Ombre White Nails for the Prettiest Manicure Ever!

All the ombre white nails 101! There is nothing prettier than a white ombre manicure, it’s so pretty and delicate, like frost on your fingertips and perfect for special occasions or to wear to bring a touch of magic to everyday life!

Definitely check these out and give each artist tons of love, here are the best ombre white nails for short nails, for long nails, for every occasion!

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Ombre white nails

By @nailjob 👈🏻

How incredible are these ombre white and nude french tip nails! They are so classy and elegant and the perfect pretty pastel twist on the original ombre white nail! I love how they remind me of neopolitan ice cream, pudding coloured nails that look beautiful and exude soft sugar sweet retro flair.

Ombre white nail art

By @nailjob 👈🏻

The almond hue is perfect for the tips and really stands out against the white. I love how the pearl and gold jewellery accords perfectly. These ombre white nails are so unique and beautiful!

Ombre white nails ideas

By @nailsbyalma_ 👈🏻

I absolutely love these frosted matte white ombre nails, this effect looks incredible on longer nails and gives the illusion that the butterflies are trapped in ice! It’s incredibly magical and ethereal, the perfect winter nail art design to try this year!

Best Ombre white nails

By @akuarelnails 👈🏻

This white ombre nail art look is so magical! The white scribbles remind me of ice that has been freshly skated on and the gold adornments bring a warmth and regal opulence to the look. This is the perfect subtle, classy and elegant winter nail art but would make for the most beautiful wedding nails too!

Long Ombre white nails

By @sorelle_tia_ 👈🏻

These white ombre smoky, misty nails are my new favourite. The smoky swirls bring so much depth to the classic white ombre french manicure and take the look in to otherworldly realms. The glitter is the most perfect addition!

Ombre white nails

By @j.eori 👈🏻

You can’t beat a beautiful classic white french ombre manicure! It makes the tips of your nails look so delicate and dainty and is perfect to try on all different nail lengths and shapes. I love that it looks like the nail tips have been dusted in snow.

Ombre white pink nails

By @_beautybychristy 👈🏻

Pink and white is still my favourite nail colour combination, I just think these pink and white ombre nails are so, so beautiful! I love the square pink french tips and the adornments complete the look perfectly. So special and sparkly!

Ombre white nails inspiration

By @nailsby_heather 👈🏻

This white ombre nail art look is genius, I love how the full white nails draw in the eye and lift up the beautiful nude white ombre nails. This whole look is so striking, yet soft in perfect wintry white. Actual snow queen nails!

Ombre white nails ideas

By @notoxnails 👈🏻

These short white ombre nails are delightful, I love how the tips replicate the look of a frosted window pane. They are so beautiful and truly magical!

Glam Ombre white nails

By @clawsbyjasmin 👈🏻

These ultra glam white ombre nails are just nail goals, I love how extra they are with the added pom poms and beautiful adornments. White ombre nails make for the perfect base as well as looking gorgeous, chic and elegant on their own!

Ombre white nails glitter

By @nn_nails_salon1 👈🏻

White ombre nails are truly timeless, these stunning glitter pink and white ombre nails would look amazing worn any time of the year and for any occasion! The glitter just makes them perfect.

Glitter Ombre white nails

By @nailsbyhalss 👈🏻

These pink and white ombre nails are so quirky and pretty, the gold adornments work perfectly and I love how beautiful the gold leopard print looks against the pale pink. The perfect way to wear ombre nail art, especially if you love pink, white and gold nails for days!

Gold Ombre white nails

By @room21_salon 👈🏻

This is such a beautiful design, I love how the white ombre nail provides the perfect accent to the beautiful pink and gold marble. This set looks so gorgeous! Also check out these most expensive nail art designs for all things regal and opulent!

Ombre white nails

By @sakuranailsandiego 👈🏻

I love how dainty and delicate these sakura blossoms are, especially the white pink ombre effect on the petals! It really brings the look to life, this is such a beautiful and elegant design. The colours are so girly and perfect!

Ombre white nails

By @nailssbyamb 👈🏻

These nails are pure elegance, no one can say that white ombre nails aren’t incredibly classic and timeless, yet this look almost reinvents them as they look so fresh and striking! This is the perfect elegant nail art for weddings, formal and special occasions, the perfect birthday nails, or just to wear look super elegant, polished and put together.

