Best DIY Graduation party favours for your grad party!

Here are tons of girly themed graduation party favours, perfect to give your guests in party favour bags and cute boxes, that also look great placed in a bowl as the centerpiece for your event. Here are the best graduation party favors for 2022, from 2021 the ultimate list of graduation party favors you’ve never heard before!

Do you give party favors at a Graduation party?

It’s always a lovely gesture to give party favors at your Graduation party! It’s an amazing chance to get super creative, make your guests laugh and loud and are a little slice of the party they can take away with them, so they will always remember it! Graduation party favours don’t have to cost much at all – why not try cute folded grad cap boxes containing pick and mix sweets or candy paper money – and keep reading to discover more exciting ideas!

What are some good Graduation party favours?

1. A set of personalised tattoos

You can have so much fun with these, temporary tattoos to mark the occasion! They are such a nostalgic favourite and there’s something so fun about peppering yourself with tattoos in the name of graduating, plus you can personalise them with different peoples’ faces, memes, celebrities, you can get so creative with this one!

2. Ring pop class rings

A really cute idea to commemorate your graduation, these make the cutest party favours for your guests to take home.

3. Candy paper ‘money’ you can eat

Send them your best wishes for the future with some candy paper money sheets presented in an envelope to look like real cash! It’s such a cool way to manifest success for the future and such a playful idea, one of the cutest low cost graduation party favors!

4. Childhood favourites sweets

The perfect piece of nostalgia for your guests, you could fill mini graduation cap boxes with these! They are low cost and make the perfect party favours on a budget!

5. A personalised keyring

An oldie but a goodie! These make wonderful mementos in that your guests can attach them to their keys and be reminded of the occasion every day in to their future, the perfect way to commemorate their graduation and feel proud that they did it!

6. Quirky cookie cutters

To match your theme! You could even gift your guests some special themed sugar cookies in the shape of grad caps and diplomas!

7. Personalised ‘smart cookies’

Congratulate your guests on being smart cookies with these yummy and clever edibles! You can print or order cute personalised sticky labels to pop on the front to make them look super cute and professional.

8. Offensive crayons

You could even make your own by popping your own labels or self made crayon sleeves on to some plain crayons. These will be sure to make your guests chuckle!

9. ‘Here’s to a bright future’ candy filled lightbulbs

10. Cool wristbands and friendship bracelets

They always make cute and creative party favors, perfect for every age! You could even use them to spell out a quirky message – or even just ‘freedom!’

11. A ‘graduate survival box’ or ‘hangover survival box’

These are so much fun to put together and you can include tons of fun items such as eye masks, skincare masks, gum, a healthy snack, breath mints – or even order ready made hangover survival kits!

12. A mini succulent plant or cacti

‘Wishing you succ-ess!’ is a cheesy but brilliant pun and they will make such quirky and unique party favours, plus it’s an honour to gift someone their first ever house plant. You could even write ‘take care of me, I’ll bring you succ-ess!’

13. A magnet with a photo of you all

Magnets always come in handy and are super practical too – they make perfect party favors as pretty much everyone has a fridge! Every time they go to get something out of the fridge they will be reminded of the occasion and all the fun memories you share together.

14. Assign them a mask with a character they remind you of

These make for really fun and cheap grad party favours!

15. Cute stationery pieces

Make for adorable and practical party favours, plus are pretty low cost too! Everyone loves receiving adorable stationery and you could accord it with your graduation party theme – check out tons of ideas there, all the graduation themes perfect for every personality!

16. Gift everyone a travel funds savings jar

You could even personalise everyone’s jar for them individually! This is a really lovely DIY grad party favour idea and they don’t cost much to make either! All you will need is some empty jars with lids on and some accessories to decorate. They can then use them to hoard all their small change and save up for the trips they always wanted to take! This would be perfect for every graduation party theme – but especially an adventure themed graduation party!

17. A post graduation bucket list you made

Why not copy the travel funds savings jar idea, but fill it up with inspiring bucket list ideas instead! You could even present it in list form, inside an envelope. Be sure to include lots of small graduation bucket list ideas as well as the big ones.

18. Positivity pebbles

They can be used as paperweights as well brightening up your guests day with an adorable and positive quote. These are so sweet and you could even make your own and paint your own pebbles for your guests! Give them a coat of clear varnish after the paint is dry, to make them extra glossy and also durable. They make such cute DIY party favors as well as a real positive difference in the world.

19. Wildflower seed bombs

These make such adorable party favours and are a great way to make a positive difference in the world, by offering your guests bee friendly wildflower seed bombs to plant.

20. A jar of positive quotes

The party favor version of the adorable ‘open when’ letters idea, these are super low cost and easy to make on a budget as you only need some cute stationery and some empty jars – you could decorate with a ribbon and pop some cute star confetti inside too! You could also fill it with tiny pieces of candy and snacks and even stickers for the ultimate feel good positivity jar!

Some cute graduation quotes could include

‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams’

‘You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think’

‘Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go’

‘Always wear your thinking cap with your party shoes’

21. A mini book of memes you made

Use funny photos and school memories to create your own memes to gift your guests. This would make such a hilarious party favour idea to make them laugh out loud and the perfect way for them to remember their time at university, school or college!

22. Fortune cookies

They always make amazing party favours and are so much fun for your guests to receive! As they are allocated at random and the contents inside are a mystery, it’s almost like receiving a message from the universe or from a higher power if you have a faith. As many of your classmates are at a crossroads in their life, it’s the perfect time to offer a little positivity and divine guidance to reassure them they are heading for great things!

23. Homebaked goodies

Always a favourite, homebaked goodies will never go amiss as great party favours!

24. Lucky socks

Perfect for their next interview, lucky charms make such unique party favours – why not gift them a pair of lucky socks they can wear to give them luck when they have an interview or important event to go to.

25. A cookie medal

This is such a cute and creative idea and they make perfect party favours!

26. Lottery tickets

A really fun party favour idea your guests will always appreciate!

27. Ombre macarons

A selection of ombre macarons makes the cutest low cost party favour idea, plus looks super chic and luxurious. You could make them yourself or even commission a batch of epic graduation themed macarons – complete with mini graduation caps or printed with the logo or symbol of your school!

28. Lucky underpants

Such a funny and unique party favor idea! Why not give everyone a pair of lucky underpants they will be able to wear or bring with them to their next interview, formal event or exam!

29. A book of glam recipes you made for them to try

This is such a wonderful low cost creative graduation party favour idea – especially if you’re in to cooking and making delicious and elegant dishes. It’s something so practical and useful for your guests to treasure as they embark on adult life and cooking on their own. You could match it to your graduation theme, for example, 20’s style dishes for a Great Gatsby party theme, or dishes infusing different kinds of spices for an adventure or travel theme.

30. Use cute graduation party favor boxes

You could even pop some adorable confetti in there too for celebration!

How do I make my graduation feel special?

What are some fun things to do at a graduation party? Why not set up some epic ceiling projections, eco friendly balloons, craft some girly sashes to wear and give your guests flower crowns. You will find tons more unique and creative graduation party ideas here – perfect for every high school graduation or college grad party! They are amazing ways to make your graduation party special and memorable – totally unforgettable!


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