How to smell like strawberries, best strawberry perfumes!

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

How to smell like strawberry shortcake! Following on from how to smell like vanilla, here are all the best strawberry and vanilla perfumes too, here is how to smell like strawberries!

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Best Strawberry Perfumes and Fragrances

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

1. The Body Shop Strawberry Fragrance Mist 👈🏻

The Body Shop Strawberry is by far my favourite all time strawberry scent, it is so juicy, full bodied and lifelike, there is nothing else like it! The smell is just incredible and really stays for ages, it is sumptuous, juicy, heavenly and every strawberry lover’s dream come true! Definitely treat yourself to this at least once, it is pure, indulgent strawberry and such an incredible treat to use, it also pretty much inspired this whole post.

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

2. Mon Tresor Strawberry Pound Cake Body Fragrance 👈🏻

For those looking for a strawberries and cream perfume, this is perfect! It is a sumptuous and delicious blend of strawberry and vanilla cake, to spritz as often as you choose. It also comes in an adorable rollerball form here!

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

3. Strawberry and Cream Dessert inspired Perfume 👈🏻

This perfume promises layers of tender and fragrant dessert strawberries in this delightful gormand fragrance to indulge your senses! It’s so pretty and darling, the perfect scent to conjure up images of dreamy desserts and picnics in the forest, and capture the tenderness of sweet strawberries. It includes top notes of raspberry and grass, middle notes of strawberry and cream and end notes of oak and turpentine. This is perfect for you if you prefer more natural, true, real and whole scents over artificial scents; this fragrance has so much depth to it.

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

4. Natural Strawberry Roll On Perfume 👈🏻

This beautiful strawberry scent smells just like strawberry sweets and candy, it is more of a sugared strawberry scent. I love natural perfumes over more synthetic ones, as you are not left with any musty smell or dry down afterwards, the scent remains as fresh and sharp as when you first applied it.

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

5. Demeter Fragrance Library Strawberry Ice Cream Cologne Spray 👈🏻

This perfume is so yummy and sweet, it reminds me of strawberry shortcake and is definitely worth a try. The Demeter or Fragrance Library scents are some of my favourites as they are so creative in their interpretation of their scents. This is a beautiful sweet fragrance that will suit every age group!

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

6. Bath and Body Works Strawberry Pound Cake Fragrance 👈🏻

This is such a classic strawberry perfume to try, it’s such a treat to spray and apply and with every application you receive a beautiful rush of sweet strawberry and vanilla, it’s one of the best strawberry and vanilla perfumes or fragrances! It harbours the most delicious fruity, sweet and gourmand accords that last for ages and can still be smelt at the end of the day. It is so true to life and has thousands of five star reviews to its name!

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

7. Burberry Her Eau de Parfum 👈🏻

Although strictly not a strawberry perfume, Burberry Her is an extremely sweet and fruity gourmand fragrance and smells good enough to eat, with top notes of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry alongside blackcurrant, mandarin and lemon, middle notes of violet and jasmine and end notes of musk and vanilla, along with some woody notes. Thus, we think of wood strawberries and delicately perfumed ice cream, it’s such a gorgeous scent that is beautiful to wear in the warmer months. The strongest and most detectable element within this perfume is said to be the strawberry, so it definitely deserves a well earned spot on my list here!

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

8. Givenchy L’interdit Eau de Parfum 👈🏻

L’interdit by Givenchy again may not be a specially dedicated strawberry scent, but inadvertantly creates a whole strawberry ‘vibe’ – is that the right word? – there is something so realistic strawberry or smoky strawberry; with its notes of tuberose, bergamot and pear , it somehow becomes authentic strawberry without trying!

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

9. Victoria’s Secret PINK Warm and Cozy Body Mist 👈🏻

I had to round the list of strawberry fragrances off with this one, as it really does smell like warm sugar and strawberries, a really satisfying and cozy, comforting strawberry scent that makes you smell good enough to eat. It makes me think of angel cake with a side serving of strawberries. Definitely try this if you love strawberry scents!

Best Strawberry Body Products

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

1. The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel (US here, UK here) 👈🏻

The best ever thing to wash with if you want to smell like strawberries (and make your whole shower smell like them too!), this strawberry scent is luscious and an absolute dream to wear, you won’t be able to get enough of it and it even lingers all day too!

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

2. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter (US here, UK here) 👈🏻

Why not layer with the strawberry body butter straight after your shower to lock in the scent!

Check out the mini size here so you can test it first and try it out for yourself without any commitment!

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

3. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish (US here, UK here) 👈🏻

To exfoliate in the shower, whilst enjoying the fabulous scent of strawberries! This is an amazing product to add to your routine to smell like strawberries all day.

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

4. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Yoghurt (US here, UK here) 👈🏻

This body yoghurt is the perfect light body moisturizer that smell like strawberries, perfect if you find a body butter too heavy but still want the joy of smelling like strawberries after your shower.

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

5. The Body Shop Strawberry Body Set (US here, UK here) 👈🏻

Just in case you wanted to try the whole range! These will ensure you smell like juicy, ripe strawberries wherever you go. They are such a dream!

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

6. Strawberry Smoothie Sugar Scrub Bar 👈🏻

This exfoliating strawberry sugar scrub is made with jojoba oil, sugar and strawberry oil to smell good enough to eat!

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

7. Glazerish Strawberry Shortcake Whipped Body Glaze 👈🏻

This body glaze strawberry body butter looks and sounds adorable! It’s super whipped so is a pleasure to use and looks like actual dessert.

How to smell like strawberries perfumes

8. Genki Strawberry Body Yoghurt 👈🏻

For when you want something less heavy than a body butter, this strawberry body yoghurt is a perfect way to smell delicious in the warmer months, the perfect product to use to smell like strawberries.



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    That strawberry shortcake whipped body glaze looks amazing! I’ve never heard of the brand before, but I need to look into it haha! Thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah |

    • Elizabeth
      January 13, 2022 / 3:59 am

      Aw thanks so much Hannah! I’m so glad you liked the post, smelling like strawberry shortcake is my idea of heaven haha 😀 ♡

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