Ombre white nails

By @nailssbyamb 👈🏻

Plaid ombre white nails

By @ykc2712 👈🏻

These white ombre plaid nails are just genius, how cool does the pink and white plaid nail art look over the white ombre base! The white ombre gives a whole new depth to the look and lets both the white and pink lines really shine and stand out. There is so much to love about this adorable look, it is so clever!

Ombre white nail art ideas

By @nailthoughts 👈🏻

I just love these side to side pink and white ombre glitter nails! They are perfect for party season, the dark pink is so striking and standout against the white and they look like jewels. Looking for the perfect party nail art for the festive season, look no further!

Ombre white nails

By @nails_by_eunice_brisbane 👈🏻

Maybe these nails are technically silver, but they were too pretty not to include. The mini snowflakes are the perfect touch, I absolutely love how dainty, magical and wintry these are.

Long Ombre white nail art ideas

By @thedesignernail 👈🏻

Uber long pink and white ombre nails with holographic hearts! I really love the matte finish, it gives the prettiest frosted nail effect, especially as the tips are white.

Ombre white nails

By @ricekittynails 👈🏻

These stunning white ombre nails first had a mention in my pink and white nail designs post but had to make an appearance here too! I love how the white tips look like swirling mist and the pretty gold adornments and glitter makes them look straight out of Narnia.

Ombre white cloud nails

By @ricekittynails 👈🏻

This nail artist is so talented, these incredible white ombre nails with clouds are nothing short of heavenly! They are just angelic, the mini clouds and stars accord so perfectly and this whole look is so classy and cute. True angel nails, the angel nail art you didn’t know you needed to try!

Ombre white pastel nails

By @esmasemaguzellik 👈🏻

These cut out ombre nails are so striking, I love how unique they are, yet are a simple twist on the classic white ombre nails. I love how creating an unpainted strip down the middle creates a whole new nail look that looks heavenly, it’s so elegant, unique and pretty.

Glitter pink Ombre white nails

By @thedesignernail 👈🏻

These shimmering holographic ombre nails are just gorgeous; they would look stunning on every nail length but I especially love them on long and how subtle and smooth the gradation is between each colour. Actual magical girl nails!

Orange Ombre white nails

By @novanailto 👈🏻

A little bit of a wildcard in the sea of white and pink, these stunning orange and white ombre nails remind me of an orange slushie and would look amazing in the warmer months, there is something so cool and refreshing about these, they look so fruity! The perfect summer ombre nail art to try and the pretty adornments complete the look perfectly.

Festive Ombre white nails

By @saundersbeauty 👈🏻

Heading back to winter, these nails really capture the beauty of the snow and are so classic and beautiful, such an elegant nail art for winter. I love the milky ombre juxtaposed with the glitter nail and the mini snowflakes are just adorable!

Longest Ombre white nails

By @agashibychristinao 👈🏻

These nails remind me of icicles! I think the shape is so cool and accords with the pretty frosted effect white ombre perfectly.

Short Ombre white nails

By @nails_by_eunice_brisbane 👈🏻

These short white ombre nails are so sweet, such a soft and delicate nail art that suits shorter nails! I love how cute and milky they are; the adornments fit perfectly. I love how ombre brings a whole new depth and length to shorter nails.

Ombre white nails

By @nails_by_eunice_brisbane 👈🏻

Super glam short nails 101! This is such a beautiful party nail art look, I love how glitzy they are and how beautiful the white ombre base looks under the adornments, so gorgeous.

Ombre white nails

By @himenail 👈🏻

Beautiful white ombre nails with floral and sparkly adornments, these are just magical and look straight out of a fairytale! This is such an adorable and magical look that suits shorter nails perfectly.

French tip Ombre white nails

By @darlingbeautyco 👈🏻

Pure and elegant, these white ombre nails look heavenly on their own! This is such a timeless and classic look that always looks beautiful, perfect if you love a traditional french manicure but want to change it up a bit. Why not try white ombre french tip nails!

Glitter Ombre white nails

By @mindy_nailart 👈🏻

I love everything about these nails, not just that they are pink white glitter nails, but the alternating glitter ombre nails as well as the more classic white ombre design. It’s genius and so pretty and sparkly! The square shape gives it such a polished, expensive feel.

Which nail art is your favourite? Do you like pink and white ombre nails or white and orange ombre nails? I’d love to know! ♡



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    These designs are so so beautiful! Thank you for the inspiration <3

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