Girliest 21st Birthday Ideas for Her Ever!

21st birthday ideas for her

The ultimate guide to celebrating your 21st, here are some 21st birthday ideas for her, whether at college or at home, with company or on your own, how to celebrate your 21st birthday with family! Also check out these best college party ideas and 20th birthday ideas for her for how to celebrate every college birthday in style!

Where should you spend your 21st birthday?

1. Make a photo booth

You can get so creative with this, go with a rose gold theme or your favourite franchise, tv character, sports team, even theme it after your favourite film and order some cardboard cutouts to pose with! You could even make some funny character masks for your guests to pose with!

2. Make a 21st birthday checklist

Ideas could include

1. Order a drink in a different accent

2. Take 21 snaps and post them to your instagram stories

3. Get a piggyback from someone

4. Get a stranger to buy you a drink

5. Storm a photobooth

6. Drunk text your 21st contact

7. Stand on a table

8. Wear a party sash and crown to the bar

9. Write a message on a napkin

10. Ask the bartender if he comes here often

11. Put a post it note on the back of someone you know

3. Create a flower filled birthday!

Create a beautiful flower filled party setup in your garden! You could wind foliage around fences and furniture instead of traditional party decorations, hang multiple pinatas filled with biodegradable confetti, light some incense in the garden, set up come cosy lanterns and order some eco friendly balloons in your favourite colour, for the most beautiful occasion! You could even set down some artifical grass for the occasion, to create a lush and green space without needing to wait for grass to grow – find out exactly how to measure artifical grass here!

If your birthday falls in winter you could could even create this inside! This is just as effective and also means no insects or mini beasts will interfere, such as biting bugs, spiders and slugs, and can be better for your budget and easier to put up and take down too. You could even measure out some artificial grass as part of a little arrangement for inside too. You could make a flower wall (paper or faux flowers will last longer than real ones but you could fragrance the room to imitate the scent of flowers in bloom) and serve flower filled cocktails with edible flower petals. You could also have so much fun with scent, light or melt lots of citronella candles or melts or arrange difusers to create a delicious balmy fragrance. For the fiishing touch, add swathes of fairy lights to create an adorable, magical and cosy atmosphere.

4. Rent a neon sign

Why not go all out and rent an amazing neon sign for the occasion, you only turn 21 once!

5. A cocktail making challenge

This is a hilarious party game for your 21st birthday and is so much fun to play with friends!

6. Throw a low key house party

7. Visit an elegant cocktail bar

The ritual of getting all dressed up to go out is a whole experience in itself!

8. Create a fun and elegant dress code

An adorable idea is ‘outfits I would wear at a fashion show’, like the Tik Tok trends!

9. Make an alcohol infused meal with friends

A baking challenge is always fun, then you add alcohol to the mix and it turns in to a hilarious and unpredictable experience!

10. Throw a masked ball

11. Make your own alcopops!

This can be so much fun, you could provide all kinds of toppings and decorations like edible flower petals

12. A family meal and evening of games with family

13. Have a fireworks night

14. Visit a cat cafe

What to do on your 21st birthday when you have no friends?

1. Drink hot chocolate or hot cocoa and experience the Hot Chocolate Bomb

Place the Hot Chocolate Bomb in a glass or mug, and enjoy the theatre when you pour in hot milk: as the chocolate melts, silky mini marshmallows will float to the surface. You could even add some Baileys as a warming addition, the joys of having a birthday in the winter, autumn or fall!

2. Go solo travelling

Just make sure to take all safety precautions as you travel!

3. Get a massage

You could even book yourself in to a fancy spa or hotel for the ultimate indulgent experience!

4. Go for a mindfulness workshop

5. Place an obcene-amount-of-stationery order

A haul of pretty stationery is one of the nicest, most amazing feeling to have on your birthday

6. Book a photoshoot

For some professional photos

7. Order yourself a giant birthday Millie’s cookie!

8. Visit all the small businesses in your town

This is such a kind and rewarding gesture, an amazing idea for your birthday!

9. Choose a special piece of jewellery for yourself in store

Go in to store for the full experience and relish getting your new piece gift wrapped!

