All the fun Halloween ideas to try at college!

College halloween costumes ideas

It’s never too early to start planning for spooky season! Here is how to celebrate Halloween at college, party ideas, all the Halloween dorm decorations ideas, things to do for Halloween in college and how to make the most of the occasion if you’re a spooky soul! If your birthday falls on Halloween or around this time, do check out these 20th birthday ideas for her, 21st birthday ideas for her and more college party ideas here! Also check out these hot college Halloween costumes for girls!

How do college students celebrate Halloween?

What can I do for Halloween?

1. Visit a haunted house or location

Have a mini road trip to a haunted location! If it’s safe you could even spend the night there and even film if you are allowed.

2. Have a movie night in the pitch darkness

Scary movie nights are even scarier when done in complete darkness!

3. Play a prank

Set up a movie night in the dark – but then arrange for some friends to come in dressed up and stand behind the movie watchers in the dark. The scariest prank for Halloween!

4. Have a Halloween themed meal together

5. Make some Halloween themed popcorn

You could make it candy corn themed and dip regular popcorn in to pots of orange, yellow and white coloured melted white chocolate, then have your popcorn in three different colours! You could even flavour them by adding drops of orange essence, caramel flavour and vanilla extract to each different colour.

6. Make the most adorable hot drinks with adorable edible confetti and glitter sprinkled on top, so extra!

7. Have a girly Halloween

Why not plan a girls night, collect some mini pumpkins and gourds and paint them white, set up some black candlesticks in some fancy candlestick holders to look super elegant, make a moodboard of all the girly and elegant Halloween ideas, thrift some fancy photo frames and fill them with face silhouettes you can make of your own face (by taking a side profile photo and tracing the outline) and collect all the pink woolly fluffy throws you can find. All of these are adorable girly Halloween ideas!

8. Play ‘knock-a-door-run’ on your friends

9. Make some toffee apples

10. Use some cute Halloween stationery

To enthuse you as you get on with your studies! You could use some adorable pumpkin stickers, washi tape and glitter pens to make your notes look amazing and to feel super festive at the same time.

11. Change up your wallpaper on your devices

To something spookier for the occasion!

12. Get some adorable Halloween nails

They will make you so happy as you get on with your work, you will want an excuse to thumb through some more papers!

13. Make and wear Halloween flower crowns

You could weave them with sunflowers, marigolds, goldenrod and colourful leaves and forest vegetation

14. Create some creepy dolls

With friends! Thrift and find some old unused dolls that are old and forgotten about and give them a full spooky makeover. You could even find a whole new outfit for them to wear! You could have a competition to see who’s doll is creepiest, then keep them in each others rooms over Halloween!

15. Drink Butterbeer

The perfect time to celebrate all things Harry Potter and make your own butterbeer! There are alcohol and alcohol free options and an evening drinking butterbeer is the perfect way to celebrate with friends!

16. Create an insane Halloween makeup look

It could be one that disguises you completely, then parade the look at a party to show everyone!

17. Bury someone in the leaves!

Just make sure they are ready and willing!

18. Have a pumpkin carving or decorating competition

19. Put a spooky doll or object in your friend’s room

Just make sure it is your friend and that you know them well, that you know they won’t freak out too much!

20. ‘Cobweb up’ a friend’s room!

Spin fake cobwebs from the floor to the ceiling in your friend’s room as a fun prank! You could even cover their keyboard or toaster in cobwebs. Just make sure it’s someone you know well and that they will understand the prank!

21. Set up lots of dorm room Halloween decorations

How can I decorate my dorm room for Halloween?

How to decorate your dorm for Halloween decor ideas

1. Make use of your windows

Make a cute and adorable window display to make your dorm look super cosy and spooky. You could fill your windows with cute lanterns, cute Halloween puns to make everyone on the outside laugh, mini painted gourds (ornamental gourds last longer than pumpkins!), marigold chains and cute rustic bunting. One of the coolest and easiest dorm Halloween decor ideas you can get super creative with and express your personality!

2. Make a cool and spooky entranceway

You could set up a spooky door curtain or decorate with mini bats, bunting, a cute wreath, cobwebs and cute halloween dorm door decorations to make a cosy and spooky front door and entryway! Making it super welcoming is a fantastic way to improve the feng shui of your dorm too!

3. Make a chilled out no mess ‘spa’ pumpkin

Simply paint a face mask on to a pumpkin, give it an ultra chilled expression and smile, then tie a little towel on top of its head. Buy the pumpkin the one or two days before Halloween, then you can save the pumpkin and its innards to use for cooking or gift it to your family back home or to someone that makes pumpkin dishes!

4. Hang up pumpkin fairy lights

5. Swap out your posters for spooky prints!

6. Create a spooky Halloween gallery wall

7. Set down a spooky welcome mat

One of the cutest Halloween decorations for your dorm!

8. Deck out your memo board

Pin all kinds of cool Halloween bits and bobs to it to give it a makeover! You could use cute and funny cards and puns, hanging signs and old vintage postcards to give it a spooky feel.

9. Change up your bedding

To make it super spooky! You could even look out for some second hand Halloween or autumn cushions to give your dorm room a makeover for the fall!

10. Decorate the outside

If you live in a college apartment or house share and have a little outdoor space to play with! You could make a special outdoor party setup to chill out with friends and string some fairy lights or lanterns around the wood decking to create a magical, spooky atmosphere, solar powered lights are perfect for this! You could also fill some jars with fairy lights as a pretty outdoor centerpiece or to make your porch pretty and spooky! You could also have fun adorning your porch with cute and spooky pumpkins, cobwebs and a spooky house sign.

