Cutest Disney tattoo ideas EVER for 2022!

All the cute Disney tattoo ideas 101! From Disney matching tattoos and Disney best friend tattoos to Disney tattoos sleeves, to adorable and unique Disney castle tattoo ideas, here are the best girly magical tattoos with all the fairytale vibes! Each is so inspiring and beautiful, definitely check out each artist and give them tons of love, each artist is credited below!

Disney tattoo ideas 2022

By @withlovebyari 👈🏻

This Winnie the Pooh tattoo is so charming and adorable! It’s such a special and beautiful Disney tattoo and the upper arm is such a sweet and perfect place for it.

Disney tattoo ideas 2022

By @inkandhoneytattoos 👈🏻

I thought this Disneyland ticket tattoo art was gorgeous, I love the placement and the gorgeous Sleeping Beauty-esque foliage! It’s such a magical piece and so beautiful and delightful.

Tiny Disney tattoo ideas

By @pinartattooer 👈🏻

This more minimal Disney tattoo may be smaller but is just as special! Sometimes you just need to add a bit of sparkle to your life, in the form of these adorable stars or sparkles that make for the perfect tiny Disney tattoo!

Disney castle tattoo ideas

By @edit_paints 👈🏻

This piece is so extraordinarily beautiful, it’s a pure work of art! The illustration is so dreamy and captures everything I love about the magic of Disney. I am a huge fan of frame tattoos because I think they look so elegant, plus round off the edges of the tattoo so beautifully! I love the ornate frame, my favourite Disneyland castle tattoo ever!

Cutest Disney tattoo ideas

By @juliatattoobsb 👈🏻

This small Disney castle tattoo is so pretty and magical, I absolutely love it! The silhouette of the castle is so beautiful, iconic and magical. This design will never get old and perfectly captures the excitement and sense of magic of visiting your all time favourite place.

Belle Disney tattoo ideas

By @adammiltontattoos 👈🏻

This Beauty and the Beast Belle tattoo is so stunning and unlike anything I have seen before! I absolutely love how the silhouette of the rose is cut out of the dress at the bottom and the beautiful twilight scene captured within the silhouette of Belle. This tattoo is one of my favourites of all time, I can’t get over how cool it is!

Marie Disney tattoo ideas

By @intothewildtattoostudio 👈🏻

One of the cutest Disney Marie tattoos I have ever seen, I love how delicate this is, with the soft flushes of colour to highlight her bow, eyes and rosy cheeks! This is such a beautiful and iconic tattoo, I love how dainty and pretty it is.

Beauty and the Beast Disney tattoo ideas

By @hktattoo_rosey 👈🏻

A beautiful watercolour style tattoo of Beauty and the Beast! I love how romantic this style of tattoo is, it is so soft, pretty and delightful, a piece of art you will always treasure. The perfect way to pay homage to one of your favourite Disney films or a tattoo to keep its message to heart.

White Disney tattoo ideas

By @gigi_tattooer 👈🏻

I thought this white Disney Little Mermaid tattoo was the coolest thing, I love how delicate it is, a special mark on the skin almost like a birthmark. This will look so magical, especially on darker skin tones and tanned skin! It’s such a unique concept and the perfect Disney tattoo to try!

Finger Disney tattoo ideas

By @hollieink_ 👈🏻

The perfect Disney finger tattoo, for when only something tiny will do! I love this small Disney tattoo concept idea; it is hidden on the inside of the finger, which makes it secretive and extra special, a magical little reminder to yourself, or a promise, or a secret you are keeping.

Disney tattoo ideas

By @ariellestattoo 👈🏻

I adore this fun and playful tattoo inspired by Monsters Inc! It’s the perfect funny Disney tattoo that is so iconic and will be sure to make you smile every time you see it. I think it is so unique and clever.

Bambi Disney tattoo ideas

By @zarahbunny 👈🏻

Thumper is an adorable Disney character always worthy of a tattoo design! I love how adorable this is, it would also look so sweet as a Disney ankle tattoo too! One of the cutest ever Disney animal tattoos to treasure forever.

