaying your favourite memories and photos! It’s a really cute idea, to display photos within your decor and draw your guests attention to the pretty displays. You could clip your photos to attach them to the bunting, with mini wooden pegs, or tie them with pretty ribbons.

For an outdoors graduation party, try using items already in your garden or space around you as props, winding photo bunting around a tree trunk, or stringing photo bunting from multiple trees that are close together. You could use any fancy features like fountains and hot tubs, patios and barbecues, to decorate with pretty photo bunting.

3. Graduation Easel Photo Display ideas

These make for beautiful table centerpieces and are an amazing and stylish way to display your photos and memories at your graduation party! They give a chic and formal look to your graduation decor, perfect for if you are going for a girly Bridgerton graduation party theme!

4. Trip Down Memory Lane Driveway Decor

Here is another clever option for all of your past School Photos and one that will ensure guests know which home is yours.

Glue school photos of your Graduate starting from their first day at school to present day on to cardboard and garden posts or solar lights to decorate the driveway, offering guests a literal trip down memory lane.

You can also do this in long hallways or entrance ways or in the garden or backyard.

5. Wall of Memories Display

Designate one wall purely for the Graduate’s photos. This is perfect for behind the food table, where people are going to spend time and actually notice the photos.

You can also make different “walls” such as the friends wall, the graduation wall etc that display coordinating photos. Your guests can also sign the pictures like a year book.

If your party is outdoors or you’re short on wallspace, make a cheery and adorable ultimate Grad party picture collage wall using easy to find wooden pieces like shutters, pallet wood, wood railings, or trellises.

This allows you to combine all of your school grad photos, friend photos, family photos, and school memories together to view all in one place. 

For an indoor party make an ultimate designated photo display table! This is super easy to do and great if you have a whole lot of pictures and limited space to display them.

You can make easy and affordable large scale photos for the wall by printing them on Blueprint paper which you can do through

Friends and family will get a kick out of looking through these albums! It’ll be a popular table and a great way to fit all of your photos in one place.

6. A huge floral letter or number with photos embedded

This is such a beautiful and striking standout piece of decor to have at your graduation party and you can even DIY it yourself – just construct a sturdy letter or number out of cardboard, then glue jumbo flowers on (paper or real) to cover the whole surface area! Embed your photos and memories within the petals and voila! You could even make some floral mixed balloon arrangements and embed some photos in there.

7. DIY Graduation Photo Bouquet Centerpiece

Incorporating photos in your table centerpieces is ideal since this is where guests will spend a lot of time eating, drinking, and looking for something to entertain themselves while they do it.

There are some really easy options to make gorgeous personalized centerpieces.

Glue your fav photos of the Grad on card, tape to wooden skewers and insert in a flower arrangement, vase or potted plant.

Glue photos to stock paper and sticks and insert into a Rustic Graduation Party centerpiece. Easy DIY Graduation Party Decoration Ideas using Pictures.

You can also do the same with mini pegs and skewers.

Just glue together a mini peg and skewer using a hot glue gun and clip the pic right in. This is probably one of the easiest ways to do it.

Glue photos to stock paper and sticks and insert into a Rustic Graduation Party centerpiece. Easy DIY Graduation Party Decoration Ideas using Pictures.

For a super easy keepsake that guests can even take home, glue photos on to your vases, jars, or pots.

It takes only a few minutes to do and you can use any glass jar or containers you already have. You could even paint the jar before gluing the photos to adhere to your colour scheme!

8. DIY Graduation Photo Mason Jar Centrepiece

If you’re short on time you can even just take an empty glass jar and stick a photo in it for an easy centerpiece.

This will not only make an elegant and rustic Graduation party decoration centerpiece guests will be sure to notice, but something you can use long after the party’s over.

9. Personalised graduation photo candles

Easy DIY Graduation Party Photo Candle Centerpiece Decoration Idea

Try making an easy photo candle using candles, wax paper, and tissue paper. These would also make an amazing Graduation gift idea for your best friend!

10. Giant Number Photo Collage

This is a really impressive looking photo display and decor idea that you can either purchase or DIY on a budget. Gather your favourite pictures and make a giant number collage.

If you make it big enough you can even designate a certain group of pics to each number. For example : Family pics for the 2, Grad pics for the 0, Friends pics for the 2 and so forth.

Use black and white photos, colour photos, or both! Display the numbers on an indoor or outdoor wall or fence.

When all else fails above the food table is always a good bet.

If you don’t have or don’t want to deal with cutting cardboard, just stick the pictures directly on the wall with blue tack or double stick tape.

This idea is pretty much fool proof for both indoors and out but will make any area a stunning focal point of the party.

11. Vertical Hanging Photo Displays

This is a great idea if you don’t have a lot of counter or floor space. Hanging picture displays can be placed in windows, above tables, and hanging from ceilings.

They are cheap and easy to DIY, all you need is a piece of string, a hole puncher, and some pictures.

You can hang them anywhere guests will be spending a lot of time. They can be made with large 8x10s, smaller 5x8s, or both!

You can use string and mini pegs or paper clips or even pretty ribbons to hang photos above a table with photo albums, or even food. Either indoor or outdoor, it’s a cheap, quick, and easy pretty DIY grad party decor idea.

12. Easy Ribbon Hoop Garden Picture Display

Can you believe these were made from a hula hoop and ribbon?! These Hula Hoop Garden Graduation Party Picture displays would be beautiful indoors or outdoors.

DIY Hula Hoop and ribbon Garden Graduation Party Picture Display


We hope these ideas save you time, money, and hassle so you can enjoy your party and make more memories!


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