10. Visit a blooming rose garden

At the height of bloom if you’re lucky enough to have a birthday at this time of year!

11. Take an Ancestry DNA test

To discover your ancestors and all the places they are from, to discover where you got your traits from and who you look like! This is fascinating and so much fun and your 21st is the perfect time to try!

12. Buy yourself the most beautiful and lavish diary you can find

And create the most beautiful and lavish diary pages inside to mark the celebration. This is perfect if you enjoy spending time on your own, in your own creative flow, just dreaming and making and creating. You could use all kinds of pretty decor and embellishments. A great trick is to visit all the wallpaper and homeware DIY stores you can find and collect all the free wallpaper samples you want – free, gorgeous papers to use!

13. Bake yourself a beautiful cake complete with edible flower petals

14. Celebrate it with your pets

Why not share your birthday with your pet!

15. Attend a bartending class

21st birthday ideas for her

Things to do for 21st birthday without alcohol

1. Make the biggest milkshakes possible

Make the tallest milkshakes possible in this fun party game – the tallest without falling over will win! You could use all the delicious toppings and supplies you can think of!

2. A ‘spin the wheel’ food tasting game

Spin the wheel to randomly allocate two foods at random that must be eaten together. This party game is so funny and you can even find some amazing and crazy new food combinations!

3. A road trip with family or friends

Make the most of going alcohol free and embark on a road trip to delight in all the new sights and smells, a whole new sensory experience and a whole new world to explore.

4. Make candy floss mocktails

Just as glam as their cocktail cousin – and even more delicious!

5. Try these Aphrodite inspired girls night in ideas

All about self love and celebrating yourself!

6. Wear a birthday sash

Celebrate your moment as the birthday girl!

7. Go for an afternoon tea occasion

8. Spend a night in a haunted house or location

Going alcohol free means you can absorb the whole experience

9. Purchase dreamy pastries and macarons and eat them in the park

Birthdays can be celebrated in the day just as much as the evening – it even helps the day to seem like it is lasting longer!

10. Picnic on the highest point you can find

11. Recreate childhood photos

This is such a funny and sweet birthday idea! Why not recreate your childhood photos now as an adult – you could even get friends and family to help you out here too. Then you can see how far you have all come since the original photo was taken!

12. Create a scrapbook with friends and family

What should I do for my 21st birthday UK?

What to do for your 21st birthday in the UK? In the UK it is your third birthday being able to drink alcohol legally so perhaps the 21st doesn’t get celebrated as enthusiastically as in the US or elsewhere in the world!

1. Recreate a childhood birthday

Often people choose an activity to celebrate getting older on their birthday – why not fill your day with activities to celebrate being young!

2. Dress up in cottagecore attire and visit an old and special location

3. Spend the night in a haunted location

4. Go stargazing and watch the sunrise

5. Celebrate with a pet party

Get your pets involved

6. Find a real life flower field and run through it

7. Go to Paris and back in a day

8. Take a trip to an award winning fish and chip shop

9. Go to the theatre or watch a ballet

10. A meal in a pet friendly pub

11. Visit Tonight Josephine, it’s the prettiest cocktail bar!

Best 21st birthday decorations

What should I get for my 21st birthday?

1. Rose gold birthday balloon set

2. Amazing Friends straws

3. A timeline chalkboard

Perfect to commemorate your big day! You’ll be able to look back and revel at all the hallmarks in your life and everything that happened within it!

4. Edible glitter

5. Picture polaroid lights

6. Cute stickers to customise cups and glasses

21st birthday ideas for her

Best 21st birthday gift ideas

1. A stunning rose quartz piece

A gift they will always treature and remember

2. A beautiful and cosy lamp

3. A beautiful rose bush to grow

4. Matching sweaters for them and their pet

5. A piece of dainty jewellery

6. A stylish room diffuser

7. A beautiful night dress or pyjama set

8. A special trip for your recipient

9. A makeup brush cleanser

10. An engraved bottle of their favourite perfume

11. A beautiful jewellery box

12. Get their portrait commissioned