11. Pop a spooky wreath on your door

The perfect way to make your dorm feel like home and one of the cutest dorm Halloween decorations to put up!

12. Collect and arrange some Halloween mugs

You could even fill them with pencils and stationery and bits and bobs

13. Change up your drawer knobs

A really fun and low budget way to makeover your room for cheap, it will give your space a whole new fresh look!

14. Print spooky labels to pop on things

This is a really fun and spooky decor idea if you share a kitchen or eating area; you could even add spooky labels to your jars and storage containers.

15. Make your own wooden sign

Why not paint your own sign with your own spooky message on! Attach some hooks and some string and you can hang it anywhere you like.

Halloween college party ideas

What do you do at a college Halloween party?

1. Have a Stranger Things theme

Everyone can come in their funkiest 80’s inspired outfits! It’s fun to go totally over the top and even bring out the leg warmers as well as the out there quirky jumpers, it’s such a unique twist on the traditional spooky costumes idea too.

2. Play a big game of hide and seek

A childhood favourite and the more people playing, the better! If you are allowed, you could incorporate some silly string and every person that gets found could get covered in silly string!

3. Show up late and scare everyone

When they least expect it! Don the scariest costume you can find – you can get super creative with this! – and freak everyone out!

4. Bobbing for apples with an alcoholic/non alcoholic punch

5. Split in to teams and the fastest person to be fully wrapped in toilet paper wins

6. A movie drinking game

Have a scary movie marathon and take a shot every time you encouter a horror movie stereotype, such as, the main character taking a shower, choking up a hair, driving in to a ghost on the road, investigating a strange noise or disturbance… you could make a bingo card format ‘take a shot when…’ card with all of these on!

How do you host a college Halloween party?

1. Create some adorable invitations

With special gold seals stickers, no hot wax required! You could even include a sprinkle of Halloween confetti. Send them out far in advance so people can make their plans for the spooky season!

2. Have a masquerade ball theme

Where everyone wears masks to cover their faces!

3. Make Halloween inspired cocktails and mocktails

4. Set up a blind food tasting challenge

Just be careful to suss out any food allergies and food requirements your guests might have beforehand!

5. A face painting competition

6. Hold a creepiest costume competition

The person with the most genuinely scary costume wins!

9. Create a photo booth area to take snaps

10. Set up a prank!

11. Set up spooky inspired sweet bowls

With gummy worms, eyeballs and vampire teeth!

12. Make a spooky themed playlist

You can even add to it all year in preparation, if your excitement for halloween is always at sky high levels like mine!

Do universities have Halloween parties?

In the UK there is often a Student Union that will organise parties and Halloween events, definitely check with your individual university to see which events are on! At UK universities house parties tend to be less of a thing as students at uni are legally allowed to drink, so partying may take place more commonly at clubs and bars.

College halloween costumes ideas

College Halloween costumes ideas

1. Dress as a pumpkin spice latte

2. Dress as an angel

It’s an oldie but such a goodie because there are so many fun interpretations! You can be elegant, innocent and celestial, dress as a Victoria’s Secret angel, or as a fiery dark angel of the underworld, whatever suits your personality or who you are! Check out all these amazing angel Halloween college costumes for the most incredible, creative and magical Halloween transformations!

3. Dress as a retro Flower Power girl

Don your cutest floral dress with a pair of long white boots and you are good to go!

4. Dress as your favourite historical figure

5. Dress as an alien

All you need is a metallic dress or co ord along with some headband antennae

6. Dress as a bag of jellybeans

Wrap yourself in dust sheets used for painting and use small balloons as jellybeans!

7. Dress as an inmate

Thrift an all orange outfit, then paint ‘inmate’ on the front of it!

8. Mean Girls outfit

Copy Regina George’s sabotaged outfit by cutting two holes in an old white cami top with a purple one underneath!

9. Dress as a minion

With a yellow top and a blue dungaree combo!

Halloween gifts for college students

1. A Halloween college care package

This could be filled with items such as spooky pick and mix sweets or candy – or a kit of Halloween party essentials like silly string, glow sticks, funny and creepy masks. Definitely check out these Friendsgiving care package gift ideas for more unique and creative ideas!

2. Spooky placemats

3. Heat transforming mugs

They will get a spooky surprise on filling the mug with hot liquid!

4. A cake in a jar, tied with a spooky or regal bow

These are the greatest gifts ever and there are so many autumn-fall inspired flavours to choose from! You could opt for pumpkin spice, maple and pecan or apple and cinnamon they can tuck in to spoonable layers of sponge and icing!

5. Spooky cookies

6. Homebaked autumn goods

If your loved one is away at uni or college and just settling in to their new home why not make them a hamper or gift basket of fall or autumn themed homebaked goods! They will be sure to appreciate it and it will soothe any homesickness at the same time!

7. Maple syrup to put on their breakfast

They can put it on their cereal!

8. A dreamy autumnal candle

9. A box of fall inspired wax melts

10. A handkerchief embroidered with their initials

If your loved one is an old soul they will love this! Such a beautiful and traditional gift!

11. A token of love and protection

This could be mystical and witchy or loving and sweet, a fun idea filled with cute sentiments to gemstones to send them love and protection.


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