How to Look Expensive, Outfits on a Student Budget!

Expensive aesthetic outfit ideas

Here is how to look chic, how to look expensive on a budget, really cute college outfit ideas for university or college – like the saying goes, let’s dress for the job you are after! Here is how to look classy and elegant on a budget, how to build a wardrobe that adheres to the chic and classy stereotypes of Parisian style.

1. Wear an all black or brown look

An all black or brown look commands authority, especially an all brown, tailored look that will create an aura of confidence around you! An all white or ecru outfit is a gorgeous way to look chic in winter too, it creates those ski chic vibes. Working in small pops of white or bright colour creates a gorgeous contrast and will look super stylish.

2. Choose brown tights instead of black

Sometimes when we want to wear a lighter outfit or parade our cream or ecru hues or pastels, black tights can look heavy and steal the attention away from the delicate pastels and flavours of our outfit. Brown tights offer a softer, more glam vibe, they look intentional and make your outfit look super classy.

3. Co ord your top with your bottoms

When choosing one half of your outfit, think of the other half and how you can marry them together! This is where fashion gets so fun and coordinating your top half with your bottom half makes the whole look put together.

4. Simple gold jewellery

Classic jewellery is a nice way to spice up an outfit without drawing too much attention away from the entire look. Minimal and simple styles of jewellery are a subtle way to glam up your look and give it a smart and edgy feel. There is a huge range of minimal style jewellery and at different price points too, to give you that chic stereotypically french girl fashion style!

5. Go for a structured fit

A structured fit creates a more fitted silhouette and formal appearance, it can instantly elevate your outfit and a masculine fit can be very powerful here too. Today there are even joggers and casual trousers that have a smart and tailored appearance, so can give your casual and informal looks a lift!

6. Look for designer dupes without logos

This is a great way to get your hands on pieces that imitate the structure and style and encapsulate the look of high end pieces. Also check out these incredible high end makeup dupes, for an expensive look for so much less! Definitely look for logos on clothes if you want to, but sometimes pieces that aren’t trying to be expensive offer a subtle elegance and a way of looking effortlessly chic, you get all the look of the high end pieces without the huge price tag!

7. A textured bag or purse

Not only fashionable but is a wonderful way to lift the textures about your outfit, when juxtaposed together with the bag! Always go practical, and try textures such as matte, glossy, faux leather for a high end vibe!

8. Accessorize with your nails

Your nails can be the perfect way to set off your outfit, without costing much! Check out these easy expensive looking nail art ideas to give your look a high end feel.

9. Wear a trench coat

It gives you a classic, timeless and chic looks and makes every outfit look expensive and elegant! Very models off duty style.

10. Use your surroundings as a starting point

Sometimes we want to recreate a gorgeous outfit from instagram, but even though it looks amazing worn in a city setting like London, we can feel a little overdressed in a quiet country village. Tapping in to wherever we are can provide us with a whole host of new creative ideas and options, far from restraining us, it gives us the option of boundless creativity and the chance to build a cute little capsule wardrobe that perfectly meets the physical demands of our lifestyle and location!

11. Keep weather appropriate solutions close

So you are prepared for every weather situation! I always think, if french girl fashion or Parisian fashion exists it must be based on this rule as the weather is incredibly changeable in this area of the world. Appropriate accessories to have a play with include things like sunglasses, hats, gloves, scarves, and even umbrellas. These types of accessories are great for people to add to their outfits as finishing touches, but they’re also very practical. They can help to keep the sun off someone’s face or keep them warm when it’s cold.

12. Make teeth look even whiter

Using bronzer is secretly a great way to do this as bronze skin contrasts with the whites of your teeth, maximising their brightness! We often associate tanned skin with just coming back from holiday too, it can give fairer skin types a luxurious looking glow that makes the face look multidimensional and is a great way to show off and accentuate our natural skin tones.

13. Steam your clothes with a mini steamer

It’s really hard to fit a full blown iron and ironing board in your dorm room but a mini steamer will be absolutely perfect for keeping in your room to keep your clothes all nice and crease free!

14. Debobble your clothes

Use a debobbler or fabric shaver to keep them free of bobbles! When a fabric bobbles it often means it is of really nice quality, but shaving the bobbles can keep it looking like new.

15. Lingerie as outerwear

A really cute outfit idea to try, it is also a trend that doesn’t have to be risqué at all. However, it will make you feel sexy, whether you are showing skin or not, and that is something I totally support. Try a lace slip style dress under a tailored blazer, a black lace corset top over a black turtleneck, there are so many ways to look chic and elegant using lingerie style pieces!

16. Pop some mini wax melts in your drawers

To make everything smell amazing inside! You can get some exact replications of expensive perfumes, which is amazing if you want to smell uber classy and avoid musty drawer smell when storing your clothes in a tight space.

I hope you liked these tricks! In a situation like an interview you have under 27 seconds to make a first impression on people (on average only 7 seconds) and, since it isn’t possible to get a lot of meaningful words out in that short period of time, we can use fashion to help us communicate. It isn’t about looking like you have a billion dollars, but rather to look chic, powerful, and put together. Let’s go be amazing, expensive, and classy AF!



  1. October 23, 2021 / 4:25 am

    These are such wonderful suggestions for student budgets and beyond! So many excellent ideas.

  2. November 3, 2021 / 6:25 am

    I read your blog and its very helpful to me, such a nice tips you gave us that we also look fashionable in a small budget, soo amazing. Thanks for the great idea.

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