Senior/Year 13 bucket list ideas that are everything!

Senior year bucket list ideas

What to do before you graduate high school (sixth form or college in the UK!) and what to do before you start college, the ultimate list of senior year bucket list ideas for your last year of high school and beyond, before you start college or university. These are only ideas and there is no pressure to do any of these – just add whichever ones you love to your high school bucket list!

What is a senior bucket list?

A senior/Year 13 bucket list contains everything you would love to do before you officially graduate from high school or sixth form and effectively become an adult. You can tune it perfectly to your interests, passions and goals – it’s totally unique to you! It’s good to keep in mind that you may understandably be feeling overwhelmed and a lot of pressure at this time, so why not include some ideas to help you relieve stress, let loose and have fun!

What should I do in my senior year?

1. Take a trip with your best friends

You could visit a special instagrammable location near you and take tons of cool photos! This is one of the coolest things to put on your senior year bucket list and you’ll have some cute photos to pepper your social media with and keep always.

2. Create an outdoor place for friends to hang out

This is a really exciting project and you’ll learn so many new skills from setting it up! College or university can be an alien environment – something that can leave you longing for the comfort and security of home. Why not create or build an amazing place to hang out with friends, a place where you can meet up with and reconnect with old friends outside of college. When any one of you is feeling a bit homesick. you can arrange to meet there, any kind of outdoor retreat or even treehouse, a lovely outdoor place for you and your friends to unwind and relax between college or uni terms and semesters.

Pick a time for this, perhaps during the summer, when you might have less work to do. You could set up a gazebo or day tent, use quality decking boards to create different levels, wind outdoor fairy lights everywhere and you could use cheap curtains to offer shade and keep insects out. Pop some seating inside and create a zen space with some cosy cushions, you could even use it to study in together.

3. Host a girls night in

Make some amazing mocktails topped with candyfloss and check out these incredible Aphrodite girls night in party ideas!

4. Learn to cook three different new meals

This will be so helpful for if you are planning to go to college or university! One of the coolest and most practical senior year bucket list ideas!

5. Visit a pumpkin patch with friends

6. Say yes to everything for a day

7. Plan or host a huge water fight

And invite everyone you know! Employ the use of water balloons, water pistols and you could even scout around and ask everyone you know if you can borrow their water apparatus, water slides and games – invite them too at the same time! This is one of the most fun summer before senior year bucket list ideas to try!

8. Talk to one person you were always scared to

Leave no regrets, at least you can say that you did it!

9. Have a cinema marathon

Go to see at least two movies/films at the cinema in one go!

10. Make a scrapbook or moodboard of your dreams

Containing anything and everything you want to achieve in one place! If you ever feel defeated you can add to it, this is an amazing way to manifest your dreams too, to get used to knowing what they look like, sound like, feel like!

11. Start a travel savings fund

You can put all your odd change in to it, by the time you graduate from college or finish university, you will likely have an exciting amount of travel money saved up!

12. Plan a puppy party

Invite all the people you know who have dogs – for a puppy party! It’s a chance for them to have fun and play together and you could even make them a pup friendly party spread!

13. Break all your fashion rules for one week

14. Get a bra fitting

We often don’t stop growing until this point in our lives, so now is the perfect time to experience a bra fitting properly!

15. Get your makeup done by someone else

16. Form a gemstone collection

17. Experience getting a manicure

18. Try a water sport that scares you

Definitely add this to your crazy senior year bucket list – it’s one of the high energy ones but is the perfect way to destress and reenergise at the same time!

19. Tour universities and colleges with your friends

20. Make a travel pact with someone

21. Go to a concert or watch the ballet

22. Go meat free (in a healthy way) for three weeks

23. Make a healthy smoothie bowl

24. Make a packing list for college or university

25. Send an anonymous Valentines Day card to someone

26. Bury someone in the sand

27. Go hiking

28. Try on an expensive piece of clothing

That you always wanted to! There’s no harm in trying it on for a selfie or two, before popping it back on the rack. You will get to see yourself physically living out your dreams!

29. Do a senior photoshoot with your best friends

To remember your high school days always!

30. Raise money for a charity

31. Buy a gift for your teachers

32. Apply for college or university

33. Start doing yoga

This can help you to destress, unwind and start the day right

34. Try out an epic group costume idea for Halloween

35. Leave your name somewhere in school

36. Attend an extra study session for a class or subject

37. Take a weekend trip with your friends

It can help you cement your independence before setting off for college, university or to a new place.

38. Get some unusual work experience

It can put you ahead of the crowd in terms of colleges, universities and definitely jobs later on and can be beneficial in so many ways. Absolutely don’t worry if you can’t take anything on right now – there is plenty of time! If you can, try as many unusual forms of work experience as you can!

39. Run through a flower field

Or even a wheat field for Theresa May feels!

40. Help a fundraiser

You can also put this on your personal statement, resume or CV later on, plus you will have so much fun in the process. Helping out a good cause feels amazing, especially where it’s a challenge you have to complete!

41. Cheer someone on with flags

And scream the loudest in the crowd!

42. Set up a stress relief support group

Where everyone can unload and talk about anything. This is perfect to do at the time so many are stressed and overwhelmed about their exams, with the pressure of university or college looming overhead. You could try group activities such as yoga, meditation, swapping stationery and stickers (it relates to your revision, right? Or at least is super therapeutic!) or even something like paintballing as a distraction. You could even set it up online, for all manner of students to take part in and offload their frustrations and feel less alone.

43. Get your fortune read

The perfect time to try it before you head off in a new direction!

44. Make a meme from a funny photo you took and upload it to the internet

45. Throw a party for your pet

Your family and friends can get involved and it’s the perfect way to spend time with everybody and treat your pets at the same time! You could even make them a pet birthday cake and dress them up in a little outfit.

46. Write a letter to your future self

47. Host a Graduation Party

48. Leave a nice note on someone’s car for them to read

49. Take a spin class

There’s nothing like a high energy class to vent your education related fears and frustrations! You might even find the perfect way to manage your stress in college or university later on.

50. Play an epic April Fools trick

Go all out for your last April Fools in school (just don’t get expelled!)

51. Jump in a fountain

52. Create a packing list for your college dorm or apartment

53. Spend time with nature

Research suggests that our brains work better when we are in nature. So adding a touch of greenery to your environment could make a tremendous difference.

54. Study under the stars

A romantic and dreamy prospect that is even better shared with your friends or fellow students! Why not bring a picnic and study there all night until you see the sun rise.

55. Get plenty of omega3

It is like gold dust for your brain, for your concentration and the way your brain functions. Take it every day, the months running up to your exams and beyond!

56. Try green and camomile tea

These are so good for you and super calming as well, for when you need to relax and unwind!

57. Have a paintball or nerf gun war

A childhood favourite that never goes out of style and is the perfect way to bond with your family and friends before heading off to your next destination in the world!

58. Take video footage

In (if you can!) and out of school for your own personal use to record memories of all kinds. You’ll have so much fun watching them back for years to come!

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