How to Smell Like Coffee, Fragrances and Perfumes for 2022!

Best coffee perfumes and fragrances to smell like a snack

How can I make myself smell like coffee?

From Library of Fragrance Freshly Brewed Coffee to Replica Coffee Break, and some incredible smelling indie fragrances inbetween, here are some amazing coffee fragrances and perfumes to smell like coffee all day and room sprays to scent your whole home with your favourite scent. What I love about coffee fragrances is that there are so many gorgeous gourmand layers within them, a more masculine smokiness, and the sweetness of hazelnut and vanilla. Here is how to make your whole room smell like Starbucks! On the topic, definitely also check out these healthiest Starbucks drinks to try, plus how to make your own!

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Best Coffee Fragrances

Demeter Coffee Fragrance Perfume Trio 👈🏻

I have the Freshly Brewed Coffee perfume and it smells divine! It is a gorgeous scent and so true to life too. Grab it in this set of three, which also include the coffee shop themed fragrances Nitro Coffee (a deeper, more masculine coffee fragrance) and Jelly Doughnut, perfect for gourmand scent lovers who just want to smell like dessert all day (me).

Replica Coffee Break Fragrance 👈🏻

Aiming to perfectly replicate the scents and smells from within a cosy Stockholm coffee shop, this fragrance is more than coffee. It’s a whole cafe experience, bottled, to transport you to a dreamy and cosy coffee filled location. I love how creative these fragrances are and the concept is wonderful, it’s like stepping inside someone’s vision or memory of a certain time and place.

You can even sample this fragrance here before committing to a full bottle!

The Only One by Dolce and Gabbana 👈🏻

This is a coffee perfume that you can nuzzle into, like wrapping yourself up in your favourite cashmere scarf. Its powdery notes of violet and iris are given added richness with creamy vanilla and earthy patchouli, while the coffee heart note adds an unexpected caffeine buzz.

Coffee Bean Fragranced Linen Spray 👈🏻

A supremely heavenly coffee scent that you just want to fill your home with, this coffee linen spray is perfect to use on your person and on your home furnishings to make everything smell delicious! With notes of coffee, sugar and cream, this is everything to try if you love gourmand scents!

Coffee Solid Perfume Fragrance 👈🏻

Smelling like sweet coffee cake, this genius coffee solid perfume is also made with natural British beeswax and nourishing jojoba oil. It would make the perfect gift for a coffee lover and is the perfect size to pop in your bag, to take with you on the go.

Coffee White Flowers Perfume by Bohoboco 👈🏻

Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, this scent brings out the richer, more confectionary side of coffee by combining it with cocoa, golden rum and vanilla, underscored with rich notes of leather.

Strength Coffee Marshmallow Tonka Bean Rollerball Perfume 👈🏻

This strong, sexy, androgynous coffee scent works incredibly as a layering note too! Get ready for key notes of marshmallow, coffee and tonka bean within this amazing indie coffee fragrance, plus notes of milk chocolate and brown sugar for a rich, warm and delicious smelling gourmand perfume.

Cafe Latte Room Spray 👈🏻

The perfect way to make your home smell like Starbucks, this Cafe Latte Room Spray is everything! Spray to create a cosy, rich and yummy smelling atmosphere.

Joe Smooth Roller Perfume Fragrance 👈🏻

A heavily addictive fragrance and heavenly combination – Arabica coffee beans and Madagascan vanilla are at the heart of this gourmand perfume, while subtle touches of Jasmine and orange blossom add depth and sophistication to make it a modern classic.

The Bookist Parfum by Ink and Ocean Botanicals 👈🏻

This chocolatey gourmand coffee fragrance is inspired by a setting where bibliophiles burn the midnight oil over black coffee and dark chocolate. It opens with Bitter orange and Bergamot, and subtly blends with Magnolia and Damascus Rose. Spice notes include Pepper and Black cumin and prominent gourmand notes arise from fresh brewed Coffee and pure Cocoa essence, followed by the warmth of Vanilla and Amber. It smells like walking in a field of chocolate! Even though this indie scent may be more chocolate than coffee, it definitely deserves a place on our list.

Caramel Coffee Dessert Perfume 👈🏻

This caramel coffee indie perfume possesses sumptuous fragrance notes of coffee, milk, caramel and cream, culminating in the perfect gourmand scent. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the 21st century. With its charming aroma and mellow taste, countless people are fascinated by it. Tasting it is like listening to a beautiful story. Its taste is not complicated, it smells like a mellow, warm and sweet caramel coffee flavour, which is a fusion of coffee, caramel, milk, and cream, full of happiness. I have imagined myself wearing this incense: in winter, wrapped in a sweater or coat, the body exudes warm caramel milk and mellow coffee smell, just like sitting in a coffee shop, cozy and lazy.

Nikura Fresh Coffee Fragrance Oil 👈🏻

Good days begin with you sat at the kitchen table as the sun begins to stream in through the window, a moment’s pause supported by a rich mix of warm coffee beans, dark cocoa, and silky caramel. The scent of this Fresh Coffee Fragrance Oil is everything you need to give your day a lift – without the caffeine crash.

OGX Coconut and Coffee Bodycare Range 👈🏻

Infused with exotic arabica coffee & coconut oil, this exfoliating & moisturizing blend will help soften & hydrate your skin and is perfect for coffee lovers and gourmand scent fans. It also boosts hydration to reveal beautiful-looking skin and makes you smell good enough to eat! The lotion will help to lock in the coffee scent, making your fragrance last all day!

Bath and Body Works Vanilla Mocha Cafe 👈🏻

With notes of coffee, cappuccino and tonka bean, this is a lotion to try for coffee lovers, especially to lock in your favourite scent all day! Currently I can only find it available in the US, on Amazon only, so definitely snap it up if you love a coffee scent. This is said to smell like a french cafe and layers absolutely beautifully with a perfume like Black Opium. The lotion is said to be the creamiest, most indulgent scent within the range.

The Storyteller Candle by Chai Lights 👈🏻

I just wanted to throw in this candle, the actual key to making your home smell like delicious, creamy coffee! With notes of hazelnut, coffee and cream, it is inspired by escaping in to a good book, in the midst of a coffee shop. The hazelnut is magical alongside the coffee, definitely definitely try this!!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you liked these picks – definitely also check out more how to smell good posts here, like how to smell like vanilla, how to smell like a baby and how to smell like strawberries! ♡



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