How to Know What Boys Want in Girls: Tips and Tricks!

how to know what boys want in girls

At college, school and work! This is a bold kind of article to write but I wanted to pack it full of ways to feel powerful and amazing and regain the experience of dating, for ourselves. Over time, in different regions, the media has continued to tell us how boys perceive beauty and what we should do to change ourselves, how to get a guy to like you meant having a certain body type, liking specific things and meant basically catering to a guy to get him to like us – but really, getting a guy to like you is nothing to do with having long legs, changing your hair colour to look more attractive for a guy, nor is it about having about three different monitors/intermediate PS5 knowledge, it’s all about you!

If you have ever wondered what do boys like in girls and what guys find attractive, here is the article for you!

1. Go after your own visions

It’s all about you, never lose parts of yourself in order to get someone’s attention, but follow your passions. You are your own blank canvas, by following your passions you will naturally stand out from the crowd. It will help you to stand your ground and understand your worth and what makes you happy. Weirdly, when we like someone, we tend to pay less attention to our visions and dreams and deem them as less important as we are trying to fit in and converge with our subject of interest. Your visions are incredibly attractive – talking about things you are passionate about and genuinely interested in is so powerful.

2. Relax in to yourself

Be yourself is such an old phrase that we hear a lot but there is a lot of strategy behind the saying. The idea is to be true to yourself, if you feel like you are forcing yourself to fit a certain mould, just relax, lean back and don’t try to change yourself. It will feel easy and a relief, don’t hold anything back and be your own glorious mess, embrace flaws and fluctuations and express yourself as you are. It’s all about you and your amazing quirks!

3. Be genuine

This point leads on from the last, but feel free to be yourself. Fangirl over your favourite things, voice your true feelings, stay true to yourself. Being genuine is so powerful. It also helps you to realise how often we force ourselves in to a box in every day life.

4. See the funny side of things

It is always a great technique to diffuse any first date nerves or stress and takes the pressure off! It creates a bond without you trying, makes you instantly super approachable and creates a sense of intrigue as it hints at your amazing personality.

5. Nourish and care for your nails

Cute and cared for nails can be a powerful and unique way to assert your femininity and exert your personality! Have fun with different easy nail art designs like these marble nail art ideas, some super creative illusion nail art, or nude nail art ideas, make them pretty and sparkly with mini adornments or keep them cute and glossy. There is so much freedom to be found and so much fun to be had. Such a cute touch that oozes femininity and compliments your smaller hands, that guys love!

6. Wear your confidence outfits

These are your favourite outfits that you just love yourself in! Whether it is your favourite oversized Christmas jumper You will be feeling your most powerful which is like a magnetic effect on those around you. It also means you will naturally put yourself out there in more fun ways and will be sure to be noticed!

7. Wear oversized jackets

Will make them want to put their own jacket around your shoulders. Wear your biggest oversized, cosiest, boyfriend style jackets! While it is not possible to force someone to like you, we can make them see you in a certain way. Oversized garments, especially jackets, give strong ‘girlfriend’ vibes – you can pop that thought in to their mind subconsciously!

If you want to know more science based ways you can instantly make someone see you differently – check out the Absolute Goddess Handbook! It will transform everything for you and give you so much power you never had before.

8. Wear a hair fragrance

Scent is powerful and an amazing tool to use and one of the best ways to smell sweet wherever you go is to use a hair fragrance or hair perfume as the scent lingers for longer and is more detectable on your person, you can just swish your hair to distribute scent! It will make your hair seem super touchable and make it subconsciously appear shinier and freshly washed, even if it’s not!

9. Smell like vanilla

Vanilla is said to be the scent guys find most attractive on a subconscious level, but the best thing is that so many scents and perfumes compliment vanilla perfectly! Opt for a witchy vanilla vibe, smoky vanilla or a floral vanilla, or a more gourmet scent, you can find the best true vanilla scents here!

10. Wear your favourite earrings

A cute girly touch that is actually more powerful than it seems on first sight. It is a small but powerful gesture we can make as will draw the eye to your neck and jaw, making them seem more kissable, and exudes feminine energy!

11. Wear different hairstyles

A surefire way to get noticed that creates intrigue and a great way to capture someone’s attention, this is a great way to change up your look to capture a guy’s attention! It’s also a great trick to make someone see you in a different way and makes you seem more confident, as you are showing different sides of your face.

12. Don’t hold back your creativity

You are a formidable creature, don’t be afraid to share your quirks and your ideas, your visions to change the world!

13. Reveal your softer side

We all have one but it can be hard to show, especially if it’s just not ‘you’ or you have your guard up or are afraid of getting hurt. We’re also used to being told that softer means weaker, more vulnerable and more helpless which couldn’t be further from the truth – as softer means strength!

14. Indulge your openminded side

Practise indulging your wild and spontaneous side, it’s a great thing to do to let go of what people expect of you and to follow your passions, bringing us full circle up to n.1 again! Practise saying yes and challenge your spontaneity, try new things and enjoy the adventure.

What do boys want and how to know what a guy likes in a girl? It’s so hard to be specific as it is such an open ended question – but there are so many fun and powerful tricks to try that will make him see you in a whole new way. This article is just for fun, because knowledge is power, but I hope it helps you to refocus on yourself and what you want, as that is an amazing starting point.

It’s all about you so enjoy the experience – and dare to be yourself! As I put in my ‘glow up’ post, you are already b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and there is so much fun to have, if you enjoyed this post definitely check out my How to Look Pretty Fast tips – tricks you never heard before! – How to Be A Femme Fatale and What’s On My Glow Up Wishlist, from a recovered body dysmorphia sufferer, here are fun things to make you feel powerful.


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