Best Drugstore Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupes that are Uncanny!

Best drugstore Fenty Gloss Bomb dupes 2022

Grab These Just As Good Fenty Gloss Bomb Dupes From The Drugstore.

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Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Dupes

1. Maybelline Lifter Gloss

The best price for the Maybelline Lifter Gloss is here (UK) and here (US)!

One of the best drugstore lip glosses out there, they are so comfortable to wear for a gloss and give you the same ultra creamy, comfortable, plush feeling of Fenty glosses with a high shine finish that doesn’t feel sticky or tacky. The formula feels luxurious, they feel so much more expensive, they are so wearable!

They also contain hyaluronic acid which keeps the lips soft and supple, making this an amazing lipgloss for the winter months. They have some truly beautiful shades with Petal, Silk and Moon and shade Topaz is an exact match for shade Fenty Glow – only very slightly less pigmented, but on wearing, you cannot tell the difference at all! They give your lips a visibly fuller and juicy appearance with a gorgeous lustrous finish and couldn’t be more similar to the coveted Fenty glosses!

2. Revlon Lustrous Lip Gloss

The best price for the Revlon Lustrous Lip Gloss is here (UK) and here (US)!

Before the range of Lifter glosses arrived, this Revlon lip gloss was the perfect drugstore dupe for Fenty lip gloss, especially the shade Rosy Future as an exact drugstore dupe for shade Fenty Glow. The formula is so, so similar with its hydrating, beautiful and comfortable non-sticky texture, and this lip gloss comes in 24 different shades, with a mix of shimmer and non-shimmer glosses.

Rosy Future is only a little deceptive in that when swatched, the two shades appear slightly different, but when you apply this shade on your lips, they look absolutely identical! The only differences between the two is that Revlon’s gloss is actually the slightest bit more pigmented with slightly more shimmer on swatching, but looks and feels absolutely identical when applied!

The only thing to consider is that Revlon’s lip gloss has 0.13 oz/product in it which is a little less than half the amount of Fenty’s gloss bomb with 0.30 oz/product.

3. E.L.F. Lip Lacquer

The best price for the E.L.F Lip Lacquer is here (UK) and here (US)!

E.L.F do so many incredibly high end drugstore dupes for addictive prices and you can barely tell the difference between the two, which is an incredible feat! These lip lacquers are uncannily similar to the Fenty glosses formula wise, they are so soft, silky and buttery and offer a high shine finish that easily matches the Fenty glosses in every way.

In terms of shades, there are so many to try! E.l.f.’s clear gloss is a dupe for Fenty’s clear gloss, Mauve Glitz from e.l.f. resembles Fenty glow, and Love Bite is identical to Hot Chocolit from Fenty.

The only qualm is that you don’t get quite as much in a tube as you do with Fenty Gloss, with but for $3 or £4 each at the drugstore, these are utterly so, so worth a try!

They are also perfect if you don’t want to invest too much in a lipgloss because you don’t wear it as often to get your money’s worth from it, but also want a Fenty Gloss for special occasions and as a makeup staple for your collection, these are virtually identical to the Fenty Gloss Bomb in every way, so you will get the exact same look but for so, so much less!!

4. Milani Ludicrous Lip Gloss

The best price for the Milani Ludicrous Lip Gloss is here (UK) and here (US)!

An amazing drugstore dupe of the coveted Fenty Glow lipgloss is this Milani Ludicrous Lip Gloss in shade ‘She’s all that’. It offers the same incredible super high shine wet look finish that catches the light beautifully and makes lips appear instantly fuller. It is such a flattering lipgloss and it looks absolutely gorgeous on!

It is also incredibly hydrating, one of the richest moisturizing drugstore lip glosses, which also makes for a slightly more thick and stickier texture. If you are more of an up do wearer and crave that adorable shine, definitely grab one of these for around the £13 mark.


The best price for the Colourpop Luxe Gloss is here (UK) and (US)!

Even though this gloss is a little thicker than the Fenty Gloss formula, this makes for such a perfect Fenty drugstore dupe! It is intensely hydrating with the most beautiful opaque finish and looks gorgeous as a lip gloss alone and over a lipstick. Even though it indeed is thicker in formula than the Fenty formula, it still manages to feel super comfortable!

The Colorpop Luxe lipgloss in shade Come Thru is a perfect Fenty gloss shade dupe for the original shade Fenty Glow!

6. Makeup Revolution Shimmer Bomb Gloss

The best price for the Makeup Revolution Shimmer Bomb Gloss is here (UK) and (US)!

Infused with vitamin E and nice and hydrating, this super shimmery gloss sports shades that almost exactly match the coveted Fenty Gloss shades, although they tend to be catered towards fairer skin types, so there is not as much shade variety as with other ranges. Although the formula is a little thicker than the Fenty Glosses, they are smooth and buttery in texture and last about 3-4 hours without eating or drinking. For the price they are 100% worth going for as you can often find them about £2.50 at ASOS!

Try the shade Starlight as an almost exact drugstore dupe for Fenty Glow, it is only the slightest bit lighter than the original shade but looks exact on wearing it! Also try shade Light Beam as a perfect drugstore dupe for Fenty Diamond Milk gloss and shade Distortion as a near perfect dupe for Fenty Fussy gloss. Definitely try these if you dream of owning a Fenty Gloss but don’t want to shell out that much!

7. Milani Keep It Full Lip Gloss in shade Rosy Bronze

The best price for the Milani Keep It Full Gloss in shade Rosy Bronze is here (UK) and here (US)!

This is an amazing Fenty gloss drugstore dupe, but with a plumping gloss effect! It is a hydrating, smooth, silky gloss with some shimmer and a high shine finish to closely mimic the Fenty Gloss formula, it gives such a gorgeous, glassy shine that matches Fenty perfectly on wearing, plus you get a cooling, tingling sensation on application with its lip plumping effect. This is perfect if you want to emulate the look of fuller lips without fillers, it is one of the best ever drugstore lip plumpers glosses to try!

The formula feels lightweight and buildable, you can top it up throughout the day without your lips feeling sticky, just a smooth, silky and glassy shine. The shade Rosy Bronze is a perfect dupe for Fenty Glow – definitely go for this!

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