Princess Disney tattoo ideas

By 👈🏻

I absolutely love these line drawing, sketch tattoos, there is something so charming about them! This sketch of Rapunzel tattoo idea is so beautiful and magical, it has an ethereal quality about it and suits the fairytale theme perfectly.

Animals Disney tattoo ideas

By @luniechan 👈🏻

I love this Disney tattoo of Marie pulling a face! One of my favourite Disney Marie Aristocats tattoos, she looks adorable in her bow. The perfect Disney wrist tattoo idea!

Jungle Book Disney tattoo ideas

By @wanderrrlusstt 👈🏻

This tattoo just exudes happiness and song! One of the cutest Disney friends tattoos for sure! Name a more iconic duo… I’ll wait.

Cat Disney tattoo ideas

By @socks.tattoos 👈🏻

This Disney Marie tattoo makes for the perfect girly Disney tattoo idea! She is so sassy and cute and this tattoo is beyond adorable. It makes for the perfect small Disney tattoo too, if you are looking for something little to cement your adoration for this classy little character!

Dumbo Disney tattoo ideas

By @karole_vo 👈🏻

How cute is this Disney Dumbo ankle tattoo! It’s so charming and the perfect way to show your love and adoration for this adorable character! It gives me all the retro Disney vibes and aesthetic, poured in to one gorgeous tattoo.

Fairytale Disney tattoo ideas

By @kozo_tattoo 👈🏻

I thought this intricate Alice in Wonderland tattoo was incredible, it’s so beautiful and combines Alice with a magical Van Gogh piece too. It’s so unique, such a stunning concept and looks truly standout and beautiful.

Tiny small Disney tattoo ideas

By @zarahbunny 👈🏻

These tiny Disney confetti tattoos look adorable! I love this idea of Disney confetti made up of tiny Disney charms and an assortment of magical items from the films, it’s a beautiful idea and way of paying tribute to your favourite Disney princesses and films, if you have many you just can’t choose between for a tattoo! You can make it truly unique to you, which I love so much.

Minimal Disney tattoo ideas

By @tattooist_dante 👈🏻

This minimal Disney castle tattoo is adorable, sometimes the simpler, the cuter! It looks so regal, the perfect princess tattoo idea for all the fairytale vibes!

Matching Disney tattoo ideas

By @sinfularches 👈🏻

These matching best friend Disney tattoos go perfectly! I love this idea, perfect for if your friend is in to darker stuff, but you are more in to girly things, or vice versa. This is one of my favourite Sleeping Beauty or Maleficent tattoo ideas!

Best friends Disney tattoo ideas

By @ladylotattoo 👈🏻

I don’t think Disney tattoos get much cuter than this adorable sassy tattoo of Marie from Disney’s Aristocats! Pulling her signature sassy face, I love the heart frame and mini sparkles! So magical and adorable, everything you want in a Disney arm tattoo or wrist tattoo.

Disneyland tattoo ideas

By @zarahbunny 👈🏻

A mini Chip tattoo, from Beauty and the Beast! Chip is such an iconic Disney character and makes for the perfect mini Disney tattoo. There is nothing cuter than this adorable small Beauty and the Beast tattoo!

Mulan Disney tattoo ideas

By @fannychoutattoo 👈🏻

This tattoo is one of my favourites because I think it is such a beautiful way of portraying Mulan and the whole piece is so calming and serene. I love the arrangement and how it pays homage to the Reflections song in the film.

Castle Disney tattoo ideas

By @torocsik_daniel 👈🏻

This stunning Disneyland tattoo is such a beautiful creation, I love the rough sketch feel of the illustration and how the shapes look like fireworks in the background. The perfect magical Disney tattoo to wear with pride!



  1. January 11, 2022 / 1:50 pm

    I LOVE these. I am a total Disney fanatic, so these tattoos are totally up my alley. I always wanted to do a little Mickey silhouette, but put it somewhere not easily seen, so I could have a “hidden Mickey” of my own!

    • Elizabeth
      January 13, 2022 / 4:01 am

      Aw thanks so much Shannon! I had so many in my saved section on instagram 😀 that idea sounds amazing, I love the idea of secret tattoos! ♡

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