Empowering Cute Wallpapers for Girls to Feel Powerful!

I really hope you like these cute wallpapers for girls – and guys and everyone! – to lift your spirits and put you in a good place every time you look at them. I wanted to put some good out in the world, I made all of them myself, feel free to use them and share them! If you use them if you could link back to here so others could grab them too that would be so wonderful, so they can travel the world and help others!

PS if any appear blurred on first sight, it is because they are nice and big to look ultra sharp and pretty on your screen! Just download as you would normally on your device then set as your phone background. I hope you enjoy!

Cute Wallpapers for Girls (soft aesthetic)

Cute wallpapers for girls

1. Brave, sparkling and wonderful phone wallpaper 👈🏻

Definitely make this your phone background when you need a little lift and regular reminder! We can get carried away with our own supposed flaws and it is easy to retreat in to beliefs that we are not doing well or not up to scratch. Nothing could be further from the truth, the fact we care so much means we are brave, important and wonderful for following the path we want to take.

Cute wallpapers for girls

2. Old ways won’t open new doors wallpaper 👈🏻

A little reminder for when you find yourself favouring old negative patterns of behaviour or not being able to let go of something, this is a perfect wallpaper for if you are surviving a breakup or needing a special reminder to move forwards, not backwards.

Cute wallpapers for girls

3. What you deserve phone wallpaper 👈🏻

Always a good quote for when you are following your feelings and not looking at what is best for you, sometimes feelings can be unhelpful as they mean we settle for getting hardly anything we need in return in a relationship.

Cute wallpapers for girls

4. Strength empowering phone wallpaper 👈🏻

An empowering yet cute minimal style wallpaper for when you need strength, this will also look so chic as your phone screen.

Cute wallpapers for girls

5. Rare bird phone wallpaper 👈🏻

You are a rare bird! The perfect phone wallpaper to remind you that you are unique and there is no one like you. No one is you and that is your power!

Cute wallpapers for girls

6. One step at a time phone wallpaper 👈🏻

Just take baby steps, a little reminder that all steps count! Each step moves you forwards. This cute wallpaper is perfect for when you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t quite know where to begin or are feeling frustrated and impatient. It’s a soothing and calming wallpaper to choose, to feel happy and content whenever you look at your phone screen.

Cute wallpapers for girls

7. Once upon a time phone wallpaper 👈🏻

A little reminder that not all happy ever afters end with a prince and a royal title, you have the power to create a fairytale in your own life and set up your own castle and relish all the magical things about the world. A fantasy fairytale cute wallpaper to lift your spirits!

Cute wallpapers for girls

8. Reminder phone wallpaper 👈🏻

The reminder your phone should give you! Keep this on your phone screen to remind yourself of this most important fact. Imagine if we felt loved and special all the time! This is a virtual hug as a cute iphone wallpaper.

Cute wallpapers for girls

9. Rose tinted glasses phone wallpaper 👈🏻

A reminder to keep seeing the world with rose tinted glasses and keep continuing to hope and see the good in it. The heart shaped sunglasses are very 50’s too and bring retro flair to your phone!

Cute wallpapers for girls

10. Rare as a pearl pink phone wallpaper 👈🏻

A reminder that you are as rare and special as a pearl, a little reminder of your own self worth and to never waste time after someone who doesn’t appreciate that. You deserve to be chosen by someone, not just as an option. It also brings a pretty touch of blush pink to your phone and comes in an alternate grey hue.

Cute wallpapers for girls

11. Rare as a pearl grey phone wallpaper 👈🏻

The silver grey version of this cute wallpaper! For girls – and guys – in the modern age, we are so used to comparing ourselves to others without even realising it. I hope this gives you a little lift whenever you see it!

Cute wallpapers for girls

12. Dream girl phone wallpaper 👈🏻

A wallpaper to represent all the cool dreams you want to manifest, plus remind you how special you already are! As with all wallpapers here, just tap or click on it to use it!

Cute wallpapers for girls

13. The game changed phone wallpaper 👈🏻

The perfect femme fatale phone wallpaper! This quote is one of my favourites, not only because it makes you dangerous and badass but it can make you feel confident in pretty much every situation. This cute phone wallpaper encourages you to believe in yourself and that you haven’t even discovered how powerful you are yet.

Cute wallpapers for girls

14. Elle Woods phone wallpaper 👈🏻

It’s a popular wallpaper for girls, but Elle Woods wallpaper never gets old! Her quotes and style are iconic and the premise of the film is that you are more powerful than you realise, which is such a good message to keep as your phone background. A girly cute wallpaper for girls and guys who love the film and for those who need a little Legally Blonde in their life!

Cute wallpapers for girls

15. Space for better things phone wallpaper 👈🏻

A cute wallpaper that is perfect for if you are recovering from a breakup or from a setback, or rebuilding after a hard time, this positive moving on quote phone wallpaper reminds you that you are making the preparations for your dreams to come to fruition. Every day we can make space for what we want to achieve in our life, whilst growing courage to move away from negative patterns and unhelpful behaviours that don’t serve us anymore.

Cute wallpapers for girls

16. You are doing more than ok phone wallpaper 👈🏻

A cute wallpaper to help you with feelings of self doubt and let you know that you are doing more than ok, to stop putting so much pressure on yourself and that you are doing your best and putting your heart and soul in to something, something that looks different for everyone!

Cute wallpapers for girls

17. Breaks lead to breakthroughs phone wallpaper 👈🏻

One of the best pieces of advice ever, giving yourself breaks and time to breathe is so important. They will let you stand back and recognise your progress and ignite new creative ideas and passions and allow you to grow from your projects on a personal level. You will never regret taking a break, so treat yourself to one today.

Cute wallpapers for girls

18. Breaks lead to breakthroughs (other design) wallpaper 👈🏻

An alternate design for the ‘Breaks lead to breakthroughs’ quote wallpaper, that is slightly more decorative and girly. Let me know your favourite!

Cute wallpapers for girls

19. I am she phone wallpaper 👈🏻

For times when you want to feel formidable, this retro vintage aesthetic cute wallpaper is perfect for you! This is a perfect cute wallpaper to keep on your phone when you are going for an interview or need to remember your self worth and how much of a badass and cool girl you really are!

Cute wallpapers for girls

20. What would Audrey do wallpaper 👈🏻

A cute vintage aesthetic wallpaper that is minimal in design, to help you channel your inner Audrey Hepburn! Just do what Audrey Hepburn does and walk with your head held high! The perfect confidence quote phone wallpaper to inspire you every day.

Cute wallpapers for girls

21. Rose quartz always phone wallpaper 👈🏻

I hope you liked these wallpapers! Which one is your favourite? If you liked these definitely also check out these ‘It Girl’ confidence tips for college girls, stress tips for college students and college dating tips, including how to know what boys want in girls and how to stop caring about someone! ♡



  1. blank October 8, 2021 / 1:54 pm

    I am loving all of these, the colours are super cute. I don’t tend to switch my wallpaper up on my phone, but I really want to start doing it more often. Especially with a motivating one like some of these. Thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

  2. blank October 8, 2021 / 4:53 pm

    Oh, I love these! Not only are they beautiful but they are also really inspiring.

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